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“More Logistics and Less CO2” – Lufthansa Cargo’s 4th Environmental Conference in Frankfurt

Even after setting efficiency record Lufthansa Cargo wants to stay number one in climate protection

Lufthansa Cargo’s Fourth Environmental Conference kicked off this Wednesday. Around 150 logistics experts from the fields of industry and science are conferring on environmental strategies in the airfreight industry at Frankfurt’s Städel Museum following this year’s motto “More Logistics and Less CO2”. “At Lufthansa Cargo, we are already halfway to our target of reducing specific carbon emissions by 25 per cent until 2020. And thanks to our modern aircraft, high capacity utilisation, and close cooperation with our customers we are certain that we will make it all the way to our goal”, says Dr Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, Board Member Operations of Lufthansa Cargo AG.

“It’s exactly because we have already achieved so much for environmental and climate protection that we want to become even better. Open and even critical debates at today’s conference will have an impact on the whole industry and underline that we take our responsibility seriously”, explains Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management at Lufthansa Cargo.

The focus of the event is on alternative fuels for air traffic as well as the role of customers and consumers for climate-friendly airfreight. Dr Franziska Müller-Langer, Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum, Prof. Dr Lucia Reisch, renowned Professor of International Consumer Research and Policy, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Dr Ingo Schoenheit, Chief Executive Officer, imug Beratungsgesellschaft für sozial-ökologische Innovationen mbH, and Dr Robert Meisner, Earth Observation Communication Programme Officer, ESA, will share opinions and inspiration.

The event will culminate in the presentation of this year’s Cargo Climate Care Awards. Under the motto “More Ideas for Less Emissions” the awards are designed to honour customers and staff members of the freight airline who have shown an outstanding commitment to environmental protection.