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Children's feet decorate freighter

Lufthansa Cargo presents flying ambassador for the aid organisation Cargo Human Care

Frankfurt, 27 November 2015

A Lufthansa Cargo freighter is from now on flying around the world with the footprints of 24 children on its fuselage. The carrier has turned the MD-11F registered "D-ALCH" into a flying ambassador for the aid organisation Cargo Human Care. The colourful design was presented on Thursday at Nairobi (Kenya) airport. It symbolises the motto "Step by step. Giving children a future". The footprints on the 61 metre-long fuselage are from girls and boys who are currently being looked after by Cargo Human Care.

The association runs an orphanage for around 120 children nearby the Kenyan capital and also supports a medical centre. German doctors are regularly flown on board the Lufthansa Cargo freighters to Nairobi, where they provide free treatment for those in need.

In order to also offer a stable and safe environment for the orphans after they reached the age of majority, Cargo Human Care just this week opened a new residence for 18 to 24 year olds. More than 20 young women and men will live in the John Kaheni Residence, which is named after a resident of the Cargo Human Care institution who died of a heart condition at just 20 years old. They have recently successfully completed school and are currently undertaking vocational training. The John Kaheni Residence is financed to a large part by the fund-raising campaign "F.A.Z. readers help" by the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

Fokko Doyen, Founder of Cargo Human Care, Flight Captain and Fleet Chief with Lufthansa Cargo, said at the opening: "We would like to thank the F.A.Z readers, all the members of Cargo Human Care and also Lufthansa Cargo for their amazing support. We are taking a massive step forwards. Thanks to the John Kaheni Residence we are now able to more sustainably care for the youngsters. The vocational training is financed through sponsorships and provides them with a secure future."

In Nairobi Dr Martin Schmitt, Board Member Finance and Human Resources at Lufthansa Cargo, emphasised the following: "Lufthansa Cargo and Cargo Human Care have been connected since by a very close partnership for many years. We are proud to be able to contribute even a small part to what Cargo Human Care constitutes and achieves. Our new and colourfully designed freighter not only symbolises this close partnership. The cheerful design is also intended to instil courage and pass on the positive energy which Cargo Human Care generates."  


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