Individual transport solutions for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Your benefits at a glance.


Decades of experience in working together with the automotive industry.


The fastest connection to over 300 destinations.

Direct transfers.

24/7 planning and implementation of emergency transports.

Guaranteed access to capacity in emergencies.


Specially trained employees for handling particularly valuable or confidential cargo.


No weight limit.

Flexible flight planning thanks to a strong fleet.

Rerouting or individual charter solutions are available as needed thanks to Network-on-demand.


Compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards.


Possible to track shipments in real time.


24/7 Emergency.Solutions hotline: +49 151 58928623.

Make reservations and receive individual advice around the clock.

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    Air freight: a factor in quality assurance for your supply chain.

    We know the special requirements that your shipments entail. After all, an optimum supply chain helps you to achieve improved lead planning and leaner transport cycles and to keep inventories low, all of which are key cost factors. That is why we at Lufthansa Cargo offer you a wide selection of flexible logistics solutions, from standardized to customized processes. Our proven combination of safety, speed and reliability is always our highest priority.
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    Thanks to Emergency.Solutions - our product tailored to your individual needs - we handle your emergencies in a competent and professional manner for you. Outside-the-box solutions are the norm in cases like these. We are there for you if your supply chain unexpectedly threatens to break down, or even if you face production downtime. Thanks to short-term availability, the replacement part arrives quickly and safely where it is needed. You can count on us as well when production bottlenecks or other situations that call for special requirements arise. We see to it that your transport is ready for takeoff in just a matter of hours – which of course comes with tracking and no capacity limits. Even when facing the automotive industry’s demanding time constraints, we often make the impossible possible with Emergency.Solutions, helping you to reduce the often considerable follow-up costs. td.Pro is your best bet for standard supply needs, while td.Flash provides you with a proven express option.
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    The right logistics solution for every need.

    With Care/td, we transport vehicles, such as classic cars, race cars or display vehicles for trade shows. We also make sure that shock absorbers, airbags, seatbelt systems, lithium-ion batteries, and other components and replacement parts that have to be transported as dangerous goods get where they need to go quickly and safely.

    Care/td transports comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and always put equal emphasis on ensuring the safety of people, the shipment, the environment and the aircraft. Our product Safe/td1 is also a proven option when there are special requirements, such as shipment monitoring. This is a useful solution when particularly valuable items, such as prototypes or catalytic converters that have been vapor coated with platinum nitrate, need to be transported safely to their final destination.
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    At Lufthansa Cargo, you always benefit from a global network. More than 300 destinations in around 100 countries are available to choose from. Even oversized pieces of freight arrive safely wherever they need to be thanks to our fleet, consisting of MD-11F and the new Boeing 777F aircraft. And if our network happens not to stretch to some especially remote destination for your shipment, we offer Network-on-demand, which gives you the option to charter flights or to reroute the scheduled flight of one of our freighters. We act flexibly based on your needs.

    No matter whether you need to send an urgent shipment of parts for production, batteries or the latest test vehicle, you will find the right logistics solution and necessary capacity at Lufthansa Cargo.