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    Anytime, anywhere. Lufthansa Cargo eServices.


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    Networking the world.

    Discover our stations around the globe.


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    Our Lufthansa Cargo eServices portal allows you to make routine bookings electronically (eBookings). eBooking makes routine bookings so much simpler and easier. For you and for us.


    Discover our stations around the globe with our new map and station detail pages.


    Latest News

    Setting hearts on fire with flowers of love
    Lufthansa Cargo to transport 900 tonnes of roses to Europe for Valentine’s Day
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    Chinese Customs

    New customs regulations apply for shipments to and within China. Here you find all information which is required and must be submitted electronically prior to departure.


    Space mission. Manned flights to Mars? A base on the moon? A new life-support system developed by Airbus, which is now being tested in the ISS space station, is to pave the way for such bold projects.