Our heat and cool containers: getting there at the perfect temperature.

If you need to ship temperature-sensitive cargo, Lufthansa Cargo is the right choice for you: Our wide selection of active heat and cool containers can fulfill almost any temperature requirement thanks to a temperature regulation range of -20 °C to +30 °C (-4 °F/+86 °F). Aside from our Opticooler and Unicooler containers, we also provide a range of Envirotainer and C-Safe container types.

transport temperature-sensitive goods with Cool


Unicooler and Opticooler

The Unicooler cools its contents with a combination of continuous air circulation and dry ice stored in a separate dry ice tank. Alternatively, it can be heated electrically using large, rechargeable accumulators.

The Opticooler is heated by electrical power and cooled by compressors, meaning that no dry ice is needed. 




The Envirotainer t-series enables cooling using continuous air circulation and dry ice, which is stored in a separate dry ice tank.

The Envirotainer e-series allows regulation of internal temperatures without dry ice by using compressors for cooling and electrical power for heating.






The CSafe regulates the temperature without using dry ice through compressors for cooling or electrical power for heating. 


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