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Lufthansa Cargo rewards innovation

328 participants from 109 countries submitted 185 innovative ideas to improve customer service


Inviting the public to participate in corporate innovation management – sounds utopian – but that is precisely what Lufthansa Cargo has done for the second time in recent weeks. And with success: In an open call for solutions on an open online platform, the Company evoked a huge response – 328 participants from 109 countries submitted 185 innovative ideas to improve customer service.  
Two of the most promising entries – the “LH Cargo Student Certification Program“, an online academy with the chance to obtain a final certificate, and ”Cargo TRIS“, a game for mobile phones enabling users to virtually plan and on-load freight in the aircraft hold – ran out winners with the acclaim of a prominent jury consisting of members of the Executive Board and management of Lufthansa Cargo. Third place went to “CargoPedia“ – a portal for collating knowledge and making useful information available to customers.
Lufthansa Cargo is currently engaged on a widely diverse future programme – and the development of innovative ideas is up top on the agenda. With its open online platform, the Company is widening the net to crowdsource ideas from an external group of users and harness an even broader potential. 
“Looking beyond the confines of the Company is crucial to us in the search for new, innovative solutions, which will also further the aims of our Lufthansa Cargo 2020 future programme,” said Dr. Andreas Otto, Board Member Product & Sales. The focus of this year’s Innovation Challenge competition was on customer service.  
 “Innovations spur the development of the industry“, observed Innovation Challenge Project Manager Benjamin Pfeifer. “The perspective from outside the  Company provides us with valuable insights enabling us to measure up even better to serving customer requirements,“ he noted, with an eye on the future