Proven transport solutions for the healthcare industry.

Your benefits at a glance.

Exact temperature control.

Unbroken cool chain.

Complete documentation.

Wide selection of cool containers with availability beyond flight and handling times.

Standardized processes.

Shortest possible handling times.

Combination of Cool/td and dangerous goods with special procedures and dedicated infrastructure.

Individual special solutions.

Expert teams for monitoring and proper handling.

Care/td IATA certification.

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    Air freight: A factor in quality assurance.

    At Lufthansa Cargo, we know how highly sensitive your shipments are. That is why we offer you a wide selection of logistics solutions that have proven successful for your industry.

    And even if you have special needs, Lufthansa Cargo has the right solution – such as when shipping insulin, which is often associated with many complex regulatory requirements. Thanks to a wide range of container technologies and around-the-clock availability, we are able to fulfil even the toughest transport requirements.
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    With Care/td, we transport giant magnets for medical applications where they are needed, safe and sound. With Cool/td and our special dangerous goods options, we ensure shorter acceptance times for shipments of radioactive isotopes for cancer treatment. And with Safe/td1, we even carry the hearts organ recipients so desperately need. So trust Lufthansa Cargo whenever you need reliable transport from point A to point B. By the way, we are the only airline at our Frankfurt hub that stores conventional perishables, temperature-controlled dangerous goods and pharmaceutical shipments separately. Thanks to our state of-the-art Cool Center, we are the only provider in Frankfurt that can offer you Cool/td in combination with dangerous goods.
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    The benefits for you are clear.

    No matter whether you need to ship vaccines, insulin, blood and plasma, synthetic substances, biological preparations, generics or medical technology, we offer you excellent logistics solutions and the necessary capacity access. For years, we have focused in particular on transporting high-tech equipment such as computer tomography scanners – with great success and to our customers’ satisfaction. Based on customer feedback in this area, we are currently working with Lufthansa Passenger Airlines on developing a product combination that would allow us to ensure that both the device and its installation team arrive at their destination at the same time. We are constantly working in all areas to meet your demands even better, faster and more reliably. Talk to us about your specific logistics needs. Our experts are looking forward to assist you anytime.