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A321F - Introduction

Our A321F: One of the most versatile aircraft in its class.

The first A321F started operation on March 15th, 2022. The second medium-haul freighter will enter service in October 2022. 

The twin-engine Airbus A321F is one of the most versatile aircraft in its class: Being able to carry containers in the main deck, it offers fast loading and unloading and therefore enables very efficient flight operations.

"The A321F will offer attractive same-day and eCommerce solutions within Europe and to selected medium-haul destinations, and the new network represents a major step towards the fast-growing eCommerce segment." 
Ashwin Bhat, Chief Commercial Officer, Lufthansa Cargo AG



A321F - Details

The A321F at a glance.

Main deck
14 positions 88“ x 125“ x 82“ (AAY, PAG/PAJ)

Lower deck
10 positions 60.4“ x 61.5“ x 45“ (AKH, PKC)

208 m³ (+bulk)  

Gross payload
28 tons

Range at full payload
1,900 nm / 3,518 km



More information on our A321F can be found in our Newsroom.

A321F - Network

Our current A321F network

Matterport Airbus A321F

Take a virtual tour in our Airbus A321F, the newest addition to our fleet.

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