Terms of Use

Terms of Use


This are the ‘Terms of Use’ for all websites managed and maintained by Lufthansa Cargo AG, in particular http://lufthansa-cargo.com (in the following described as Lufthansa Cargo-Websites).


  1. General

The Lufthansa Cargo-Website is managed and maintained by Lufthansa Cargo AG, Frankfurt Airport, Gate 21, 60546 Frankfurt/ Main, Germany (in the following described as Lufthansa Cargo). Please review these ‘Terms of Use’ carefully before using our website. By accepting the buttons at the end of this document, you agree to the ‘Terms of Use’. These ‘Terms of Use’ also apply when you use the Lufthansa Cargo „eServices“.

You agree to the following:

  1. You may not use any devices, mechanisms, software or other scripts which could interfere with the working of the Lufthansa Cargo website. This includes uploading files infected with viruses or malware.
  2. You may not take any action which could result in an unreasonable or excessive load on the Lufthansa Cargo infrastructure.
  3. You may not block, overwrite or modify any Lufthansa Cargo generated content or in other way disrupt the Lufthansa Cargo website.
  4. You may not reproduce information from the Lufthansa Cargo website for commercial purposes. In particular you may not copy, distribute, in other way use or reproduce any content from the Lufthansa Cargo website with the help of ‘robots’, other search machine technology or through other automatic mechanisms.
  5. You may not acquire, or attempts to acquire, any unauthorized access to any of our networks (in particular the area for registered users and the eService area.
  6. You may not use the Lufthansa Cargo website in a manner which causes an infringement of the proprietary rights of others.
  7. You may not make any unauthorized, false or fraudulent bookings, in particular any bookings which are paid for with means of payment belonging to a third party that has not consented to this.
  8. In order to be able to use further extensive functions of the Lufthansa Cargo website, the user must be registered and over 18 years old as well as unlimited legal capacity. The ‘Terms of Use’ also apply to those areas that require separate registration. When logging in for initial registration, the user will be informed separately about these and any additional ‘Terms of Use’ if applicable.


  1. Consequences of improper use

Without prejudice to other rights, we reserve the right to prohibit access to the Lufthansa Cargo website (especially the eService area) if you breach these ‘Terms of Use’.


  1. Proprietary rights

All trademark rights, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights or the contents of the Lufthansa Cargo website, (as well as the organization and layout of the website) together with the underlying software code, rest either with Lufthansa Cargo AG or with its licensors. You may not, either in whole or in part, copy, modify, distribute, use or reproduce in other form contents of the Lufthansa Cargo website, or the underlying software code, without the prior written consent of Lufthansa Cargo AG or its licensors.

In particular all texts, pictures, trademarks, logos, computer animation files as well as their arrangements are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. You may not copy, modify and/or use these items on other websites or in any other way without the prior written consent of Lufthansa Cargo AG.


  1. Change of this website

We reserve the rights at any time and without prior notice – at our sole discretion and without assumption of any liability – to undertake improvements or modifications in respect of the information, services, products and other contents of the Lufthansa Cargo website and/or shut down the website. There is no obligation of any sort of Lufthansa Cargo to update the website and its content.


  1. Links to other websites

The Lufthansa Cargo website may contain links or references to other websites which are not operated by Lufthansa Cargo. Unless otherwise specified, we do not endorse any of these other websites and expressly disassociate ourselves herewith from all contents of these sites. This declaration applies to all links to external sites covered by Lufthansa Cargo and to any and all content of these sites to which these links lead.

We reserve the right to make the connection to other websites dependent on our express written consent and to withdraw that consent at any time.


  1. Legal disclaimer

To all users the website is provided only ‘as is‘ and only to the extent permitted by law. The information and data on the homepage do not constitute a warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied.

Lufthansa Cargo accepts no liability whatsoever for the actuality, accuracy, completeness or quality of information by Lufthansa Cargo as well as information provided by third parties. Liability claims against Lufthansa Cargo relating to damage of a material or non-material kind, which were caused by usage or non-usage of the information presented, are expressly excluded provided there was no gross negligence or intent of Lufthansa Cargo’s part.

Lufthansa Cargo furthermore accepts no liability for the uninterrupted and error-free function of the website, the information and the services provided therein and the rectification of any defects in this respect. Furthermore Lufthansa Cargo accepts no liability that the website or the server providing the information and services are free of computer viruses or any other harmful elements.


  1. Storage of IP-addresses

When you visit the Lufthansa Cargo website, our web server automatically saves the IP-address of your Internet Service Provider, the website you are visiting us from, the web pages that you visit on our site and the date and duration of the visit. In the event of infringements of these ‘Terms of Use’, we will keep the stored IP-address to use in pursuance of civil law claims and for the resolution of criminal offences.


  1. Other terms
  1. The ‘General Conditions of Purchase‘ and the ‘General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of Cargo‘ of Lufthansa Cargo are not altered, modified or affected by the website and its content in any way.
  2. Lufthansa Cargo reserves the right to change the ‘Terms of Use’ at any time. Therefore Lufthansa Cargo will inform the registered user about the new version of the ‘Terms of Use’. The new version must be accepted by the registered user by using the ‘agree button’ at the end of the document. If the user does not agree with the new version of ‘Terms of Use’ the user will not be able to use the website with its functions in the registered area. The public website will be usable as before.