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Viet Nam - small country with big future

Vietnam not only has a lot to offer in terms of scenery. The Southeast Asian country is an emerging market with enormous potential. As a booming manufacturing hub, Vietnam showed its resilience and growth strength during the pandemic. Particularly in the manufacturing sector, Vietnam is becoming increasingly important globally and has seen the highest growth in this sector in recent years. Foreign investment has almost doubled in the last decade. The most important ones come from Asia and Europe.

The share of Vietnam's GDP in the world GDP has doubled within the last ten years (from : 0.2% in 2011 to 0.4% in 2021). In this context, foreign trade is one of the most important economic drivers. Of Vietnam's total exports, 29% go to the US and 12% to the EU. The most important export goods are electronics and textiles/fashion - goods for which air freight plays a major role. Sustained economic development is expected to promise significant air freight growth in the coming years, further increasing demand for air freight. The boom in e-commerce is also contributing to an increase in demand in Vietnam.

We at Lufthansa Cargo, we are well prepared to expand the supply of air cargo capacity in the Vietnamese market and to Asia.

On Asian routes alone, there are 38 weekly connections to attractive destinations to choose from. NEW to the schedule is the destination Hanoi (HAN). The capital will be served twice a week from Frankfurt from the beginning of November - with an eastbound stopover in Mumbai/India. We already flies twice weekly from Frankfurt via Bangkok (BKK) to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), thus doubling our presence in Vietnam.