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Fly more sustainably with us.

LHC Tabs - Sustainable Choice - Transparency

How to get transparency on your own CO2 footprint?

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CO2 calculator – Prior to each booking

Determine your CO2 footprint with our CO2 calculator - upfront for every shipment that flies with us.

Compare which is the lowest-emission routing when booking with the help of our booking portal.

Visit our eBooking to try it out directly.

CO2 report – Retrospective for all shipments

Receive a CO2 report from Lufthansa Cargo, which provides an overview of all CO2 emissions of your completed shipments. In addition to the total CO2 emissions, the report also contains a breakdown by mode of transport and the top 10 Origins & Destinations.

On request, you can get a list of all your AWBs, routings and products purchased from Lufthansa Cargo (e.g. temperature-controlled transports).

LHC Tabs - Sustainable Choice - Options for reducing CO2 footprint

What are the options for reducing your own CO2 footprint?

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by using Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

The collective term for sustainable, alternative kerosene is "Sustainable Aviation Fuel”.

Today, Lufthansa purchases biogenic SAF - produced, for example, from sustainably cultivated or recyclable vegetable and cooking oils.

SAF enables a closed CO2 cycle:

The purchase of SAF alone is not sufficient to offset the emissions of a flight:

Emissions from combustion (TTW, Tank to Wheel) = approx. 80%
+ Emissions from production and transport (WTT, Well to Tank) = approx. 20%

= Total emissions of the flight event (WTW, Well to Wheel) = 100%

In addition, CO2 emissions that occur during the production of the alternative fuel, its processing and transport must be offset as well. For this purpose, we offer offsetting solutions so you and your customers can achieve more sustainable flying.

In the long run, however, SAF is the much more sustainable option for environmentally friendly flying than offsetting - especially if sufficient fuel is available in refineries for non-biogenic SAF, such as Power-To-Liquid (PTL).

By purchasing SAF today, you are already supporting the most promising solution for more sustainable air travel. Join us in pioneering this technology and its further development.

By purchasing SAF, you invest in the progress of your own supply chain, whereas compensation via offsetting offers no direct link to your own business model.

by offsetting CO2 emissions.

CO2-offsetting describes the compensation of CO2 emissions in an independent project (often in developing countries) that reduces or binds CO2 emissions.

As an example: The reforestation projects offered by our partner Compensaid sequester CO2 emissions during tree growth.

In case you would like to compensate the CO2 emissions via offsetting, we can offer further projects to choose from in the future – in cooperation with our partner Compensaid.

LHC Tabs - Sustainable Choice - Take advantage

How can you take advantage of the reduction of CO2 emissions?

LHC Accordion - Sustainable Choice - Take Advantage (continued)

at each booking.

Reduce CO2 emissions at any time for an existing booking with at least one freighter segment with Lufthansa Cargo. It does not matter whether you want to reduce CO2 emissions for a single shipment or the capacity of an entire aircraft.

You have the option to reduce the pre-calculated amount of CO2 emissions for a single AWB either by SAF or to compensate with Offsetting credits.

Or determine the percentage of reduction - while the remaining amount gets compensated via Offsetting credits.

Visit our eBooking to try it out directly.

based on the CO2 report.

Based on this calculation, we will offer two ways to reduce these CO2 emissions in the future:

The CO2 footprint of your shipments can be compensated either with SAF or by offsetting, depending on your (or the shipper's) preference.

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2. Step: You will receive a confirmation for the use of SAF and/or offsetting with the booking.

It's that easy to achieve CO2 reduction of your shipments.

Join us in achieving more sustainable airfreight transport.