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Providing faster aid together: Lufthansa Cargo and Aktion Deutschland Hilft commence cooperation on aid relief

Agreements signed with Germany’s relief coalition - Aktion Deutschland Hilft and World Vision Germany Frankfurt


Lufthansa Cargo is engaging in close cooperation in future with the alliance of Germany’s relief coalition “Aktion Deutschland Hilft“ in order to facilitate fast delivery of relief supplies in devastating humanitarian catastrophes. Representatives of those organisations penned a cooperation agreement at Frankfurt Airport today. Patron of the cooperation project is Germany’s Federal Transport Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer. 

“In natural catastrophes be they devastating earthquakes, tsunamis or tornados the paramount priority is to save human lives – every hour counts, especially in organising humanitarian logistics,” pointedly remarks Rudi Frick, Chairman of Aktion Deutschland Hilft. “In the provision of aid to the stricken population, it helps immensely, if aid organisations and logistics operators work smoothly together, coordinating their processes to ensure their services are instantly available, whenever needs dictate.” The agreement signed today sets the norm for effective disaster relief from Germany. 

Patron Ramsauer welcomed the accord: “Logistics plays a key role in humanitarian aid. This cooperation is, therefore, good news from Germany to the victims of catastrophes, wherever they occur in the world, and signals that German logistics providers are measuring up to their corporate responsibilities.” 

Transporting relief supplies is nothing new to Lufthansa Cargo. The cargo carrier has in past repeatedly supported aid organisations in catastrophes. “Time is the crucial factor in getting help to the victims of disasters. Fast transport of relief aid is essential. Through cooperation with Aktion Deutschland Hilft, we can in future ensure that assistance arrives faster and more effectively, where it is most urgently needed,” observed Lufthansa Cargo Chairman and CEO Karl Ulrich Garnadt. 

After the signing ceremony, Rudi Frick and Karl Ulrich Garnadt unveiled an MD-11 freighter bearing the logo of the aid alliance, which will serve as the flying ambassador of the cooperation around the globe. The freighter, with “Aktion Deutschland Hilft“ lettered all of eight metres along its fuselage, will in future spread the message in services in Lufthansa Cargo’s worldwide route network.  Thanks to this cooperation with Aktion Deutschland Hilft, the 22 memberorganisations of the alliance can utilise the logistics expertise and efficiency of Lufthansa Cargo on their mercy missions around the world. Among those organisations is World Vision Germany, which played an influential part in the conclusion of the cooperation accord and which signed a separate agreement of its own. 

“Many relief supplies can be obtained in the regions even after catastrophes. But air transport has a key role to play when medical supplies, water treatment plants and the likes cannot be furnished locally,” notes Christoph Waffenschmidt, Chairman World Vision Germany. Speed is then of the essence. “Aid organisations, like World Vision, are able to dispatch relief teams to areas hit by catastrophes, at any time. Now, with a highly professional partner, we are even better prepared logistically to furnish prompt aid, that much faster.”