Getting Started

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Lufthansa Cargo. We can imagine you would like more information before you do business with us on CPS. This website will show what we can do for you.

Are you new to Lufthansa Cargo and do not have an AWB stock? This is no problem; we established a special registration process dedicated to CPS users.

You can start your registration here and our team will take care of everything. If you have any questions, the FAQ page should help you on your way.

Please note, as an agent you can only book with Lufthansa from the country where your company e.g. CPS branch is based in. For example if your branch is based in the Netherlands, your booking can not start from an airport within Germany.

Products & Services

Our product for standard freight.


Our express product for urgent shipments.


Our special product for perishables.


Our special product for temperature-sensitive shipments in appropriately insulated packaging solutions.


Our express solution for personally supervised transit.

Other products

Besides these products, we also offer other options outside of CPS, click the button below to find out more.

Schedule & Routing

You know the product to be transported, to which station and time. We have an individual weekly overview of routings for you, up to 30 days in advance. All data is updated on a daily basis. An overview of all our stations can be found here.


Here you will find your applicable rate based on the product and service you require. Simply open the tool by clicking on “Lufthansa Rate Sheet”. Enter your routing and product upon which the tool will present them to you. The rates shown are applicable to you as a CPS user.

Please note: mentioned rates are indications and not binding and without any obligation for Lufthansa Cargo AG.  Prices are subject to shipment, routing and time details and can only be finally determined during booking process.

Other charges may apply during transportation. Other charges are subject to shipment, routing and time details and can be determined if further information is provided.

New with Lufthansa

Our registration process is fast and easy, for more information on how to register, click the “Register” button.