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Frankfurter Brett and Nik Huber Guitars win Lufthansa Cargo competition ‘Hessen goes global’

Two Hessian companies receive free access to the world market from Lufthansa Cargo.

Frankfurt, 08 March 2018

Frankfurter Brett GmbH and Nik Huber Guitars Shop are the winners of the business competition initiated by Lufthansa Cargo ‘Hessen goes global’. This decision was made today by a panel of experts at the Frankfurt Cargovention, a logistics industry conference. For one year, the two Hessian companies will now receive a massive amount of support in launching their products worldwide and thereby tapping new markets. Lufthansa Cargo and its shipping partners Panalpina and UPS will provide them with free airfreight capacity of up to one container per month as well as free door-to-door shipments and the organisation of all necessary customs clearance processes.

‘The main obstacle to global success today is no longer demand, which certainly exists thanks to digital networking’, says Peter Gerber, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Cargo. ‘In most cases, accessing the global market fails due to logistics, especially when it comes to custom-made products, specialities or small series.’ Frankfurter Brett GmbH and the Nik Huber Guitars Shop will now be able to meet this international demand for their products and secure a place on the world market. The Frankfurter Brett is a ‘workbench’ for the kitchen invented and developed by the brothers Johannes and Joseph Schreiter. Nik Huber is from Rodgau, Germany, and builds high-quality electric guitars by hand.

Numerous companies entered the ‘Hessen goes global’ competition, which is also supported by the companies Panalpina, UPS, Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen and Hessen Trade & Invest. The contest required that the company have its headquarters in Hessen and also produce its merchandise there. In the first step, five finalists were chosen: in addition to the two winners, they included OneSoap of Bad Homburg, which makes a vegan soap for body, face and hair, Schönwetterfront of Wiesbaden, a producer of German Hawaiian shirts, and Bizzice of Frankfurt, a family business that makes organic ice cream and cake. All five companies were able to present their business ideas again at the Cargovention.