Our B777Fs: The world’s most environmentally friendly freighters.

We have now seven modern B777Fs at the ready on your behalf. The latest joined the Lufthansa Cargo fleet in March 2019. And there is a very good reason for this – not only is it the largest twin-engine freighter in the world, it is also one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The GE90-110 engine’s outstanding performance and the advanced wing design enable the aircraft to achieve greater cruising speeds and altitudes while using less fuel. The B777F can also handle long-haul routes without layovers and meets the regulations of the strictest noise protection standard currently in force in international civil aviation.

“Top-of-the-line technology and state-of-the-art construction – such as the use of advanced materials, curved wings with upward-sweeping tips and powerful engines – make the B777F simply cleaner, quieter and more efficient.”
Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management, Lufthansa Cargo AG

The B777F at a glance.

Main deck
27 positions for max. 19.3 m³ each.

Lower deck
10 positions for max. 11.8 m³ each – equivalent to 10 standard pallets or 6 standard pallets + 14 LD3 containers

Largest cargo door: 315 x 372 cm
Capacity: 103 tonnes of loading capacity
Diameter of GE90 engines: 3 m
Thrust: 489 kilonewtons
Range: 10.5 hours flight time or 9,054 km maximum range on a full fuel tank



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