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Lufthansa Cargo on the lookout for innovative ideas

Cargo airline launches second round of open ideas competition


Lufthansa Cargo aims to stimulate innovation through open ideas competitions. The Lufthansa subsidiary is now launching the second round of its Open Innovation Challenge, and is the first cargo airline worldwide to do so. Over the coming weeks, innovative, forward-looking customer service solutions will be developed on the online portal,
which has been set up especially for the competition.

The Open Innovation Challenge consists of different categories in which customers, logistics industry experts and scientists work together to develop and refine new ideas. The topics will include customer programmes, digitisation and touch points between Lufthansa Cargo and its customers. Lufthansa Cargo experts will evaluate all the ideas and comment upon them regularly, thus enabling the individual approaches to be developed steadily via the dialogue platform. 

“The first round of our Open Innovation Challenge last year was a great success,” said Dr. Andreas Otto, Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board Member responsible for Product & Sales. “The key thing for us is to look beyond the confines of our own company in order to find new, innovative approaches to solutions that will also underpin our forward-looking strategy, Lufthansa Cargo
2020.” One such example is the so-called Fly Bag, which could further improve the safety and reliability of the transport of dangerous goods in the future. Lufthansa Cargo is a driving force behind the EU’s Technical Advisory Board.

The ideas platform will be online until 7 November. After that date, the best ideas will undergo detailed evaluation and will then be fleshed out jointly with their initiators. Attractive prizes, such as flight training in the MD-11 flight simulator, await the most successful participants.