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"Name the plane": The countdown is on

Lufthansa Cargo publishes ten shortlisted themes


Otto Lilienthal, Golden Gate Bridge, Sirius – what will be the names of the new freighters in the Lufthansa Cargo fleet? The tension is mounting.

Late May saw the kick-off of Lufthansa Cargo’s “Name the plane” competition. Staff members, customers, aircraft lovers and creative heads world-wide gave free rein to their imagination. After a good 50 days the deadline for entries has now ended – with overwhelming results. More than 6,700 users were registered on the Internet portal and submitted over 2,700 themes. In total, over 41,000 individual names were suggested.

Halfway into the competition the list of names already surpassed all expectations. Lufthansa’s freight subsidiary could easily have renamed every single registered plane in the universe!

The ten best themes have now been selected and put on a shortlist:

1. Names of migratory birds
2. Wonders of the world 
3. Say hello around the world*/ “Hello” in different languages
4. Divas of the skies
5. Famous explorers
6. Global partners and major business partners of Lufthansa Cargo
8. German industry as a motor of the world
8. German aviation pioneers
9. The world’s most imposing and famous bridges
10. Names of very bright stars in the sky

In the next few weeks a jury consisting of the entire executive board of Lufthansa Cargo and chief pilot Claus Richter will select a winner from the ten entries. The winner can look forward to a very special invitation. He or she will be there when Lufthansa Cargo welcomes its first Boeing 777F in Frankfurt and one of the first to take a seat in the cockpit. 

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*In case of a win, both users will be awarded