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Other Products

Besides CPS, we also offer other products. Bear in mind that these cannot be ordered through CPS and will have to be purchased through the main site:

Emergency.Solutions Learn more
Care/td Learn more
Safe/td 1&2 Learn more
Airmail Learn more
Network on Demand Learn more
toDoor Learn more
time:matters Learn more

If you would like to order one of these products, click here to find a local representative who will support you.

CPS New to lcag FAQ


Questions about products

Which products can I book on CPS?

The following products are available on CPS:

  • td.Pro
  • td.Flash
  • Fresh/td (except Fresh/td To-Door)
  • Cool/td-Passive (except combination of Cool/td-Passive & DG)
  • Courier.Solutions

If you want to know more, click here.

How can I book products not available on CPS?

At the top of this page you will find our other products not available on CPS.

What prices are applicable for the products?

We created a rate sheet which allows you to get an overview of the applicable rates for our products and services.

More information about our rates can be found here.

Where can I find more product information?

Please click on our main home page on the navigation bar on top on "Products & Industries"

Questions about Schedule & Routing

Where do I find an overview of all Lufthansa Cargo stations?

An overview can be found here.

Can I download a schedule?

Download links are available at the bottom of our Schedule & Routing page.

Questions about rates and prices

How do I get information about rates and prices?

We created a rate sheet which allows you to get an overview of the applicable rates for our products and services.

More information about our rates can be found here.

How can I use the Lufthansa Rate Sheet?

When clicking on the link in our rate section here, you will download an MS Excel file. Within this file you simply have to enter the desired origin and destination and applicable rates will be shown.

Questions for new Lufthansa Cargo customers

How do I become a new customer?

If you are not yet known as a Lufthansa Cargo customer and do not have a Lufthansa Cargo account number or AWB stock, please read the instructions on top of this page.

If you have already have a Lufthansa Cargo AWB stock and want to book for the 1st time via CPS with us, simply make sure you selected Lufthansa Cargo as carrier on the CPS page within the Manage Branch Profile screen. Our registration team will complete your request quickly.

What do I need to provide to become a new customer?

For instructions on what needs to be provided, navigate to Register box at the top of this page.

How long does it take to become a new customer?

This will only take a few working days. After you completed and provided the "credit limit application form" on this page, we will establish you in our CRM and accounting system. Afterwards we will create and provide your AWB stock and finalize the CPS registration process as well.

When can I book on CPS as a new customer?

After receiving a confirmation email with your newly created AWB stock and Lufthansa account number you will be ready to book.

How do I get an AWB stock?

As a new customer, you will receive an AWB stock as part of the registration process automatically.

What is the “unsecured shipper/shipment” check box?

This check box will only appear for any routings and bookings starting on US territory with LH Cargo and is displayed on the “Search Available Space“ and “Create / Modify Booking” screen

When activated, it will only allow display routings and allow bookings on LH Cargo freighter and Road Feeder Services for the flight segment ex US territory. Shipments/bookings declared as “unsecured shipper/shipment” must not be transported on passenger flights.

Other questions

How do I get back to the CPS page from here?

If you clicked a link within CPS, this website is opened as a new window/tab. Close this window/tab in order to go back to the CPS page.

Which CPS functions does Lufthansa Cargo Support on CPS?
  • Search For Available Space
  • Create / Modify Booking
  • Create Multiple Bookings
  • Create Spreadsheet Bookings
  • Create Booking Bemplates
  • Review Active / Queued Bookings
  • View/Modify Booking

CPS New to lcag Register


You are new with Lufthansa Cargo and you do not have an AWB stock with us yet? We established a special fast lane to set you up as a customer in our accounting system and get you ready to book with us on CPS. It will be done in a few days, that’s all!

Step 1

Once you have logged into CPS, please navigate to the 'Manage Branch Profile’ screen in the administration menu.

Step 2

In section 3. ‘Carrier Access Request’, select the check box next to Lufthansa. Enter your organization’s Account Number / IATA Number (in case you do not have an IATA number, simply enter "999999") and click on “ADD to include the information to the account number(s) list.

Step 3

Return to this Lufthansa page and complete the short "credit limit application form" form which you can download using the button below.

Step 4

Submit the fully completed and signed form via eMail to LHCargoCPS@dlh.de

Step 5

Start booking after receiving our eMail with your AWB stock and Lufthansa account number within a couple of days.

We are looking forward to start a new business relation with you and to receive your request!

CPS New to lcag Contact Us

Contact us

For technical problems regarding CPS bookings with CPS: eChannelsupport@dlh.de

If you need to get in touch with a Lufthansa department, click on the button below.

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