Harald Gloy to become Board Member Operations at Lufthansa Cargo

On 1 January 2019, Harald Gloy will be appointed to the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG with responsibility for Operations

Frankfurt, 16 November 2018

On 1 January 2019, Harald Gloy will be appointed to the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG with responsibility for Operations. The 46-year-old industrial engineer thereby succeeds Sören Stark, who has led Operations since April 2016 and will become the new COO of Lufthansa Technik on 1 January 2019.
Gloy is currently responsible for global component services at Lufthansa Technik and is also the spokesperson for the division Board. Previously, he held managerial positions in the area of engine and aircraft base maintenance.
“I am very pleased that we have been able to engage Harald Gloy, an experienced member of the Lufthansa team, as Board Member Operations”, said Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “Thanks to his comprehensive experience in logistics and in managing large operational areas, he will continue to further guide Operations into the future and strengthen the role of Lufthansa Cargo in the face of strong competition.”
In the future, as Board Member Operations, Harald Gloy will be responsible for handling in Frankfurt, Munich and the Lufthansa Cargo Service Center, as well as the areas of Global Handling Management, Flight Operations & Transport Management and Security.
Harald Gloy graduated as an engineer having studied Industrial Engineering at the TU Berlin and Arizona State University. After some early roles with Lufthansa Technik Logistik, he began his career with Lufthansa Technik in Business Development in 2003 and headed up the Aircraft Overhaul and Modification unit in Hamburg from 2006 onwards. Following various management roles in Component Maintenance Services and Engine Services, he leads the Component Services unit at Lufthansa Technik since 2014.
Gloy is a Member of the Board of Hamburg Aviation e.V. and a Member of the Supervisory Board of the Centre of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) in Hamburg.

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Beaujolais Nouveau chooses air cargo for its way to Japan

Some hundred thousand bottles of the young French wine set to fly together with joint venture partner ANA Cargo

Frankfurt, 9 November 2018

Japanese wine lovers have circled 15 November on their calendars in red: on the third Thursday of each November, that year’s Beaujolais Nouveau traditionally goes on sale. And not just in France, its country of origin. The young wine is an export hit, with approximately half of the wine produced leaving the country.
Together with joint venture partner ANA Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo is set to transport some hundred thousand bottles of “Bojo” to Japan by mid-November – in the lower decks of passenger aircraft as well as in freighters. Lufthansa Cargo transports the bottles from France to its Hub in Frankfurt by Road Feeder Services and then further on flights to Tokyo (NRT) and Osaka (KIX). ANA flies directly from Paris (CDG) and also via Brussels (BRU), London (LHR), Dusseldorf (DUS), Munich (MUC) and Frankfurt (FRA) to Japan.
The first shipments have already traveled to the Land of the Rising Sun on 26 October on board ANA flight NH204 and Lufthansa flight LH740. Now it’s a just matter of waiting for the Japanese fans of “Bojo” – until 15 November.

10 years of the Frankfurt Animal Lounge

More than a billion animals already hosted at Lufthansa Cargo’s Frankfurt Animal Lounge · Celebrations to mark the anniversary held with customers and partners at the Opel Zoo.

Frankfurt, 21 September 2018

Europe’s largest animal station opened its gates and doors at Frankfurt Airport for the first time ten years ago. Since then, Lufthansa Cargo has operated one of the world’s largest and most advanced animal stations at its hub in the heart of Europe, offering animal guests a unique service. The anniversary was marked with countless partners and customers at the Opel Zoo on Tuesday.

“Special thanks are due to our customers, who have remained loyal to us for many years”, said Sören Stark, Board Member Operations and COO of Lufthansa Cargo, directing his comments towards the representatives from animal shipping companies before him. “Our highly trained employees, who provide for our animal guests every day with an incredible amount of dedication, passion and experience, are crucial to the excellent reputation of the Frankfurt Animal Lounge”, continued Stark.

More than a billion animals of all kinds have already been hosted over the years. The most frequent visitors include ornamental fish, with some 80 million of these coming through each year. Jörg Bodenröder, Senior Director of Handling Specials at Lufthansa Cargo, gave an overview of the history of the Animal Lounge and the development of animal transport by air at Lufthansa: “Many exotic species have already flown with us. From giraffes and hippopotamuses through to Mesopotamian fallow deer, Lufthansa has reliably risen to every logistical challenge to date. Of course, special memories include famous guests such as the two pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Qing sent by China’s President Xi Jingping to German Chancellor Angela Merkel as special animal envoys in 2017.”

The Animal Lounge is also particularly well equipped for horses. 42 large animal stalls with up to 28 square metres of space are available on the ground for the some 2,000 animals that pass through annually, while new, premium-quality horse containers are used inflight. Lufthansa’s cargo division actually has more than 30 years of experience of handling hoofed animals. The premium partnership with the German Equestrian Federation (FN) emphasises Lufthansa Cargo’s special expertise in transporting sports, breeding and leisure horses.

Dogs and cats, some 15,000 annually, are regular visitors as well and there are 39 small animal boxes for these. Three separate quiet zones for cats give them somewhere to retreat to. With “Pet Premium”, Lufthansa Cargo also offers pets a very special service: as soon as a little visitor has made itself comfortable in the Animal Lounge in Frankfurt, its owners are sent photos if they wish to reassure them of how well their pets are being looked after. And there is always someone available to speak with an owner if needed. If animals require medicines, special food or the like, these special requests can also be accommodated.

The Frankfurt Animal Lounge combines all areas – handling, animal coordination and veterinary services – under one roof over approx. 4,000 m2. 50 employees and qualified animal caretakers ensure round-the-clock care. Attention was paid during the design stage to ensuring the animals’ stay would be as pleasant as possible: the entire facility is equipped with a non-slip asphalt floor which is more pleasant and comfortable for animals and people than a conventional concrete surface. All of the loading area is weather protected. The animal station contains export, import and transit areas, all physically separated from each other to avoid any contact between animals being exported and imported. The individual areas can, in turn, be subdivided into multiple zones to prevent certain animals from seeing or hearing each other if necessary. Ornamental fish can be examined under black light and specialists are available in the case of an emergency. Besides this, 18 individually temperature-adjustable climate-controlled chambers are available for all kinds of species. There are four special aviaries for our feathered friends. People accompanying the animals have been thought of too and have access to their own washroom.

World’s first electronic Dangerous Goods Declaration handled at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Cargo the first airline to support the eDGD standard · Pilot phase of Dakosy’s INFr8 shipping portal successfully launched.

Frankfurt, 17 September 2018

Lufthansa Cargo, using the INFr8 platform, has handled the world’s first dangerous goods shipment with an electronic Dangerous Goods Declaration (eDGD) at Frankfurt Airport. A shipment from the globally active healthcare company Abbott based in Wiesbaden was flown on board cargo flight LH8222 to Mexico City last Thursday.

Lufthansa Cargo has made a significant contribution to the establishment of the global eDGD standard as part of IATA’s e-freight initiative. A completely new approach has been developed and evaluated through close collaboration all along the transport chain with the Infr8 eDGD platform. Lufthansa Cargo’s IT systems and processes can now deal with paperless dangerous goods shipments. This makes Lufthansa Cargo the first and so far only airline to support the eDGD standard.

“We are pleased that the eDGD has celebrated its global launch with Lufthansa Cargo. This underscores our claim to be the industry pioneer in digitisation. There is still so much more for us to achieve here together with shippers, forwarders and airports”, said Sören Stark, Board Member Operations and COO of Lufthansa Cargo.

Hand in hand with this, the pilot phase of the INFr8 shipping portal has been successfully launched. All pilot partners are digitally connected to the platform and can use it to process transport documents – including the Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) required by law.

“Our shipping portal solves a major challenge in the air cargo supply chain, ensuring greater reliability and transparency for all. We are greatly simplifying processes across company boundaries”, said a pleased Ulrich Wrage, CEO of DAKOSY AG, in reference to the launch of the INFr8 pilot.

Besides Lufthansa Cargo, logistics service provider Panalpina has also been a key process partner to Dakosy, the platform developer. Frankfurt Airport plays a major role in dangerous goods handling for both companies. Fraport AG, responsible for providing and operating the airport’s infrastructure, has contributed significantly to the development of the portal. 

“Thanks to this worldwide innovation, the INFr8 platform integrates the shipper into the electronic information chain of the air cargo process for the first time. We expect this to result in shorter check-in times and much faster handling of dangerous goods”, said Anke Giesen, Executive Director Operations at Fraport AG, welcoming the launch of the shipping portal.

The dangerous goods process has traditionally been paper-based due to the lack of digital standards. Dangerous Goods Declarations on paper from shippers arrive at the airport with the respective goods. Accordingly, airlines can only begin checking the documentation after handover. Thanks to the new electronic system, however, errors in accompanying documentation can be detected and corrected out before the airline ever receives the shipment. This will translate into fewer rejected shipments in the future. It will also mean faster processes and better use of resources.

The pilot phase of the INFr8 platform, available at www.infr8.de, is expected to last six months. After this, the platform will become a standard tool available to all market participants interested in using it. There are already plans to expand the portal through the addition of further product groups.

AeroLogic fleet set to grow to eleven freighters

Shareholder Lufthansa Cargo to add a new Boeing 777F in January.

Schkeuditz/Frankfurt, 28 August 2018

AeroLogic will receive a brand-new Boeing 777F freighter in January. Shareholder Lufthansa Cargo will lease the jet from Boeing specifically for this purpose. The fleet of this equal partnership joint venture with DHL Express will then total eleven aircraft. Lufthansa Cargo will market all of the new freighter’s capacity.

“We are delighted to be in a position to add a brand-new freighter at AeroLogic as well next year. Together with the two new aircraft for the Lufthansa Cargo fleet, this important investment also underscores our long association with our Frankfurt and Leipzig Airport bases”, emphasised Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board.

“With eleven Boeing 777F in the future, we will operate one of the world’s most modern and efficient freighter fleets. This will strengthen our position as an attractive employer at the heart of Germany and ensure flexible additional capacity for our partners”, said Wolfgang Raebiger, Managing Director of Aerologic GmbH.

The new aircraft is expected to receive the registration D-AALK and be ferried from Seattle to Leipzig in January 2019. DHL Express recently introduced two freighters of the same type and has since been marketing their capacity exclusively. The cargo capacity of the other eight aircraft is mainly used by Lufthansa Cargo at the weekend and DHL Express at other times.

The BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight

Two companies – one mission.

Munich/Frankfurt, 23 August 2018

Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing – four destinations on three continents in five days: the BMW iNEXT is taking shape. The BMW Group is teaming up with Lufthansa Cargo to present the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight as part of an event unparalleled in its execution.

More than 300 international media representatives will board on the most advanced and efficient cargo aircraft in its class – a Boeing 777F from the Lufthansa Cargo fleet – to experience for the first time the vision of future mobility embodied by the BMW Vision iNEXT, the latest Vision Vehicle from the BMW Group.

Lufthansa Cargo and the BMW Group team have worked together closely to turn this extraordinary vehicle and technology presentation from idea into reality. The assembled guests will be introduced to the pioneering vehicle and given a preview of the BMW Group’s future as part of an exclusive closed room concept specially conceived and designed for the occasion.

Preparations for the presentation event will involve laying more than 7.5 km of wiring, while 78,000 LEDs in 165 video LED modules and ten 13,000 ANSI lumen projectors will light up a show inside the Boeing aircraft that appeals to all the senses. More than 120 specialists in exhibition stand construction, as well as experts from Lufthansa Cargo and the BMW Group have played their part in making the project happen.

Around 30 tonnes of material will be used to construct a suitable platform on which to showcase the BMW Vision iNEXT. The challenge for the various engineers and specialists has involved not only staging a presentation the likes of which none of those present will have witnessed before, but also ensuring their creation would literally “take off”.

Timings will be tight, given the need to turn the entire set-up inside the 777F from presentation mode to flight mode and back quickly and securely.

The first guests are expected to arrive eight hours after the plane lands. And just four hours after the final presentation has been wrapped up at one venue, the Boeing will take off again for the next destination on its itinerary. This technical and logistical tour de force will underpin a vehicle and technology presentation that is genuinely unprecedented.

“Visionary products deserve visionary presentations. We are delighted to have made this extraordinary world premiere possible in cooperation with BMW,” said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG.

“iNEXT is our mobility proposition for the future, so it’s only logical that the BMW Vision iNEXT should be presented to a global audience in a fresh new style,” said Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Development. “The World Flight is a fitting way to get the ball rolling.”

The aircraft’s exterior makeover takes its cues from the interior design created for the vehicle presentation. And this will be the livery adorning Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing 777F when it takes off from Munich Airport on 9 September on its round-the-world flight. After calling in at New York, San Francisco and Beijing, the aircraft is due to touch down again in its home base Frankfurt on 14 September.

Lufthansa Cargo and Brussels Airlines Cargo start close cooperation

Freight capacities of Brussels Airlines with departure from 1 September 2018 now bookable with Lufthansa Cargo.

Frankfurt, 15 August 2018

The marketing of Brussels Airlines’ (SN) cargo capacities by Lufthansa Cargo – as announced in spring – has begun. Appropriate advance bookings for flights with departure from 1 September 2018 are possible now. As usual, the pre-booking period is maximum 30 days. The freight booked in this way flies on airwaybills of Lufthansa Cargo, recognisable by the number sequence 020.

The network of both companies complements each other perfectly. The new cooperation gives Brussels Airlines Cargo customers easy access to Lufthansa Cargo's worldwide route network with around 300 destinations in over 100 countries. For Lufthansa Cargo customers, the route network will be supplemented by further attractive destinations - above all in West, East and Central Africa, directly from Brussels. This adds 15 African destinations:

Banjul (BJL, Gambia), Conakry (CKY, Guinea), Freetown (FNA, Sierra Leone), Monrovia (ROB, Liberia), Abidjan (ABJ, Ivory Coast), Accra (ACC, Ghana), Ouagadougou (OUA, Burkina Faso), Lomé (LFW, Togo), Cotonou (COO, Benin), Douala (DLA, Cameroon), Yaounde (NSI, Cameroon), Kinshasa (FIH, Democratic Republic of Congo), Entebbe (EBB, Uganda), Kigali (KGL, Rwanda), Bujumbura (BJM, Burundi).

“Thanks to the close cooperation between Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo, our customers benefit from numerous new connections and destinations. We are very pleased that our worldwide network is thus becoming even more comprehensive and stronger,” says Dorothea von Boxberg, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo.

“Our close cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo results in a real win-win situation for both companies and our customers. As Africa specialist, we add new destinations to the portfolio of Lufthansa Cargo and from a Brussels Airlines perspective, we can now make even better use of our freight capacity”, says Reinout Puissant, Global Platform Manager at Brussels Airlines Cargo.

Brussels Airlines is the fifth passenger airline whose cargo capacities are brought to the market by Lufthansa Cargo. Customers of the German carrier already have access to the cargo holds of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and SunExpress. With the marketing of the cargo capacities of Brussels Airlines, the cargo holds of 10 wide-body and 43 narrow-body aircraft will be added. In addition, Lufthansa Cargo operates 17 cargo aircraft and uses freighter capacities of Aerologic, a joint venture between Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express.

Instant, Online Air Cargo eBooking Unveiled In Major Lufthansa Cargo-Freightos Launch

“Quantum leap in cargo booking”: Lufthansa Cargo and Freightos usher in eBooking digitization for cargo.

Frankfurt, 17 July 2018

While ecommerce sales drove a 9% growth in air freight demand in 2017, manual air freight management and sales continued to cost the industry billions annually in changing fees, untapped capacity, and manual labor. This contributes to the average air cargo transit time of six days, while the flight itself is just hours. That’s now changing, with digital connectivity introduced by Freightos WebCargo and Lufthansa Cargo’s application programming interface (API) services, enabling forwarders to instantly look up contracted rates, assess capacity, and book cargo on specific flights in real-time, via the world’s leading air cargo platform for forwarders.

Lufthansa Cargo and Freightos now enable customers to instantly view their contracted price online and secure air freight capacity. This will be expanded globally in coming months, beginning with a rollout in major European markets. Freightos air freight customers, like Röhlig Logistics, are already benefiting from improved visibility, instant booking, and increased data exchange accuracy. Global Airfreight Director of Röhlig Logistics Dirk Schneider explains: “The new functionality enables rapid quoting and booking of our shipments. Röhlig Logistics customers benefit as one of the first through improved information flow and handling of their consignments. We are happy that we joined the pilot and look forward to extending this service further within our network.”

In order to provide the optimal customer experience, Lufthansa Cargo has prioritized technology initiatives, like APIs. “Through Lufthansa Cargo web service, we are driving the digitization of our industry to offer our customers and partners a convenient and fast digital interface to our products and services”, says Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.

Freightos WebCargo already has the world’s largest air cargo rate database and now enables real-time pricing, capacity and eBooking for the few airlines like Lufthansa Cargo with the necessary digital capabilities. If capacity is unavailable, the system also supports manual online ad hoc pricing. Together, this means faster air freight.

According to Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos: “Everyone’s talking about air cargo digitization but for most it’s just talk. It’s fantastic to partner with a forward-looking airline like Lufthansa Cargo for this quantum leap in cargo booking. The result of on-demand booking is that goods will move faster, with up to a day shaved off transit time, and tens of dollars saved per shipment.”

Lufthansa Cargo markets air cargo capacities on the spot market using the digital platform cargo.one

Lufthansa Cargo enables forwarders digital booking of global air freight capacity in the spot market at live spot rates with immediate confirmation through the platform cargo.one

Frankfurt/Berlin, 13 July 2018

cargo.one, the provider of an airline-independent digital platform for marketing and booking of air freight capacities, and Lufthansa Cargo seal their cooperation with a cooperation contract. Lufthansa Cargo is thus opening up a new digital sales channel for the spot segment. The globally available capacities of Lufthansa Cargo will be integrated into the cargo.one offering for this purpose.
The partnership between cargo.one and Lufthansa Cargo enables air freight forwarders to book available air freight capacities for td.Flash and td.Pro completely digitally and in real time across the entire available route grid of Lufthansa Cargo.
The platform available at www.cargo.one offers customers an up-to-date online offering. All important information about the connections as well as the real capacity-dependent and dynamic live spot rates are clearly displayed. For each connection, numerous alternatives are displayed at a glance so that the optimal offer can be found quickly.
"Digitization allows information to be distributed around the globe in fractions of a second. This has given rise to new expectations with which both carriers and freight forwarders are confronted. We are therefore now offering our customers the opportunity to exchange prices and capacities even faster and to book services even easier," says Peter Gerber, chairman of the board of Lufthansa Cargo. "Booking platforms such as cargo.one will in future support forwarders in meeting their customers' needs even better. This is the next logical step in the digitization of our industry."
"We are pleased to partner with Lufthansa Cargo as the leading air cargo airline in our mission to make air cargo bookable digitally and in real time. Many solutions on the market promise digital bookability. The reality is that in most cases the rates offered do not give access to capacity. In particular at times of high demand, our solution offers air freight forwarders a quick and easy access to capacities with immediate confirmation at live spot rates", said Oliver T. Neumann, founder of cargo.one.

Lufthansa Cargo Triple Seven fleet grows

Lufthansa Cargo to operate two new Boeing freighters

Frankfurt, 6 July 2018

Lufthansa Group’s decision-making bodies have approved Lufthansa Cargo’s operation of two brand-new Boeing 777F freighters. Lufthansa Cargo ordered two brand-new Boeing 777F freighters in May of this year. The question of who would manage and operate these was left open initially. The jets are expected to be ferried from the Boeing plant in Seattle to their future base in Frankfurt am Main in February and March 2019 already.
“We are thrilled to soon be welcoming two brand-new freighters to our Triple Seven fleet. This major investment in the future of Lufthansa Cargo has been made possible by last year’s outstanding results. This is a fitting reward for the tremendous efforts of all Lufthansa Cargo employees and emphasises that we have taken the right course at an early stage”, said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the cargo airline.
The new aircraft will enable a modernisation of the fleet and are expected to replace MD-11F freighters in the long term. Given how well the market is performing at the moment, Lufthansa Cargo will continue to operate some of the MD-11Fs earmarked for retirement for the time being so as to provide customers with more valuable cargo capacity as needed.
“This allows us to fully participate in the market growth but respond flexibly to signs of change”, said Gerber. “Accordingly, we will decide on when to phase out individual MD-11Fs based on the market situation. Our strategic goal remains to operate a solely B777F fleet going forward.”


A press photo can be found here.

Swiss WorldCargo and Lufthansa Cargo receive DHL Care Award

Quality, expertise and innovation in transporting temperature-sensitive cargo recognized.

Zurich/Frankfurt, 4 July 2018

Swiss WorldCargo and Lufthansa Cargo were awarded with the DHL Care Award, which recognizes both air freight providers for their excellence in the handling and safe shipment of temperature-sensitive life science products.

The awards ceremony took place on 28 June in Lake Maggiore, Italy. The DHL Care Awards, inaugurated in 2016, recognize the safe transport of temperature-sensitive life sciences products. Carriers receiving the award are selected by DHL based on their experience in shipment quality, ground handling expertise and innovation. Swiss WorldCargo previously received this award in 2016 and 2017, and Lufthansa Cargo in 2017.

“We are honored to receive the DHL Care Award 2018, this time for the third year in a row,” said Ashwin Bhat, Head of Cargo at SWISS International Air Lines. “We are proud of this recognition and consider it a testament to our organisation’s continued dedication to the safe delivery and transportation of pharmaceutical products throughout the world.”

“We are very pleased that we have again received this important customer award together with our group colleagues for our services in the field of temperature-sensitive cargo. We will continue doing our utmost to offer our customers the most reliable and innovative solutions and to set new standards in the industry,” said Peter Gerber, CEO and chairman of the executive board of Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo presents itself at the CeBIT recruiting days

Messe Hannover, Hall 27, Stand H19

Lufthansa Cargo will be represented at the CeBIT recruiting days from 12 to 15 June 2018. As Europe’s leading freight airline, Lufthansa Cargo has been driving forward the digitisation of the industry for many years. For example, at the stand it will be demonstrated how flight paths, crew deployment and loading can be planned with the help of digital tools and continuously optimised in complex daily work. The latest customer and sales apps will also be presented.

“With its demanding requirements, Lufthansa Cargo is a highly attractive employer with numerous development opportunities for highly qualified digital professionals, where the future is shaped by SCRUM, DevOps, and DesignThinking. The sought-after profiles are diverse and at the same time offer the fascinating working environment of the aviation and logistics industry”, said Jochen Göttelmann, Vice President Information Management (CIO), Lufthansa Cargo AG.

The colleagues of Lufthansa Cargo are looking forward to an exciting exchange of ideas and are available to speak with all interested parties daily from 10 am to 7 pm and on Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Open positions are advertised online at www.be-lufthansa.de.

DHL Global Forwarding honored as top customer

Lufthansa Cargo has presented the “Planet Award of Excellence” for the 2017 business year

Lufthansa Cargo presented the “Planet Award of Excellence” to DHL Global Forwarding in Frankfurt, Hesse, on Thursday. The air and ocean freight specialist of Deutsche Post DHL Group based in Bonn has thus won the award for the fifth time – a top value in the history of the prize.

“With DHL Global Forwarding we combine a highly professional cooperation at all levels, which is characterized by mutual respect and trust. This is also reflected in the very strong growth over the last two years under intensive use of our special products. DHL Global Forwarding was also our top-selling customer worldwide - in the past business year and beyond,” said Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo, explaining the decision.

The award was presented to Tobias Meyer, COO DHL Global Forwarding. “We are very pleased to receive this award again. Our customers in particular benefit from the excellent cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo, which has been outstanding for many years. And that in turn contributes sustainably to our joint success,” Tobias Meyer said.

Lufthansa Cargo's Global Partnership Program is a central platform for the sustainable growth of Lufthansa Cargo and its largest customers. The eleven Global Partners, which in addition to DHL Global Forwarding also include CEVA, Dachser, DB Schenker, DHL Express, DSV, Expeditors, Hellmann, Kühne+Nagel, Panalpina and UPS, account for around half of Lufthansa Cargo's revenue. The Global Partner Council was now held for the 20th time and annually brings together the top managers of the world's leading freight forwarders with the Executive Board and management of Lufthansa Cargo at various locations. The “Planet Award of Excellence” has been presented by the Council since 2002.

Lufthansa Cargo adds direct freighter services to Chengdu

Mega City is Lufthansa’s fifth freighter destination in China

Shanghai, 17 May 2018

Lufthansa Cargo has further increased its freighter network in China by adding direct services to and from Chengdu (CTU). Since 5 May 2018, a Boeing 777F with flight number LH8410 departs Frankfurt every Monday and Saturday and returns from Chengdu every Tuesday and Sunday.
“We are very proud to now be serving the western Chinese mega city of Chengdu twice a week with Boeing 777 freighter flights. This extension to our network will allow us to offer solutions for the booming markets in the west of China”, says Frank Naeve, Vice President Asia Pacific at Lufthansa Cargo.
Chengdu is the carrier’s fifth freighter destination in China and joins Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In addition, Lufthansa Cargo offers the belly capacities of the Lufthansa Hub airlines in these cities and furthermore in Nanjing, Qingdao and Shenyang.


Lufthansa Cargo takes off for the future with new freighters

Europe's leading cargo airline continues to invest in fleet modernization and orders two factory-new Boeing 777F

At its meeting today, the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG approved the order of two Boeing 777F for Lufthansa Cargo. Delivery is already on the way: in both February and March 2019, a newly built aircraft each will take off from the Boeing plant in Seattle headed for Germany.

The investment reflects the financial success of Lufthansa Cargo. With its C40 efficiency program and Cargo Evolution strategy, the airline initiated a comprehensive future program two years ago.
"The Boeing 777F is not only the world's most powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly freighter, it is also a visible sign of our modernization strategy," says Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo AG. "With the growth of our Boeing 777 freighter fleet, an important milestone has been reached on our way to forming a company for the next generation," Gerber adds.
Further projects to drive forward the modernization of the airline are already being implemented. For example, the infrastructure at the Hub in Frankfurt is being modernized substantially, and a new CoolCenter is under investment at the Hub in Munich. The freight crane is also advancing the digitization of the entire process chain.

Lufthansa Cargo customers benefit from the enormous range of the twin-jet aircraft. With a full payload of 103 tons, the aircraft is able to stay in the air for ten and a half hours. It covers a distance of more than 9,000 kilometers non-stop.

The modernization of the fleet also significantly reduces the burden on the environment. The specific CO2 emissions of the Boeing 777F are almost 20 percent lower than those of the existing MD-11 freighters. Lufthansa Cargo is thus taking the next major step towards achieving its ambitious environmental goals.

The use of the "Triple Seven" is also good news for residents living close to the airport. The brand-new jet is much quieter than other cargo aircraft in its class. Lufthansa Cargo stands by the commitment to noticeably reduce noise pollution for local residents.

Technical details of the Boeing 777F:

Total length: 63.7 m
Wingspan: 64.8 m
Tail height: 18.6 m
Payload in tons: approx. 103
Range (with a full payload): approx. 9000 km
max. take-off weight: 347 tons
Cruising speed: approx. 896 km/h

United and Lufthansa Cargo Successfully Launch Air Cargo Joint Venture

United Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo have launched their previously announced air cargo joint venture

Frankfurt / Chicago, May 4, 2018

United Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo have launched their previously announced air cargo joint venture. Effective May 3, the two carriers jointly manage sales and booking of standard and express shipments on routes between Europe and the U.S. using their joint venture framework. Starting with selected routings from the U.S., Italy, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany, the carriers will expand the geographical scope in the coming months and plan to include additional products and features in the future.

“The joint venture was designed to provide enhanced value to our customers,” said Peter Gerber, Chairman and CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. “The combination of the two strong networks offers new routing options. The co-location of our warehouses, in Munich for example, is an additional benefit, with customers needing only one location for export drop-off and import delivery. Aligned processes and quicker transfers between separate warehouses also lead to streamlined transport times,” Gerber continued.

“Cargo customers worldwide value speed, convenience and reliability,” said United Cargo President Jan Krems. “Through our joint venture, United and Lufthansa Cargo offer transatlantic shippers more options that produce these benefits – including increased frequencies on a combined network accessible through either partner’s booking channels. Our aligned teams and processes also deliver the superior service quality essential to our customers’ success.”

Changes to the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo planned for 1 August 2018

Alexis von Hoensbroech is to become the new Chairman of the Executive Board of Austrian Airlines. Dorothea von Boxberg to succeed him with the approval of the Supervisory Board

Frankfurt, 11 April 2018

Alexis von Hoensbroech, currently Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Cargo, is to become the new Chairman of the Executive Board of Austrian Airlines.
Dorothea von Boxberg is to become the new Executive Board Member Product and Sales (Chief Commercial Officer) at Lufthansa Cargo following approval of the Supervisory Board.

The position of Executive Board Member Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo AG is to be filled by Dorothea von Boxberg as of 1 August 2018. The 44-year-old manager will be succeeding Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech. He has been in charge of the Product and Sales division since December 2014 and is to become the new CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Austrian Airlines starting 1 August 2018. It will still be necessary for the respective supervisory boards to approve these proposals.
Von Boxberg is currently Vice President Global Sales Management at Lufthansa Cargo, with responsibility for areas including Global Performance Management, Pricing, Airmail, Product Management and Sales Processes. An experienced and adept manager from the company’s own ranks was thus able to be recruited as the successor.
‘I am pleased to propose to the Supervisory Board Dorothea von Boxberg as the successor to Alexis von Hoensbroech, who is currently serving as Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Cargo. Her extensive management experience in strategy, product development and sales is an optimal
prerequisite for this task’, says Harry Hohmeister, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa Cargo.
As Lufthansa Cargo’s Chief Commercial Officer, Dorothea von Boxberg will be responsible for the external organisation of sales and handling, revenue management, pricing, network planning and sales management worldwide.
Ms von Boxberg studied industrial engineering at TU Berlin and ESCP/EAP Paris. From 1999 to 2005, she worked for consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group in Stuttgart, most recently as project manager. In 2005, Dorothea von Boxberg took a position at Star Alliance, where she was responsible for Alliance Development. She joined Deutsche Lufthansa AG in 2007 and headed the ‘Strategy and Investments’ division of Lufthansa Passage from 2009. Subsequently, she assumed several management positions in Product Management at Lufthansa Passage. In 2015, Ms von Boxberg transferred to Lufthansa Cargo and has headed Global Sales Management since then.

Press photos and additional information can be found here.

Joint agreement between Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo to market cargo capacities of Brussels Airlines.

Frankfurt, 29 March 2018

Lufthansa Cargo will market the cargo capacities of Brussels Airlines from 1 September 2018. The networks of both companies complement each other perfectly. Freight customers of both airlines benefit from this: Brussels Airlines customers have access to Lufthansa Cargo's route network: the largest network with around 300 destinations in over 100 countries. And for customers of the freight crane, the route network will be supplemented by further attractive destinations, above all in West, East and Central Africa, directly from Brussels. Brussels Airlines operates 17 African destinations. These include Dakar, Monrovia, Abidjan, Douala, Kinshasa and Entebbe. The capacities will be marketed under 020 AWB.

"With the integration of the cargo capacities of Brussels Airlines, the offer for our customers will become even more attractive and even larger," emphasizes Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Commercial Officer at Lufthansa Cargo. Brussels Airlines' African destinations are complementary to our existing network and thus ideally complement our connections".

Christina Foerster, CEO of Brussels Airlines as of 1st of April, emphasizes the advantages of the partnership: "Lufthansa Cargo has a lot of experience in marketing the cargo capacities of passenger airlines. This cooperation will help us to make even better use of the freight capacities of our fleet. And we, as the European Africa specialist, can add new destinations to Lufthansa Cargo's offering."

Brussels Airlines is the fifth passenger airline whose cargo capacities are marketed by Lufthansa Cargo. The cargo capacities of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and SunExpress are already available to Lufthansa Cargo customers. With the marketing of Brussels Airlines, Belly capacities of 10 wide-body aircraft will be added. Lufthansa Cargo also operates 17 freighters and uses freighter capacities from Aerologic, a joint venture of Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express.

Lufthansa Cargo closes 2017 financial year with excellent result

Recovery in the global air cargo market and successful cost management brought Lufthansa Cargo back on track to success last year.

Frankfurt, 23 March 2018

Sales of Lufthansa Cargo rose by 21.1 per cent over the previous year to EUR 2.5 billion with 8,886 million FTKT sold. Average revenues, especially in the express business, went up considerably. Total operating income increased by 21.2 per cent to a total of EUR 2.6 billion. Adjusted EBIT improved by EUR 292 million to EUR 242 million over the difficult previous year. EBIT improved by EUR 304 million to EUR 240 million.

“2017 developed into one of the most successful years in the history of Lufthansa Cargo,” said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG. “Lufthansa Cargo has achieved impressive earnings. In the volatile logistics business, our team demonstrated high professionalism and passionate commitment. For the current year, we will therefore remain focused on pursuing our efficiency programme and investing in our future. At present, these are mainly investments in ground infrastructure for highly profitable special business and in digitisation,” Gerber continued.

The result was achieved in a challenging market environment. In addition to a strong focus on cost optimization, high-performance products and flexible capacity management, Lufthansa Cargo's sales strength also made a significant contribution.

The strategic efficiency programme adopted in 2016 already having an effect in its current stage of implementation Sales and other areas were streamlined at the beginning of 2017, reducing the headcount. More efficient processes and the cost advantage sought through making sustainable savings of EUR 80m make it possible to respond flexibly during periods of overcapacity, as in 2016. They also pave the way for a rapid response to market opportunities, such as those arising in 2017.

The CEO of Europe's leading cargo airline added with a view to the coming years: "Air freight is and will remain a growth market. For certain goods, air freight is the only choice. Above all, export-strong regions such as Germany are an excellent long-term basis for the air freight business".

Freighter fleet to be further optimized

Lufthansa Cargo has reduced the size of its MD-11F fleet to twelve aircraft by selling two aircraft. A MD-11F was reactivated in November 2017 because of the sharp rise in demand in time for the industry's usual peak season at the end of the year, so that Lufthansa Cargo operated a total of 17 cargo aircraft including five B777F freighters at the end of 2017. In addition, there is the capacity of approx. two 777 from the Aerologic joint venture.

Increasing digitalisation brings many advantages for customers

In the years ahead, the company intends to digitalise its relationships with all of the players in the transport chain, from bookings to deliveries. In the long run, customers will benefit from greater transparency, higher speeds, better quality and more flexibility as well as greater efficiency. In 2017, Lufthansa Cargo modernised its revenue management to enable greater differentiation. The response times in sales were further improved by a significant reduction in the number of manual processes. At the same time, Lufthansa Cargo is working closely with start-ups as part of its strategic Cargo Evolution programme, in order to make its business more customer-friendly along the entire transport chain. The first step in 2017 was for Lufthansa Cargo to invest in the start-up Fleet Logistics, founded in 2014 as a neutral online marketplace for brokering international seafreight and airfreight services, which takes care of all payment processing.

Further modernisation of ground infrastructure

The freight centre in Frankfurt is being continually modernised. Further improvements were made to the entire infrastructure of the Cool Center. A new service, Road Feeder Service Cool, was also introduced. A special thermal foil was included in the service portfolio and the range of container services was expanded again.




Lufthansa Cargo starts IATA Proof of Concept for eDGD together with Dakosy community collaboration platform

Major step towards paperless air cargo handling.

Frankfurt, 20 March 2018

eDGD is the digital approach to manage the IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD). It is a major step towards paperless air cargo handling, and enables Shipper, Forwarder and Carrier to manage the transportation of Dangerous Goods without paper documentation.

Lufthansa Cargo is a major driver of the standardization of eDGD. Together with Air France, Swiss WorldCargo and Cargologic and facilitated by IATA, the eDGD standard has been set up and aligned on since early 2017. eDGD is a project driven by the industry. Digitizing the DGD requires cooperation of stakeholders like Shipper, Forwarder, Carrier, GHA and third party providers. Their collaboration to a data platform is essential to ensure compliance and benefits for all partners.

Now this project enters the Proof of Concept phase with implementations in Frankfurt, Paris and Zürich. In Frankfurt, the platform operator Dakosy implemented an eDGD platform, “Infr8-eDGD”, as dangerous goods collaboration platform for shipper and forwarder in close collaboration with Lufthansa Cargo. This platform will be the basis for the eDGD process supported by Lufthansa Cargo.

eDGD is based on a modern data sharing approach using supply chain community platforms and is compliant to the current IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. eDGD brings an improved collaboration between all stakeholders of the supply chain with more transparency and traceability. Clearly defined data governance and increased data quality along the Dangerous Good supply chain will improve the process efficiency and reduce errors and delays.

Dr. Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt, Vice President Global Handling: "eDGD is one important component of Lufthansa Cargo ́s digitization strategy to provide a holistic digital environment for our customers. Only when all stakeholders of the supply chain find benefits in the solution, digitization will be successful on such a large scale. This was taken into account for the eDGD standard, and we ́re happy perform the Pilot project with industry partners in our hub in Frankfurt.”

Lufthansa Cargo expanding its range of digital services

API interfaces ‘GetCapacity’ and ‘GetRates’ provide access to capacity and rate data.

Speed and reliability play a major role not only when cargo is in transit. Already during the booking request, it is sometimes the case that every second counts. For this reason, Lufthansa Cargo is now offering its customers two new programming interfaces for their applications: With the APIs ‘GetCapacity’ and ‘GetRates’, the freight airline is offering its partners direct access to capacity and rate data. Companies can thus use the data quickly and easily in their own system and process it further without having to manually upload it. In addition, real-time data exchange on capacity makes information on flight utilisation available also outside of office hours. It’s a service that not only speeds up the exchange of information but also massively simplifies it and minimises errors.

‘We are continually expanding the digital standardised interfaces for our customers in order to further simplify system-to-system communication’, explains Boris Hueske, Head of Digital Transformation at Lufthansa Cargo. ‘The increasing number of users proves how widespread market acceptance is. For Lufthansa Cargo, this is another step on the way to becoming a more digital enterprise.’

‘GetCapacity’ and ‘GetRates’ complement the already established ‘Tracking’ and ‘GetRoutes’ interfaces. Unlike its predecessors, however, the new APIs transmit data worthy of protection and are therefore made available to interested parties on request. In contrast, ‘Tracking’ and ‘GetRoutes’ can be called up as usual under www.developer.lufthansa.com. The use of all APIs is self-explanatory and usually possible without instruction.

With the expansion of Web Services, Lufthansa Cargo is further enlarging its existing digital product range on offer, therefore not only improving connectivity to its own customers but also defining new digital standards for the entire air freight industry. For the future, additional intelligent web services for booking are already being planned.

Frankfurter Brett and Nik Huber Guitars win Lufthansa Cargo competition ‘Hessen goes global’

Two Hessian companies receive free access to the world market from Lufthansa Cargo.

Frankfurt, 08 March 2018

Frankfurter Brett GmbH and Nik Huber Guitars Shop are the winners of the business competition initiated by Lufthansa Cargo ‘Hessen goes global’. This decision was made today by a panel of experts at the Frankfurt Cargovention, a logistics industry conference. For one year, the two Hessian companies will now receive a massive amount of support in launching their products worldwide and thereby tapping new markets. Lufthansa Cargo and its shipping partners Panalpina and UPS will provide them with free airfreight capacity of up to one container per month as well as free door-to-door shipments and the organisation of all necessary customs clearance processes.

‘The main obstacle to global success today is no longer demand, which certainly exists thanks to digital networking’, says Peter Gerber, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Cargo. ‘In most cases, accessing the global market fails due to logistics, especially when it comes to custom-made products, specialities or small series.’ Frankfurter Brett GmbH and the Nik Huber Guitars Shop will now be able to meet this international demand for their products and secure a place on the world market. The Frankfurter Brett is a ‘workbench’ for the kitchen invented and developed by the brothers Johannes and Joseph Schreiter. Nik Huber is from Rodgau, Germany, and builds high-quality electric guitars by hand.

Numerous companies entered the ‘Hessen goes global’ competition, which is also supported by the companies Panalpina, UPS, Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen and Hessen Trade & Invest. The contest required that the company have its headquarters in Hessen and also produce its merchandise there. In the first step, five finalists were chosen: in addition to the two winners, they included OneSoap of Bad Homburg, which makes a vegan soap for body, face and hair, Schönwetterfront of Wiesbaden, a producer of German Hawaiian shirts, and Bizzice of Frankfurt, a family business that makes organic ice cream and cake. All five companies were able to present their business ideas again at the Cargovention.

“Be bold for logistic innovation.”

Lufthansa Cargo is bringing together opinion leaders from the logistics sector.

Wanting to make a difference – and not just move freight from A to B. That’s what companies in the logistics sector have in common, which will be meeting on 8 March 2018 at the first ‘Cargovention’ in Frankfurt. Lufthansa Cargo extended the invitation to attend. Due to its leading role in the digital transformation of the logistics world, the cargo airline is regarded as a pioneer in shaping the future. At the ‘Cargovention’, the company is bringing together important innovators, industry leaders and start-ups to work together and drive change with new solutions and ways forward.

Around 250 participants will be able to attend when speakers such as Gisbert Rühl (CEO Klöckner) and Peter Gerber (CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo) talk about cultural change in a company with a long tradition. When Alexander Schlaubitz (Vice President of Marketing at Lufthansa) allows provenance to meet the future with #Explore the new or Markus Kückelhaus (Head of Research & Development at DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation) presents the supply chain of the future. “We made sure to create an exciting mix, especially in the selection of the speakers: CEOs of leading companies will be speaking alongside young start-ups. For example, WARR Hyperloop is building prototypes for a futuristic means of transport as part of the international SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Young people will be inviting participants to completely rethink our business. The event offers us the ideal setting for breaking out of old ways of thinking and looking at logistics from a different angle – an opportunity that often falls by the wayside in everyday life’, says Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo.

‘Cargovention’ also offers new opportunities for small and medium-sized companies wishing to advance their business: In a Hessen-wide pitch competition entitled ‘HessenGoesGlobal’, Lufthansa Cargo, together with selected partners, is providing free access to the world market – for an entire year. After the initial application rounds, the finalists have now been determined. ‘Actually, only the top three were supposed to compete against each other during the “Cargovention”. However, there was an exciting neck-and-neck race at the end, so that five companies will now be presenting themselves to the jury’, explains Alexis von Hoensbroech, Executive Board Member Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo.

Those applying for the comprehensive package of freight and logistics services include Frankfurter Brett with the first ‘workbench’ for the kitchen, Schönwetterfront with good-mood streetwear made in Germany, Bizzi-Ice with a lot of love for organic ice cream with no additives, Nik Huber Guitars with handmade high-class electric guitars and OneSoap with vegan soap for frequent-flyer globetrotters.

‘We are pleased that the competition has been so well received and that we will be able to present five great companies. As a freight carrier with worldwide connections, we want to promote smaller companies in particular and support them on their way to the global market’, adds Alexis von Hoensbroech. With the combination of event and pitch competition as well as the deliberately diverse selection of speakers, Lufthansa Cargo aims to inspire the industry and provide targeted impetus in the direction of ‘future logistics’.

Lufthansa Cargo global environmental management system recognised again

The Lufthansa Group’s cargo airline and subsidiary time:matters GmbH achieve revised ISO 14001 environmental standard certification.

Frankfurt, 27 February 2018

Lufthansa Cargo’s sustainable environmental strategy keeps going from strength to strength. The company has once again been worldwide acknowledged with the internationally recognized ISO14001 certificate. This time Lufthansa Cargo was audited according to the revised (and therefore more demanding) version, which contains a number of changes and updates not previously required so explicitly of companies. “We worked together with the various departments to successfully implement the standard’s more stringent requirements with respect to risk determination, stakeholder orientation and life cycle assessment, including supplier management”, said Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management at Lufthansa Cargo. “As an airline, we have a special responsibility to our environment. We live up to this responsibility through our ambitious environmental targets, especially in areas of particular environmental relevance, such as flight operations, cargo handling and infrastructure.” Certification began in Frankfurt in 2008 before being gradually expanded. Lufthansa Cargo has already been ISO certified at all German stations since 2010. Worldwide certification for Lufthansa Cargo came in 2015 for the first time, and the scope was extended to include subsidiary Jettainer GmbH. The certification of subsidiary time:matters GmbH is now another successful milestone.

Lufthansa Cargo expands cooperation with startups through Plug and Play

Lufthansa Cargo as anchor Partner of Plug and Play.

Frankfurt, 22 February 2018

Lufthansa Cargo will take on the role of anchor partner with global technology accelerator Plug and Play. Based in Sunnyvale, USA, the company is the world’s largest technology accelerator that brings technology startups and companies together. Established companies work with startups on within the Supply Chain and Logistics platform, which focuses on supply chain startups. The goal is to combine forces to further develop and quickly implement new digital solutions. The program provides an opportunity for players in the logistics industry to network with and learn from each other, exchange ideas and drive digitization.

“By working with startups, we get to try out innovative ideas and new technology. These innovations might be the basis for new services for our customers or process optimizations. They are a major factor in the digitization of logistics,” said Boris Hueske, Head of Digital Transformation at Lufthansa Cargo.

"We are very excited to have Lufthansa Cargo on board as one of our supply chain anchor partners as they are a perfect fit for our ecosystem of industry leading corporate partners," explains Mike Zayonc, Founder of Plug and Play Supply Chain & Logistics. "Having partners like Lufthansa Cargo, ExxonMobil, Panasonic, DHL, Prologis, the United States Postal Service, Ericsson, Maersk, and BASF working together to collaborate with the most advanced technologies is a perfect venue to digitally transform any global fortune 500 company's end-to-end supply chain."

Flying messengers of love

Lufthansa Cargo has millions of red roses on board for Valentine’s Day.

Frankfurt, 13 February 2018

Hardly any other flower is as sought-after as the rose on the forthcoming day of lovers: to ensure that the millions of declarations of affection will not have to go without the scent of the long- stemmed symbol of love, Lufthansa Cargo is currently flying entire freighters filled with beautiful roses. All in all, Lufthansa’s cargo arm will transport some 800 tonnes of these delicate goods this year. This equates to around the load capacity of eleven flights with MD-11 freighters.

Lufthansa Cargo connects the flower-growing countries with the Frankfurt hub several times a week. Europe’s leading cargo airline has developed the special Fresh product and equipped its freighters with state-of-the-art technology specifically for the transportation of perishable goods such as flowers and food.

The journey of the “Queen of Flowers” usually starts in Kenya or South America. In these countries, ideal climatic conditions prevail all year round, offering the best conditions for growth. In order for the flowery love greetings to reach their recipient in full splendour, it is important that they are transported quickly and carefully at a constant temperature of two to four degrees Celsius throughout the entire logistics chain. This is ensured by sophisticated logistics: The roses are harvested several times a day at the flower farms where they are cultivated and then immediately placed in water and cooled. Following sorting and packing, the flowers are taken directly to the airport and loaded onto the Lufthansa aircrafts, where they are kept at the perfect temperature in the cargo hold. The roses only remain in Frankfurt Airport for a short while. Just a few hours after landing, they are transported onwards from this city on the Main river into the hands of lovers all across Europe.

Please find press photos here.

Lufthansa Cargo exhibiting at Fruit Logistica

The focus is on the product Fresh/td.

Frankfurt, 6 February 2018

When Fruit Logistica opens in Berlin on 7 February, Lufthansa Cargo will again be one of the exhibitors. At the world’s leading trade show, the company will be showing why it is an indispensable partner in the global trade of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lufthansa Cargo offers its customers Fresh/td, a transport service that delivers perishable goods to the remotest corners of the world undamaged. This is ensured through an environment that is predominantly temperature-controlled during flight and storage as well as the use of specially trained personnel. For example, blueberries from Argentina, avocados from Mexico or beans from Kenya are transported to the recipient warehouses in the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. Lufthansa Cargo transported a total of more than 71,000 tonnes of flowers, vegetables, fruits, berries, meat, fish and other perishables last year.

“Lufthansa Cargo has many years of experience and global expertise in dealing with temperature-sensitive and perishable goods,” says Wouter Boekee, Industry Development Manager at Lufthansa Cargo. “With our special service Fresh/td toDoor, we are also offering direct delivery via the Frankfurt hub to the leading food markets in Europe.”

“The product Fresh/td makes Lufthansa Cargo an ideal partner for transporting perishable goods. With our hub in Frankfurt, local conditions such as the Perishable Center with fast and vacuum cooling options and the optimal location for distributing goods in Europe, Lufthansa Cargo is a reliable and experienced partner to the agricultural and food industry”, says Uta Frank, Product Manager Fresh/td of Lufthansa Cargo. ”We have an extensive network of freighter and passenger connections from major fruit and vegetable exporting countries.”

Lufthansa Cargo has been exhibiting at Fruit Logistica since 2013. The company can be found in Hall 25, Stand C-08. Numerous air freight experts will be available to speak with interested trade fair visitors.

Lufthansa Cargo carries out the first commercial transport of a vehicle in the Bellies of Eurowings

A SEAT Arona was shipped from Cologne to southern Africa on behalf of the IQS Group

Frankfurt, 1 February 2018

Lufthansa Cargo recently carried out the first commercial transport of a vehicle from Cologne to southern Africa on board an Airbus 330 Eurowings passenger aircraft on behalf of the specialist logistics company IQS Group. In the future, automotive customers will benefit from an expanded network and higher cost efficiency due to the reduced space requirement for loading. 
While cars that fit on an aircraft pallet can be loaded into passenger aircraft in the normal way, larger vehicles have to be transported with a freighter. Lufthansa Cargo and its partner Aircargo Consulting have therefore developed a special process that now makes it possible to transport even larger vehicles in the bellies of Eurowings. 
“This was preceded by several meetings with all parties involved, subsequent process descriptions and an operational risk analysis", explains Joachim Binte, Director Sales and Handling at Lufthansa Cargo in Cologne. “We have started with destinations in southern Africa and are planning to expand to other Eurowings destinations", Binte continues. 
Together with the loading specialists of Aircargo Consulting, a perfect team was formed. "With our expertise and the loading techniques we have developed, including the construction of a loading simulator, we ensure that the needs of our customers are met in the best possible way", emphasizes Matthias Pfeilschifter, Commercial Director of Aircargo Consulting.


Please find some press photos here.
Caption: The Seat Arona, which due to its vehicle dimensions cannot be loaded on pallets in the lower deck of an Airbus A330, was loaded and unloaded on the Eurowings flight using the roll-in procedure.

Lufthansa Cargo provides free access to the world market for Hessian companies

Business competition "Hessen goes global" initiated by Lufthansa Cargo

Frankfurt, 25 January 2018

In spring 2018, small and medium-sized companies from Hesse will receive a unique opportunity: at the "Hessen goes global" business competition, they can apply for logistical support and free transport of their products to the world market.

The initiative is backed by strong partners: Lufthansa Cargo, Panalpina and UPS. They are supported by Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen and the HessenAgentur. With their idea, the partners want to show what opportunities the development of global markets also offers smaller companies.

There are a large number of unique products in Hesse, ranging from foodstuffs to high-tech products", explains Peter Gerber, CEO at Lufthansa Cargo. "Demand is not an obstacle to worldwide success - thanks to digital networking and the possibility of viewing local products via the Internet, this is certainly not a problem. The global logistics is usually challenging, especially when it comes to small series rather than handmade individual pieces", Gerber continues. 

Good examples are specialities, innovative products and individual production. "This is where our initiative comes in: We provide access to the global market by providing together with our partners logistical support and sales advice. Transportation, customs, cargo space - the package you can win is a real springboard for long-term growth", Peter Gerber explains.

“As the state's development bank, we are closely associated with the Hessian companies and know, how important they are for the well-being of the region. With our network, we can make a contribution to our region and future initiative. Therefore we are happy to support the ´Hessen goes global´-initiative", explains Dr. Michael Reckhard, Member of the Executive Board of Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen.

Any company with its headquarters and production facilities in Hesse that produces haptic goods can apply. A jury of experts selects a maximum of five finalists from all applicants to present their products and companies on March 8 as part of the Cargovention 2018, a new Lufthansa Cargo event on innovations in logistics. In addition to the publicity effect of this presentation for all finalists, the winner will receive a comprehensive package of freight and logistics services: One year of free airfreight capacity of up to one container/month as well as free ground transportation (door-to-door) to a destination, the assumption of customs clearance processes and costs, support with the communicative support and preparation of the globalisation story.

Applications are submitted via a uniform document for all interested parties, which can be downloaded from cargovention.com/hgg.html. The application deadline is 16 February 2018 and the finalists will be announced on 26 February.


Please find here some press photos of Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo increases Freighter services to Japan

The Frankfurt based carrier emphasizes long-standing connections with Japanese airfreight market

Osaka, 25 January 2018

Lufthansa Cargo has increased its freighter services to Japan and added two weekly freighters to Osaka, Japan (KIX). The additional flights complement the already existing daily freighter from and to Tokyo-Narita as well as the Lufthansa passenger flights to Osaka-Kansai, Tokyo-Haneda, and Nagoya.
The new route is operated from Frankfurt via Novosibirsk to Osaka on Wednesdays and Fridays, and adds to a total of 80 weekly flights into and out of the country – including the belly capacity on Lufthansa passenger aircraft and the carriers cooperation capacity with ANA Cargo. The first flight from Osaka took off on 18th January at 11:36pm (local time) with 90 tons of cargo on board.
“These new flights to Osaka are strengthening our position in Japan. It is a further investment into the very important Japanese airfreight market“, says Frank Naeve, Vice President Asia-Pacific at Lufthansa Cargo.
“We are proud to have long-standing connections with customers in the Japanese air cargo industry since 1969. Our aim is to build on this and expand into the future”, says Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Commercial Officer at Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo invests into US-based tech startup “Fleet“

Lufthansa Cargo intensifies its ties to the global startup scene by investing significantly into tech startup "Fleet", headquartered in Portland, USA

Frankfurt, 24 January 2018

The strong collaboration between Lufthansa Cargo and Fleet (www.tryfleet.com) will connect extensive airfreight experience with a technology-driven, fresh view on global logistics processes. Fleet was founded in 2014 and acts as an online marketplace, matching customers’ demand for freight services with free capacity provided by logistics companies. Fleet is growing fast and addresses customers’ inherent desire for convenience in – traditionally – complex cross-border freight shipping processes. 
“Fleet is a perfect match for us as the company combines innovative and visionary thinking with a strong intrinsic motivation to improve air cargo booking and shipping efficiency and, finally, our customers’ overall experience”, says Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. “We expect substantial learnings with regard to our product and service portfolio. Thus, we are sure that Lufthansa Cargo and Fleet will mutually benefit from sharing concepts and ideas.” At the same time, Fleet will expand its Board of Directors with the new seat being held by Lufthansa Cargo’s CCO Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech. 
Recently, a large number of startups pushed into the logistics industry upgrading connectivity between various players of global air cargo supply chains. Consequently, also traditional logistics companies have become aware of the opportunities they can realize by investing into new digital business models. 
By acquiring shares in Fleet, Lufthansa Cargo underlines its strategic commitment in lifting the airfreight industry to a superior digital maturity level. The acquisition is part of the Lufthansa Group’s overall digitization strategy and was strongly supported by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Berlin.


Lufthansa Cargo: Support for Deutsche Post and Santa Claus

Six exclusive charter flights for transporting gifts between Frankfurt and New York

Frankfurt, 15 December 2017

In order to ensure that the enormous volume of Christmas mail and parcels between Germany and the USA is dealt with smoothly and on time, Lufthansa Cargo has briefly expanded its freight capacity for Deutsche Post AG. From mid-November until shortly before Christmas Eve, an MD-11 is taking off each Monday on the route Frankfurt – New York / JFK – Frankfurt. The Atlantic will be crossed a total of six times in each direction – exclusively for Deutsche Post, and especially in the service of Santa Claus.

‘In the six weeks before Christmas in particular, our Airmail/eCommerce product is in great demand for packages sent on short notice and deadline-sensitive shipments’, explains Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Product and Sales Officer at Lufthansa Cargo. ‘For this reason, we increased our capacity exclusively for our close partner Deutsche Post AG in recent years. However, 2017 is a special situation, as we have never before organised so much additional cargo space on such short notice.’ Despite the high cost, this measure is a matter of course, von Hoensbroech emphasises. ‘We know that many gifts will only manage to make it under the tree on time thanks to these extra flights.’  In addition, they support many small and medium-sized companies and eCommerce platforms in Germany in particular in gaining access to the major global players during the time of year with the highest turnover.

Details: An additional MD-11 is flying the route FRA – JFK – FRA six times in the run-up to Christmas. Sixty tons of freight can be carried on each flight – with most of it being seasonal greetings and gifts. 
The first plane took off on 13 November, and the last flight travels from FRA to JFK on 18 December with a return on 19 December.
About the product: Airmail/eCommerce is the Lufthansa Cargo product for delivering important letters and parcels in the fastest way possible. A tailor-made timetable, a strong network with many cooperation partners and above all the three Airmail hubs in Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna guarantee on-time delivery. The skills and expertise of three experienced logistics professionals is pooled at Airmail Center Frankfurt: Thanks to Lufthansa Cargo, airport operator Fraport AG and Deutsche Post DHL, up to four hundred tons of international airmail are handled quickly and effectively each day.

Solutions for the future of airfreight

Innovative passive containers for temperature-sensitive transports are now available directly from Europe’s leading cargo airline.

 Frankfurt, 27 October 2017

va-Q-tec, a leading supplier of high-performance thermal containers, and Lufthansa Cargo will be cooperating in the passive temperature-controlled container market in future. Due to the new cooperation, the containers from va-Q-tec are now available worldwide at numerous stations of the cargo airline. Customers with pharmaceutical goods in particular profit from the combination of the close and extensive network of Lufthansa Cargo with the advanced container rental service of va-Q-tec.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the innovative va-Q-tainer directly to our customers. The broad portfolio of Lufthansa Cargo is thus being expanded to include an excellent choice in the passive refrigeration segment”, said Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Head of Product and Sales of Lufthansa Cargo at the signing of the contract.

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO of va-Q-tec, added: “Our thermal containers provide five days temperature stability under even the most challenging conditions. These high performance containers will now be directly available through Lufthansa Cargo. This will have a very positive effect on Germany as the fourth largest pharmaceutical market in the world. We are very proud to have won Lufthansa Cargo as a strong partner not only in Germany but also in Asia, India, the USA and South America.”

The high-quality temperature controlled containers (“va-Q-tainer”), now offered by Lufthansa Cargo, provide temperature controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C in five sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside. These advanced passive thermal containers offer constant temperature control over several days without the need for external energy sources. The award-winning technology enables safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods all over the world.

After the beginning of the expansion of its Cool Center, the launch of the world premiere “Road Feeder Service Cool” and the rollout of a special sun-reflective film for all temperature-sensitive shipments, Europe’s leading cargo airline is continuing its push in the area of refrigerated freight with this new offer. Lufthansa Cargo offers its customers many years of experience in the transport of temperature-controlled freight. At Lufthansa Cargo’s home-city hub in Frankfurt, customers of the airline benefit from the in-house Cool Center with the latest infrastructure, cooling rooms maintained at different temperatures, a deep-freeze compartment and direct access to the apron for the fastest possible loading. Thanks to the cooperation between va-Q-tec and Lufthansa Cargo, the high-performance va-Q-tainers are now also available there.


va-Q-tec is a leading provider of highly efficient tech products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation and cold chain logistics. The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative, thin vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) and phase change materials (“PCMs”) for reliable and energy efficient temperature control and insulation. Furthermore, by optimally integrating VIPs and PCMs, va-Q-tec manufactures passive thermal packaging solutions (containers and boxes), which offer constant temperature conditions for between 24 to over 200 hours without using external energy sources. Within its rental services business, the company has built a global partner network to provide for an extensive fleet of containers and boxes fulfilling highly demanding thermal protection standards in temperature sensitive supply chains. Besides Healthcare & Logistics as a main market, va-Q-tec addresses additional markets such as Appliances & Food, Technics & Industry, Building and Mobility. The steadily growing company was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Würzburg, Germany. For more information on va-Q-tec visit www.va-q-tec.com.


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Lufthansa is flying out relief-aid goods to Puerto Rico

The population of Puerto Rico are still in need of basic essentials after the onslaught of Hurricane Maria. An MD 11 Lufthansa Cargo Aircraft is flying out 70 tons of drinking water and over 10 tonnes of foodstuffs and apparel to the Caribbean Island.

Frankfurt, 30 September, 2017

Today, the Lufthansa Group deployed an MD 11 Cargo Aircraft from Frankfurt Airport to Aguadilla, on the West Coast of Puerto Rico. Situated in this region is a Lufthansa Technical Site where 400 colleagues, residing in the local communities nearby, are still suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. Lufthansa Group is determined to bring supplies to this region in order to join the humanitarian efforts throughout the island.

The Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD 11 Aircraft departed today under the Flight Number LH8830 from Frankfurt Airport, Germany at 20:40h Central European Time. After a refueling stopover at Atlanta Airport, the Flight will proceed to Rafael Hernández International Airport in Puerto Rico. It is scheduled to arrive there on Sunday, 07:20h local time.

The Lufthansa Cargo Aircraft is loaded with 80 tons of drinking water, apparel, food provisions and hygienic supplies – in fact, a combination of the items desperately needed at the location. The Lufthansa Group is working closely with the local U.S. Authorities there to obtain the necessary coordination and support for this comprehensive relief-aid operation. In Germany, participants of this relief effort have predominantly been: Hassia, the Metro Group, as well as LSG Skychefs with donations. Kühne&Nagel, Georgi and orgalog helped with transport services. This project was organized and implemented by HelpAlliance, the charitable aid organization of the Lufthansa Group.

“We are standing by our colleagues and the U.S. population in Puerto Rico during these trying times. It is especially in moments of crisis, that we as an enterprise all pull together and lend support to our colleagues and the local surrounding communities near our Puerto Rico location and affected by this tragedy,” said Dr. Johannes Bussmann, the president of the management board of Lufthansa Technik AG (LLC).

The Lufthansa ‘Technik’ Facility in Puerto Rico (LTPR) was opened in February 2014 in Aguadilla, and has specialized in the service and maintenance of aircraft types, such as the Airbus A320 family. Initial orders came from some of the main U.S. carriers, and this caused the service site to develop rapidly in becoming one of the more important provider for aircraft overhaul for the United States. Additionally, ‘LTPR’ introduced the first training program for the United States Department of Labor in the servicing, maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft. The program is being run in conjunction with the Aeronautical and Aerospace Institute of Puerto Rico, a non-profit corporate subsidiary of the University of Puerto Rico.

Signed in June of this year, the apprenticeship program enhances the relationship between the entire Lufthansa Group, the Island and the United States. It serves not only the local aviation industry, but is meant to serve as an example to other parts of the country.

“As a close partner of Puerto Rico, we are not only lending backup support for the workforce of ‘Lufthansa Technik’ and their families locally, but also for the communities in the vicinity, who have been working together with us also closely and with confidence from day one,” stated Dr. Bussmann. Since the inception of the hurricane damage, the location has received assistance from customers of ‘LTPR’: ‘Spirit Airlines’ and ‘jetBlue’, who have their aircraft serviced by the Technical Station. A freight space was immediately made available for minimum relief requirements. “We must really thank our partners and friends of ‘Spirit’ and ‘jetBlue’. It is comforting to know that one can depend on friends during difficult occasions,” said Johannes Bussmann.


Running for a Good Cause

Almost 1,000 runners at the 3rd “Office City Run” organized by Cargo Human Care e.V. in Frankfurt-Niederrad / Net proceeds to fund the building of a preschool in Nairobi

Frankfurt, 25 August 2017

Almost 1,000 runners took part in the “Office City Run” organized by Cargo Human Care e.V. (CHC) in Frankfurt-Niederrad yesterday. The net proceeds will go towards funding the construction of a preschool for 100 children in an impoverished neighbourhood of Nairobi. Early estimates suggest they will be well above 20,000 euros. The event was initiated by the Cargo Bulls division of the Lufthansa Sports Club in cooperation with the regional initiative, “Standort-Initiative Neues Niederrad SINN e.V.”.

“We’re overwhelmed by the high number of participants and can now definitely say that the City Office Run has established itself. That of course makes us very happy, as every cent that the runners and sponsors donate to Cargo Human Care today with their entry fees benefits children in Kenya,” stated Fokko Doyen, initiator and first Chairman of Cargo Human Care, at the event. “Our aim with the Happy Children Education Center is to provide the poorest children in one of Nairobi’s slums with the opportunity of a secure preschool education.” The construction of the school is scheduled to be completed in mid-2018. The funding for the new primary school will be provided in equal parts by CHC, the help alliance (the aid organization of the Lufthansa Group and its employees) and the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation.
The starting pistol for the colourful flock of runners was fired by Frankfurt City Council Member Matthias Mehl and Lufthansa Cargo CEO and Chairman Peter Gerber. “I’m very pleased to see the Office City Run now taking place for the third year in a row, as it underlines the outstanding and valuable commitment of so many Lufthansa staff. It will directly benefit those in need in Nairobi and hopefully continue to enrich Niederrad and the airport with an increasingly popular annual event in the future,” commented Peter Gerber on the event. Over 100 Lufthansa Cargo staff ran the five or ten kilometre runs for a good cause. The Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board

doubled the collected amount with a donation matching the entry fees of their staff. The other running teams came from other divisions of the Lufthansa Group, and various customers and service providers of the Lufthansa Group’s cargo subsidiary.

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Kohnen completes executive board at time:matters

New Managing Director Strategy & Sales effective 15 November 2017

Frankfurt/Neu-Isenburg, 21 August 2017

Alexander Kohnen has been appointed the new Managing Director Strategy & Sales at time:matters Holding GmbH, effective 15 November 2017. The 40-year-old thereby succeeds Franz-Joseph Miller, who left the company of his own accord on 1 July 2017. Kohnen has held various management positions at Lufthansa Cargo since October 2000, most recently Senior Director Industry Development & Product Management and previously Director Nordic & Baltic Countries.

“We are delighted to have Alexander Kohnen on board. He knows the industry inside out and has everything it takes to further establish time:matters as the leading specialist for sameday delivery and emergency logistics,” said Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product & Sales at Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo took complete ownership of the time:matters group, which specializes in global special speed and time-critical international spare part logistics, in August 2016. The cargo airline, which spun off time:matters as a subsidiary in 2002, had held a 49 per cent share prior to that. Christian Mörtl, previously Head of Aircraft Handling at Lufthansa Cargo, was appointed Managing Director Operations & Finance at time:matters Holding GmbH on 1 August 2016.

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Innovative sun protection for refrigerated freight

Customers worldwide will now benefit from this free additional service

Frankfurt, 27 Jul 2017

Now that the expansion of the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center in Frankfurt has begun and the Road Feeder Service Cool, the first of its kind in the world, has been introduced, Europe’s leading cargo airline is pushing forward with its offensive in the refrigerated freight sector. Every customer’s cargo in the passive refrigeration sector worldwide will now be protected without any added fees by a reflective film produced exclusively for Lufthansa Cargo.
“Our aim is to offer top quality transport for our customers’ freight, both in the air and on the ground. The free offer of our new special film underscores our dedication to high quality and perfects our refrigeration service”, said Sören Stark, Board Member Operations at Lufthansa Cargo.
In any case, Lufthansa Cargo is keeping its transit times between its facilities and aircraft as short as possible. The innovative reflective film provides sensitive shipments with optimum protection against the unavoidable sunlight on airport tarmacs around the world, even on hot summer days.


Lufthansa Cargo awarded for reliability and excellence

DHL CARE Award recognizes excellence in transporting temperature-sensitive life science products

Singapore / Frankfurt, 22 June 2017

DHL, the world’s leading logistics and shipping provider, has named Lufthansa Cargo together with Swiss WorldCargo and two other air cargo carriers as recipients of this year’s Carrier Award for Reliability and Excellence. Inaugurated in 2016, the DHL CARE Awards acknowledge air freight providers whose services set the industry standard for the transport of temperature-sensitive life sciences products.

“We are very pleased to receive this year’s DHL CARE Award. Carrying sensitive pharmaceuticals fast and reliably to their destinations all over the world is a task that makes us proud. It is also a reason for us to expand our cool center, so that all our customers can benefit from increased cool capacities at our hub in Frankfurt shortly. With valuable innovations like our Cool Control Tower and our long-term experience we will be a reliable partner also in the future”, said Dr Martin Schmitt, Lufthansa Cargo board member and CFO.

The DHL CARE Awards were presented at the 17th DHL Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Conference in Singapore this week, where close to 400 life sciences and healthcare leaders met to discuss major supply chain trends affecting the industry. This year’s DHL CARE Award winners were chosen from a pool of carriers according to criteria including shipment quality, ground handling expertise and innovation in both technology and process. The award recipients all demonstrated extremely high levels of shipment performance, combined with a variety of factors including rigorous certification and bold infrastructural investments.

Lufthansa Cargo again named best cargo airline in Italy

Frankfurt-based air cargo carrier wins Quality Award for Overall Performance from Italian air forwarders association

Frankfurt, 14 June 2017

Lufthansa Cargo has received the tremendous accolade of being named the best cargo airline for 2016 in Italy. The prestigious Quality Award for Overall Performance was bestowed on the carrier by A.N.A.M.A., the Italian air forwarders association.

Marina Marzani, President of A.N.A.M.A., underlined the motivation behind this special recognition of Lufthansa Cargo: “For its extended network and wide-ranging offering to its customers, for its reliability and because the Board of A.N.A.M.A. recognises how well the airline backs up its commitments with action.” Thomas Egenolf, Vice President Western Europe, was honoured to accept the award on behalf of the company: “I am delighted to receive this prestigious award for the second time. A big thank you goes to the Italian airfreight industry and to my fantastic team in Italy.”

Besides the main award, Lufthansa Cargo was also nominated in another four out of five categories. The German air cargo carrier also topped the “Safety & Security” category, and came second in “Innovation” and “All Services” and third in “Customer Satisfaction”.

Since 2012, the Italian air forwarders association has bestowed awards on the best general sales agents, handling agents and airlines each year. The category winners are based on the results of a survey. Additionally, people are honoured for special achievements and the coveted Quality Award for Overall Performance is awarded by the association’s Executive Committee.

Lufthansa Cargo to fly Berlin pandas First Class

New panda facility to be opened by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese President Xi Jinping – Zoo Berlin and Lufthansa Cargo answer transport-related questions

Frankfurt/Berlin, 13 June 2017

What preparations are needed in advance of a panda flight? What kind of onboard catering will the pandas enjoy? When are the pandas due to land in Berlin? Jörg Bodenröder, Lufthansa Cargo’s Head of Animal Transport and animal welfare officer, and Dr Andreas Ochs, the zoo’s chief veterinarian, answered today the burning questions surrounding the panda transport. The question on everyone’s lips was: when are the pandas due to land in Berlin? The MD-11F from Chengdu is expected to land at Berlin Schönefeld Airport at around 2 p.m. on 24 June.

“We feel that being asked to assist with this transport recognises our wealth of expertise in transporting animals properly. We are pleased to contribute our extensive experience to this cooperation and provide a first-class service”, said Jörg Bodenröder. As an addition to Lufthansa’s First Class offering, all animal passengers travelling with Lufthansa Cargo also enjoy a perfect full service. This begins with appropriate housing at the Frankfurt Airport gateway, and continues with transportation in special containers developed together with breeders and vets on to intensive supervision by trained staff in the air and on the ground. With the “Frankfurt Animal Lounge”, Lufthansa Cargo also provides one of the most state-of-the-art animal care facilities at an airport anywhere in the world – a kind of “First Class Lounge” for animal passengers.

However, the Berlin pandas won’t get to experience the hospitality at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge, as the scheduled flight from Beijing to Frankfurt has been specially rerouted via Chengdu and Berlin for the two VIP passengers. “With 42 large animal stalls, 39 dog kennels, special climate-controlled chambers and black light areas for examining ornamental fish, we have the right solution for every animal”, explained Jörg Bodenröder, who has been with Lufthansa Cargo since 2001 already. “Fish are the main animals we carry. Zoo animals present a particular challenge, often due to their size alone, but we are well up to the task”, continued Bodenröder.

The two pandas will be accompanied by two animal caretakers from Chengdu and the zoo’s chief veterinarian Dr Andreas Ochs. He also provided details on the transport: “Meng Meng and Jiao Qing will enjoy ample bamboo snacks while en route. Of course, they will also have access to a drinking bowl in their transport container. We will be able to visit the animals at any time during the flight and make sure they are getting on fine.” Precautions have also been taken in case they need to “do their business” while on the move. The transport container will be equipped with absorbent mats so that Mr and Mrs Panda can remain dry no matter what and will not be bothered by odours during the rest of the trip. The calculated flight time from Chengdu to Berlin via Novosibirsk is around 12 hours and 20 minutes.

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Caption: 2017-06-13_BER_PrConf_Pandas – Dr Andreas Ochs (l.), Chief Veterinarian Zoo Berlin, and Jörg Bodenröder, Head of Animal Transport and animal welfare officer at Lufthansa Cargo
Photo credit: Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo presents award to Panalpina

The logistics company is the first customer to receive the coveted “Planet Award of Excellence” for the third time

Frankfurt, 9 June 2017

A win for Panalpina at the 19th Global Partner Council, the annual top-level meeting of the biggest customers and top management of Lufthansa Cargo, the leading freight airline in Europe. The Basel-based logistics pro was honoured with the “Planet Award of Excellence” for the 2016 financial year. Lufthansa Cargo honoured Panalpina’s consistently outstanding performance in terms of global cooperation. After previously winning in 2006 and 2007, Panalpina became the first customer to win the award three times.
“Our significant joint growth in respect of the challenging market conditions last year has particularly underscored our high level of loyalty to Lufthansa Cargo. In the process, the highest levels of quality and efficiency were at the heart of our consistently professional cooperation – for both partners. This has been confirmed by many from our international sales organisation. Panalpina has also made a significant contribution to us being able to further develop our product range. We are also working together on digitization, which is a crucial issue in our industry”, explained Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product & Sales at Lufthansa Cargo, of the decision.
Volker Böhringer, CEO Region Europe, accepted the award on behalf of Panalpina in Vienna. “I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of Panalpina. Having a partner such as Lufthansa Cargo which can consistently deliver a high level of service is crucial for us to meet the expectations of our customers”, said Böhringer.
The Lufthansa Cargo Global Partnership Programme is an important platform for the sustainable growth of Lufthansa Cargo and its most important customers. Apart from Panalpina, the eleven Global Partners include CEVA, Dachser, DB Schenker, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DSV, Expeditors, Hellmann, Kühne+Nagel and UPS. Together, they account for around half of Lufthansa Cargo’s sales. The Planet Award of Excellence was first awarded for the 2002 financial year.

Please find a press photo here.

FLTR: Bernhard Kindelbacher, J. Florian Pfaff, Sören Stark, Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Volker Böhringer (CEO Region Europe Panalpina), Thomas Egenolf, Peter Gerber (CEO Lufthansa Cargo), Frank Naeve

Green excellence

Lufthansa Cargo garners German Award for Excellence with OMEGA project / using big data to improve fuel efficiency

Frankfurt, 23 May 2017

With its OMEGA project – using big data to reduce carbon emissions – Lufthansa Cargo has garnered the DQS German Award for Excellence in the Environmental Responsibility category. The award winners were announced at the DQS Sustainability Conference 2017 on 17 May, which took place at Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf. To further encourage businesses to make a commitment to the environment, DQS has launched awards for specific corporate activities. The awards are conferred in different categories with a focus on sustainability, including Sustainable Leadership, Responsible Sourcing, Social Engagement (International) and Environmental Responsibility.
The Ops Monitor and Efficiency Gap Analyser (OMEGA) is a tool that uses data collected during cargo flights to make future flights more efficient. Hence, the tool pays directly into Lufthansa Cargo’s environmental responsibility strategy. By comparing projected, actual and optimal values, it provides key information for reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Pilots can use the analysis to optimally prepare for a flight and identify any deviations from the plan early on. The software was developed by software specialist Aviaso together with Lufthansa. Special applications have been added for Lufthansa Cargo, such as in the area of trim evaluation.
“Lufthansa Cargo has set itself ambitious goals in the field of climate and environmental responsibility. We are delighted to have received an award for OMEGA as one of our numerous measures aimed at improving the ecological efficiency of flight operations and achieving our targets”, said Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management. Until 2020 Lufthansa Cargo wants to reduce specific carbon emissions by 25 per cent based on the level for 2005. This goal is to be met by all kinds of operational and technical measures. Significant carbon reductions have already been achieved in recent years by modernising the fleet and reducing on-board weight, to name a few examples.

Click here to find out exactly how OMEGA works in practice.
Click here for more information about Lufthansa Cargo’s ecological commitment.

10 Years of Cargo Human Care e.V.

CHC was founded in May 2007 by Lufthansa Cargo staff members and doctors from Germany / Unbureaucratic and on-going help for people in need in Kenya.

Cargo Human Care (CHC) was founded 10 years ago by employees of Lufthansa Cargo and doctors in Germany with the aim of providing unbureaucratic and ongoing help for the poorest parts of the population in Kenya. Medical care and education are the pillars of its commitment. Today the organisation runs a children’s home for 120 orphans, a medical centre where 50 German doctors work on a regular basis, and a young people’s home that offers vocational training for school-leavers of the children’s home. Lufthansa Cargo has supported this project right from the start and provides flight tickets for doctors and free transport capacities for medical equipment among other things.

“When we founded CHC ten years ago, I never, for the life of me, would have thought that we would achieve so much one day: 560 members, 220 children and young people in our sponsor programme, 2,000 treatments every month in our own medical centre, and donations that are increasing every year,” says founding member and first chairman Fokko Doyen. Doyen flies the MD-11F as a Lufthansa Cargo captain and served as head of the MD-11F fleet for nine years. “The identification with this ‘Cargo project’ can be felt throughout the company. Since we started out, the number of members has grown to over 550. We do not just have passive, paying members, but above all many people who participate in our work as doctors, custodians of various sponsorship groups and in the association’s organisational work. But our greatest boon is the huge support we get from Lufthansa Cargo: The fact that it pays for the flight costs of our doctors and active members to Nairobi enables people in Kenya to benefit directly from the donations.” Only 0.6 per cent of all Cargo Human Care’s expenditure goes to cover administration costs.

“It is really impressive how the commitment of the past ten years by the numerous volunteers, who are mostly employees of Lufthansa Cargo, has made Cargo Human Care into what it is today,” praises Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. “For me, the special thing about Cargo Human Care is the very direct aid. Here people from our company have wanted to do something and they have done it. Additionally, it is fantastic that Cargo’s key competencies, namely flying and logistics, can be completely put to good use here to help people who do not have such good opportunities in life. That’s why Lufthansa Cargo will continue to support the work of Cargo Human Care to the best of its abilities.” Since November 2015 Lufthansa Cargo’s MD-11F registered "D-ALCH" is flying around the world with the footprints of 24 children on its fuselage. The carrier has turned the freighter into a flying ambassador for the aid organisation Cargo Human Care.

CHC’s commitment at a glance

CHC’s hitherto over 200 sponsorships are one of the most important pillars of its development work. Through their regular donations the sponsors enable solid, reliable school and career training and medical care for the children, teenagers and young people in CHC’s environment. In 2016, the sponsors gave a total of €108,000. Over the past ten years their donations totalled €3.5m. This ensures educational institutions with good quality standards, extracurricular assistance and support by social workers, as well as medical care for those with chronic illnesses.

The Mothers’ Mercy Home (MMH) is a children’s home for orphans in the north of Nairobi. It was founded in 2001 by women of the Anglican Church, and CHC added a new building in 2008. There Cargo Human Care provides a home for 120 orphans with the help of donations and sponsorships.

During their career training, up to 24 young people live in the John Kaheni Residence community, named after an MMH orphan who passed away. All CHC career training activities outside the MMH are coordinated there by CHC social workers and external trainers. The development of personal skills, communication coaching, career orientation and interview training, coordination of internships and IT knowledge are important elements.

The Cargo Human Care Medical Centre was opened in 2009 to provide a medical care service to people in need in the vicinity of the orphanage. In addition to treatment rooms, it has a laboratory and pharmacy. 50 Specialist doctors from Germany regularly volunteer their services at the clinic for approximately one week at a time supporting a local team of twelve people. In 2016, they helped around 7,000 destitute patients by providing over 25,000 treatments.

CHC also continues to help around 6,000 people in four villages of the Marsabit region in the north of Kenya by raising funds and providing aid in the fight against hunger.

Lufthansa Cargo continues to enhance route network

Busy routes to Shanghai and Guangzhou now offering even more frequent flights · Airline-wide partnerships extended · Further destinations via Eurowings belly capacity on long-haul flights

Frankfurt / Munich, 09 May 2017

Lufthansa Cargo flies their customers’ freight to around 300 target destinations in 100 countries and therefore offers one of the best networks in the field of air cargo. The carrier from Frankfurt is now once again making further improvements to this strong network, consisting of cargo connections and the freight capacity of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, and Eurowings long-haul passenger flights.

Further destinations will be added in the coming months via Eurowings belly capacity on long-haul flights. From June, Lufthansa Cargo will use an Airbus A330 to serve Las Vegas (LAS) twice a week. Seattle (SEA, 2/7), Orlando (MCO, 2/7) and Windhoek (WDH, 2/7) will be added as further destinations from Cologne in July. Cargo stations in Cuba’s Varadero (VRA, 3/7) and Havana (HAV, 1/7) are also planned.

Lufthansa Cargo currently operates cargo flights to the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai (PVG) seven times a week, but from September there will be nine regular weekly connections. In addition, this route will exclusively be operated by Boeing 777F cargo aircraft with a standard load capacity of around 103 tonnes. Up to now, also MD-11Fs served this destination. From July, the cargo connection to Guangzhou (CAN) is also being upped by one weekly flight to five services per week.

In summer, Lufthansa German Airlines also adds various connections on passenger aircraft: From 12 May, an Airbus A340 will travel twice weekly between Frankfurt and Montreal (YUL), as of 14 May, an additional Airbus A330 will fly the route between Frankfurt and Boston (BOS), and from 18 May, an additional Boeing 747-8i will operate between Frankfurt and Los Angeles (LAX). Since 1 May, there has already been a new daily service from Munich (MUC) to Vancouver (YVR) with an Airbus A330. Additional services from Frankfurt to Cape Town (CPT) and Reykjavik (KEF) are also new to the Lufthansa passenger summer flight schedule.

Lufthansa Cargo is furthermore continuing to extend its partnerships. After the successful start to the collaboration with Japanese airline ANA Cargo two years ago and launching the cooperation with Cathay Pacific Cargo out of Hong Kong last year, a cargo joint venture with United Airlines has recently been announced.


A world first... “Road Feeder Service Cool” can now be booked!

Further commitment to the field of temperature-sensitive cargo

Frankfurt, 09 May 2017

Lufthansa Cargo is the world's first cargo airline to offer their customers the “Road Feeder Service Cool” (RFS-Cool) booking option, available now. By taking this step, the carrier is developing its range in the cold-chain logistics sector. The new provision will ensure that temperature-sensitive cargo is actively or passively cooled or warmed, not just on board aircraft, but also in road link connections with Lufthansa flight numbers (RFS), where correspondingly equipped vehicles are deployed. For example, Lufthansa Cargo customers can make binding further onward travel reservations within Europe on the new “Road Feeder Service Cool” for sensitive medication that has been flown into Frankfurt and thereby ensure that the goods remain inside the specified temperature range on this part of the journey.
Lufthansa Cargo is also currently making significant expansions to the capacities of their own Cool Center at the Frankfurt hub. Following completion, as of late summer of this year, 8,000 square meters will be available for cool chain cargo. Alongside the extension, the entire infrastructure of the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center will be further improved. It was opened in December 2011 and currently offers 4,500 square meters in four different temperature-controlled chiller rooms (2 to 8°C, 5 to 15°C, 15 to 25°C and -12 to -20°C) as well as a deep-freeze room and direct access to the apron. As a result, it is currently the largest hub for temperature-sensitive freight in Europe.
Back in 2016, the IATA airline association awarded Lufthansa Cargo and the company's in-house Cool Center with the CEIV certificate for pharmaceutical transport. Lufthansa Cargo improves the service continuously, taking into account the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as well as all the prerequisites from the EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use).

Real-time tracking can now be booked on many routes

liveSensor: straightforward, complete offer for live tracking and logistics

Frankfurt, 09 May 2017

Lufthansa Cargo is now offering an optional tracking service, liveSensor. It allows cargo airline customers to keep an eye on their shipments over the course of the entire transport route, in real time. liveSensor can be used to not only determine where a shipment is, but also whether the transport conditions agreed are complied with. The tracking device also detects factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. Furthermore, liveSensor also records data such as alignment and vibration. Besides this, light sensors determine whether and when a shipment has been opened, which also serves as protection against theft. The offer is therefore of particular interest to customers with highly sensitive or valuable goods.

Thanks to liveSensor, the high quality of Lufthansa Cargo transport services can now be traced even more precisely.
Lufthansa Cargo is providing a flat-fee service that also covers all the logistics relating to the tracking devices: Delivery and collection of the device at the destination are included in the service. The linked tracking portal allows customers to apply user-defined settings, such as the modality of status messages or adjustments to temperature ranges. Virtual geographic boundaries, or geofences, can also be defined. This means that specific information is available in the event of damage or loss to a shipment. The tracking portal allows round-the-clock access to the data via a user-friendly web portal. liveSensor is available now for booking in 13 European countries as well as in the USA and will gradually be rolled out worldwide.


Lufthansa Cargo exhibits at transport logistic

Large exhibition with stage program at the trade fair in Munich in Hall B1.101/202

transport logistic once again opens its doors in Munich from 9 to 12 May. At the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management, Lufthansa Cargo is once more exhibiting this year’s newest developments and offers in the field of air cargo. However, direct dialog with customers, partners, and the interested public is an important part of Lufthansa Cargo’s trade fair appearance.

For the first time this year, Lufthansa Cargo is exhibiting their own stage program. From Tuesday to Thursday, you can expect exciting guests in the afternoon:

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 – 4:00 p.m.
“One plus one is more than two”
Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo and Jan Krems, President of United Cargo,
invite you to celebrate our Joint Venture agreement with cocktails, finger food and good music.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 – 3:30 p.m.
“Lufthansa Cargo and ANA – two years of a successful joint venture”
Jacqueline Casini, Director of Communications, Lufthansa Cargo in conversation with
Kiyohisa Nakazawa, Vice President of Cargo & Mail EMEA, ANA and Annette Kreuziger, Vice President of Eastern & Northern Europe, Lufthansa Cargo

Thursday, 11 May 2017 – 3:30 p.m.
“What’s new with Swiss WorldCargo?”
Alexandra Dahl, Head of Cargo Marketing & Communications, Swiss WorldCargo,
in conversation with Ashwin Bhat, Head of Cargo, Swiss WorldCargo

In addition, the Frankfurt freight carrier is presenting their own flight simulator, meaning visitors can wage their own flight path under the watchful eye of an experienced pilot.

“Lufthansa Cargo sees itself as well equipped to actively shape the future of the logistics industry, thanks to its innovations and processes,” comments Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. “We are looking forward to an intensive and constructive dialog with our customers and partners, so as to be able to provide them with the best solutions for their logistical challenges,” continues Gerber.

Lufthansa Cargo will also be prominently represented in Air Cargo Europe (forum IV in hall B2), taking place as part of the exhibition. Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product and Sales, has two appearances: On Wednesday at 10 a.m., he will be presenting on the topic of digitization – a dominating theme in logistics. On Thursday, he will participate in the panel discussion on the topic of zero-emission logistics, also starting at 10 a.m.


100,000 tonnes of cargo pass through Speed Gate

Having introduced optional mobile add-ons, Lufthansa Cargo now collects cargo directly from the customer warehouse, saving customers a whole lot of time.

Frankfurt, 25 April 2017

Lufthansa Cargo AG loaded the 100,000th tonne of cargo via Fraport AG’s Speed Gate at Frankfurt Airport yesterday, on 24 April 2017. Lufthansa Cargo AG uses Speed Gate at CargoCity South, Europe’s largest hub for global cargo logistics, since autumn 2014. Cargo is unloaded at four automated gates at the press of a button, security checked within the gates and subsequently brought directly to the aircraft.
“With optional mobile add-ons, such as our ‘Mobile Acceptance’ and ‘Customized Import’ services, we are putting Speed Gate to the best possible use and offering our customers a service tailored to them at the Frankfurt hub. We collect the cargo from the customer, either loose or on pallets. As part of the cargo acceptance service, we also check the built-up pallets directly at the customer warehouse. With the import service, we offer our customers the option of having their cargo delivered directly from the aircraft to their warehouse via Speed Gate. This makes waiting times a thing of the past”, said a proud Board Member Operations Sören Stark, before ceremoniously pressing the button to send the 100,000th tonne of cargo airside through Speed Gate. “Our customers have responded very well to both service offerings: 81 per cent of the cargo units built by our customers at CargoCity South, known as BUPs, were accepted via the mobile service in the latest quarter already.”
When Fraport AG opened Speed Gate almost four years ago at Frankfurt airport, the infrastructure was mainly aimed at cargo handlers without airside handling facilities. “In the meantime, we created an offering of benefit to many companies. With Speed Gate, we are helping to make the hub even faster and more agile for our cargo customers. We are pleased that Lufthansa Cargo, as our customer and partner, is using Speed Gate so intensively, with all of the resulting customer benefits. We firmly expect Speed Gate to become a more important tool for other cargo companies and their customers as well”, emphasised Anke Giesen, Executive Director Operations at Fraport AG.

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l.t.r.: Sören Stark, Board Member Operations Lufthansa Cargo AG and Anke Giesen, Executive Director Operations Fraport AG

United Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo Announce Cargo Joint Venture Agreement

Customers will benefit from easy access to a comprehensive combined network, coordinated handling processes and time savings

United Airlines (UAL) and Lufthansa Cargo have signed a joint venture agreement for extensive cargo cooperation on routes between the U.S. and Europe. The cargo joint venture partners plan to provide a wide range of benefits to customers by cooperating on the availability of their capacity and aligning booking and handling processes.

The carriers’ joint venture route network will provide greater flexibility and time savings to customers with thousands of new route combinations and more than 600 direct connections per week between the U.S. and Europe. The combined network offering creates additional benefits through access from either partner’s booking channels along with coordinated handling processes and transfers at numerous stations.

"The Lufthansa-United cargo joint venture will generate numerous benefits for our customers because our continental and transatlantic networks, our hubs and our fleet complement each other effectively,” said Peter Gerber, Lufthansa Cargo CEO.

"We are excited about the benefits that will be generated by our teams’ cooperation and our combined capacities,” said Jan Krems, President of United Cargo. “Cargo customers will appreciate the opportunities for quicker and easier shipping between key locations in the U.S. and Europe."

The contract signing initiates the implementation phase of the joint venture project, during which the carriers will align their cargo IT systems and business processes with the goal to implement Business Day 1 later this year.

New Management at AeroLogic

Josef Moser and Wolfgang Raebiger to be appointed new Managing Directors of DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo joint venture as of 1 May, 2017.

As of 1 May 2017, Josef Moser, previously Head of Flight Operations and Crew Training, will take over as Chief Operations Officer and Accountable Manager at AeroLogic GmbH. At the same time, Wolfgang Raebiger, previously Captain and Head of Flight Operations at Lufthansa Cargo, will take over as new Chief Financial Officer in the senior management at AeroLogic.
The previous Managing Director Ulf Weber will be leaving the company at his own request on 30 April to pursue a new challenge. The shareholders would like to thank him for his great work and wish him the best of success in his future endeavors. Markus Niedermeyer, who was also part of the Management as Authorized Officer, will remain his role as Head of Administration for several months in order to ensure a smooth transition, before taking over a new management position at Lufthansa Cargo.

Among the leaders in climate protection

Lufthansa Cargo a finalist for the German CSR Award with OMEGA Big Data Tool

Frankfurt, 06 April 2017

Lufthansa’s cargo arm was named one of two runners-up in the “CO2 avoidance as a contribution to climate protection” category with its “OMEGA – using big data to reduce CO2” project. OMEGA is a tool that uses data collected during flights to make future flights more efficient. By comparing projected, actual and optimal values, it provides key information for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Pilots can use the analysis to optimally prepare for a flight and identify any possible deviations from the plan early on. The software was developed by software specialist Aviaso together with Lufthansa. Special applications have been added for Lufthansa Cargo, such as in the area of trim evaluation. Last year, Lufthansa received the German Aviation Innovation Award in the Emissions Reduction category for the OMEGA tool.
The winners in a total of six categories were announced in Ludwigsburg on 4 April at an awards ceremony held as part of the 2017 German CSR Forum. “As an airline, Lufthansa Cargo has a particular responsibility towards the environment and sets itself ambitious environmental targets accordingly. We are delighted that one of our measures aimed at reducing CO2 was recognised through this nomination”, said Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management at Lufthansa Cargo. This is the ninth year the German CSR Award has been conferred. Together with the German Federal Government’s CSR Award and the German Sustainability Award, it is the highest award for corporate social responsibility available to companies in Germany.
With its wide-ranging catalogue of measures aimed at reducing its freighter fleet’s CO2 emissions, Lufthansa Cargo has made it possible for its customers to lower the annual CO2 emissions relating to their shipments – and namely by 1.35 per cent per year on average since 2005. To take an example, a five-tonne shipment from Frankfurt to New York would have generated 17.03 tonnes of CO2 in the Lufthansa Cargo freighter network in 2005. By 2015, the level of emissions for the same weight on the same route had been reduced by 2.28 tonnes of CO2 to 14.74 tonnes. In the first year of OMEGA, Lufthansa Cargo already implemented a handful of additional measures for further reducing CO2 emissions per transported tonne, totalling over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Another dozen or more specific and very promising ideas are currently being investigated and evaluated.
Lufthansa Cargo wants to reduce specific CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by 2020, taking the 2005 level as the basis. This target should be met through all kinds of operational and technical measures. Significant CO2 savings have already been achieved in recent years through various measures, including a fleet modernisation and reduction in onboard weight.

To find out exactly how OMEGA works, read on here.
For information on environmental management at Lufthansa Cargo, please click here.


Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center expansions have begun

More capacity for temperature-sensitive cargo in Frankfurt imminent

Frankfurt, 22 March 2017

Lufthansa Cargo has kicked off the development of the Cool Center at the Frankfurt hub. “We’ve gained a great deal of experience in the worldwide transport of sensitive medications. CEIV certification from IATA has recently highlighted this. The excellent collaboration with numerous shippers from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries has prompted demand for our service to grow consistently. We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers even more capacity and flexibility in our Cool Center as early as late summer“, said Board Member Operations Sören Stark, in the course of the ground-breaking ceremony.

Following completion, as of late summer of this year, 8,000 square meters will be available for cool chain cargo. After the extension, the entire infrastructure of the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center will be further improved. It was opened in December 2011 and currently offers 4,500 square meters in four different temperature-controlled chiller rooms (2 to 8°C, 15 to 25°C, -12 to -20°C and 5 to 15°C) as well as a deep-freeze room and direct access to the apron. As a result, it is currently the largest hub for temperature-sensitive freight in Europe.

In late 2016 the IATA airline association awarded the CEIV seal of approval for pharmaceutical transport to Lufthansa Cargo and the Cool Center. Lufthansa Cargo improves the service continuously, taking into account the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as well as all the prerequisites from the EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use).

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l.t.r.: Jörg Bodenröder Senior-Director of Handling Specials Products, Sören Stark, Board Member Operations, Karin Krestan, Head of Process & Operations Team and Mohammad Ali Seiraffi,  Vice President of Handling Frankfurt

Supervisory Board extends contract of Board Member Products & Sales

Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech confirmed for a further five years

Frankfurt, 21 March 2017

Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech has been appointed Board Member Products & Sales of Lufthansa Cargo AG for a further five years. The company’s Supervisory Board extended his contract early and unanimously until 30 November 2022. As part of corporate-wide restructuring, von Hoensbroech had re-positioned his department at the start of the year to increase efficiency and ensure even greater flexibility and closer customer relations.
Von Hoensbroech has been working for the Group since 2005 and has been a member of the Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG since December 2014.
The 46 year-old was previously Commercial Manager Frankfurt of Lufthansa Passage and was responsible there for network planning, booking control and commercial management of the passenger business at the airline’s largest hub.

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Lufthansa Cargo honours Premium Road Partners

Superb cooperation with forwarders recognised

Frankfurt, 09 March 2017

Lufthansa Cargo AG has honoured its most important forwarding partners for the first time. Good, reliable cooperation between logistics companies and Lufthansa’s cargo arm has been recognised with the highest accolade – Premium Road Partner. Besides reliability and flexibility, punctuality was also a key criterion in the selection process.
Some 600,000 tonnes of cargo are transported via the Road Feeder Service each year. With 65,000 scheduled trips in Europe and 26,000 outside of Europe, the logistics firms honoured had already proven themselves to be reliable and strategically important partners last year. New contracts governing a guaranteed rate of acceptance between Lufthansa Cargo AG and the forwarders were signed just in 2016. The certificates now awarded underscore the intention to extend the cooperation in 2017 and see it continue into the long term.
Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product & Sales at Lufthansa Cargo, emphasised the importance of such cooperation: “We have been offering our customers top quality in the area of road feeder services as well for many years. This is made possible through close, reliable cooperation with our partners. I am extremely pleased to be able to bestow on the best of these the title of Premium Road Partner to Lufthansa Cargo today. We all share the goal of offering our customers the best service at all times. And we want to continue down this successful road together.”
Lufthansa Cargo’s Road Feeder Service acts as an air cargo transport replacement service, organising the transport of air cargo shipments with an air waybill via truck. It covers a substantial part of the Lufthansa Cargo global transport process chain. Similar to flight operations, RFS schedules are included in the flight schedule. With scheduled services to some 115 stations, this makes Lufthansa Cargo the market leader in Europe.

Press photos can be found here

Learn more about our partner program

Greener transports

Lufthansa Cargo named Preferred Carrier by DHL Global Forwarding with four “green aircraft” and awarded GoGreen Carrier Certificate

DHL Global Forwarding has evaluated the environmental performance of Lufthansa Cargo and other airlines. Lufthansa Cargo was the only airline to score full points, achieving top marks in all four of the GoGreen Carrier Rating categories and receiving four “green aircraft” for its efforts. It was rated according to the following criteria: the specific CO2 emissions trend against an internal DHL benchmark (“Carbon Efficiency”). Commitment to harmonising CO2 calculation and reporting standards and to other environmental projects (“Engagement”). The level of detail and quality of the CO2 efficiency data provided (“Transparency”), and also the degree of trust and cooperation (“Cooperation”).

“With its GoGreen environmental programme, DHL is a sustainability pioneer in the logistics industry. We are extremely proud to have achieved these excellent ratings and taken top spot in the ranking”, said Bettina Jansen, Head of Environmental Management at Lufthansa Cargo. Both companies have enjoyed close cooperation and a trusting relationship for some time now, involving the regular exchange of information on fuel efficiency and emissions and joint activities aimed at harmonising CO2 calculation methods.

“Sustainability and environmental management are key criteria for us in our cooperation with logistics partners. That is why DHL launched the GoGreen Carrier Rating programme”, said Ingo-Alexander Rahn, Global Head of Air Freight at DHL Global Forwarding. “This is the first time that air cargo was included in the rating, with Lufthansa Cargo taking top spot straight off the bat, deservedly earning the right to join the ranks of our Preferred Carriers.”

Lufthansa Cargo takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and aims to reduce its specific CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by 2020 – taking 2005 as the baseline. The cargo airline’s environmental management system has been ISO 14001 certified worldwide since 2015.

Airborne tokens of love

Lufthansa Cargo is flying millions of red roses for Valentine’s Day

When roses travel around the world, Valentine’s Day must be around the corner: people from all over the world will declare their love with flowers next Tuesday (14 February). For this special day, Lufthansa Cargo is currently filling entire freighters with these long-stemmed beauties. Lufthansa’s cargo arm will transport some 1,000 tonnes of these delicate goods this year overall. This equates to around 20 million individual flowers or the load capacity of 12 flights with MD-11 freighters.

Lufthansa Cargo connects the flower-growing countries with the Frankfurt hub several times a week. And special charter flights are arranged in addition to the scheduled connections in February of each year in order to serve the high demand for Valentine’s Day – with connections from Quito and Nairobi to Frankfurt this time around. Europe’s leading cargo airline has developed the special Fresh/td product, and equipped its freighters with state-of-the-art technology, specifically for the transportation of perishable goods such as flowers and food.

The roses usually begin their journey in Kenya or South America. These countries have the ideal climate for cultivating these flowers all year round, offering the best growing conditions. Sophisticated logistics ensure that the roses are transported to their destination as quickly and carefully as possible from where they were cultivated. The roses are harvested several times a day at the flower farms and then immediately placed in water and cooled. Following sorting and packing, the flowers are taken directly to the airport and loaded onto the freighters, where they are kept at the perfect temperature in the cargo hold. The roses only remain in Frankfurt Airport for a short while. Just a few hours after landing, they are transported onwards from this city on the Main river into the hands of many lovers all across Europe.

Lufthansa Cargo in dialogue with customers

More than 160 industry experts hosted in Frankfurt

“We want to grow again, and profitably so”, emphasised Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Products & Sales at Europe’s leading cargo airline, last Wednesday at the Lufthansa Cargo in Dialogue event. More than 160 logistics industry representatives accepted Lufthansa Cargo’s invitation to exchange experiences in Frankfurt over two days. After a challenging 2016, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board Peter Gerber is also hopeful and optimistic about the new year and the sector: “We are on the right track for the future. Lufthansa Cargo is one of the key players in the air cargo industry and will remain so.”

With this in mind, investment will be made in the Frankfurt hub and the other pillars of the Cargo Evolution strategy will be advanced. Examples of these include the new product structure with the recently launched td.Basic and myAirCargo products, both of which can only be booked online, and cooperation with other airlines. Quality and digitisation are right at the top of the agenda – demands placed on Lufthansa itself, but also on the customer.

Cathay Pacific Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo now under one roof for Frankfurt cargo handling

Cathay Pacific Cargo is relocating its local cargo handling activities in Frankfurt to the Lufthansa Cargo terminal as part of the cooperation agreement between the two airlines

The relocation of Cathay Pacific Cargo's freight handling into the Lufthansa Cargo Center (LCC) in Frankfurt is a core element of the Joint Business Agreement (JBA) that was announced in May 2016 between Cathay Pacific Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo. The merging of freight handling for imports and exports was concluded on 17 January 2017 and customers of both airlines will benefit.

As part of the cooperation agreement, both airlines are closely working together on network planning and sales as well as IT and service expansion. Both partners plan to transport the first joint shipments as of 1 February 2017 – initially from Hong Kong to Europe. The ability to also book eastbound shipments from Europe to Hong Kong will then follow in 2018.

Simon Large, Director Cargo at Cathay Pacific, comments: “Cathay Pacific Cargo’s move into the Lufthansa Cargo Center is another important step in furthering our collaboration. In addition to providing more direct connections and greater flexibility, we can now offer our customers in Frankfurt the same handling standards that will lead to more efficiency and time savings.”

“We are excited to have reached a further milestone within the partnership, sharing the freight handling station in Frankfurt. This means our customers at the Frankfurt site are now benefiting from the advantages of our cooperation,” explains Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.

The joint activities are carried out in full compliance with all applicable laws, including the competition rules of the European Union and Hong Kong.

Weather conditions in Frankfurt back to normal

Weather conditions in Frankfurt have mostly normalized.

Frankfurt, 13 January 2017

Weather conditions in Frankfurt have mostly normalized. For the remainder of the day, merely minor after-effects on the flight schedule may occure. Flight operations are going to be fully back to normal by Saturday, 14 January. All flights will operate as scheduled. You may find the current status of your booked shipments in the eTracking-System.

We regret any inconvenience the weather conditions might have had on your shipments.


Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center to be expanded

Considerable enlargement announced for coming year on fifth anniversary

Frankfurt, 6 December 2016

Lufthansa Cargo is to significantly expand the Cool Center at its home hub in Frankfurt: “After five years of success, we want more. That is why we intend to further upgrade and significantly expand our Cool Center in the coming year”, said Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Lufthansa Cargo Board Member Product & Sales.

The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center was completed in December 2011 after just six months of construction. It now covers 4,500 square metres and boasts four cold-storage rooms kept at different temperatures (2 to 8 °C, 15 to 25 °C, -12 to -20 °C and 5 to 15 °C) as well as a deep-freeze room and direct access to the apron. This means it is already Europe’s largest airline hub for temperature-sensitive cargo.

It should cover 8,000 square metres from late summer 2017. Construction work on the 3,500-square-metre expansion is due to begin in February 2017. Besides the expansion, all of the Cool Center infrastructure will also be upgraded. “The expansion is driven by continuous growth in temperature-sensitive cargo. We are pleased that our customers are benefiting from our comprehensive experience. We want to be their first choice in the future as well”, said von Hoensbroech.

Airline association IATA recently awarded Lufthansa Cargo and the Cool Center the CEIV seal for pharmaceutical transports. Lufthansa Cargo is continually improving its service, taking into account the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and all EU GDP guidelines (Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use). Since summer 2016, Lufthansa Cargo has also been offering its customers maximum transparency with its “Cool Control Tower” monitoring solutions for temperature-sensitive goods.

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Lufthansa Cargo and the German Red Cross sign cooperation agreement

Closer cooperation on the transport of aid as air cargo in the event of humanitarian disasters

Frankfurt, 01 December 2016

When disaster strikes, the assistance provided must be fast, flexible and effective. Lufthansa Cargo and the German Red Cross humanitarian aid organisation have now signed an agreement that will put their cooperation on global aid transports on an even more efficient footing for the future. Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo, and Christian Reuter, Secretary General of the German Red Cross, signed the framework agreement today, Thursday, 1 December, at Frankfurt Airport. This cooperation will considerably simplify and accelerate the preparation of aid flights. This will facilitate the provision of effective support and supplies to those in need during crisis situations in which aid is required quickly.
“Thanks to the new cooperation, we will be able to transport German Red Cross aid supplies even faster to disaster zones. When every minute counts, strong partners who can work together optimally are needed. We are delighted when we can use our logistics expertise to help get direct assistance to people in need”, said Peter Gerber. “As Germany’s largest humanitarian aid organisation, we operate in more than 50 countries. We are really delighted to have Lufthansa Cargo on board, a partner we can rely on in a disaster”, added Christian Reuter, Secretary General of the German Red Cross.
Lufthansa Cargo has already helped aid organisations to transport relief supplies for disasters time and again in the past. Transports by air play an important role if not enough of the goods needed, such as medications or drinking water treatment systems, can be sourced in the country in question or if they are of insufficient quality. The disaster relief organisations also benefit from Lufthansa Cargo’s many years of experience in the area of charters. With Network-on-demand, Lufthansa’s cargo arm can transport aid shipments quickly, professionally and flexibly to all destinations within and outside of the Lufthansa network.

Please find here the press photos


LCAG_161201_DRK_1.jpg – f.l.t.r. Christian Reuter, Secretary General of the German Red Cross and Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa
Cargo in front of MD-11 aircraft
LCAG_161201_DRK_2.jpg – f.l.t.r. Christian Reuter, Secretary General of the German Red Cross and Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa

Pilots’ strikes suspended for Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lufthansa Cargo freighters will operate as scheduled

Frankfurt, 30 November 2016

The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has suspended their strike actions at Lufthansa for Thursday, 1 December. On Thursday Lufthansa passenger flight operations should proceed according to schedule. However, due to the strikes on the preceding days, there may still be the a few flight cancellations. Lufthansa is publishing updated flight schedules on www.LH.com.

We deeply regret any inconvenience the pilots’ union strike may cause. Lufthansa Cargo staff worldwide will do their utmost to keep the potential inconvenience to customers at a minimum. Affected cargo pieces will automatically be rebooked on flights of the updated flight schedule and on Road Feeder Services.

You will find updates at www.lufthansa-cargo.com as well as information on the status of your booked shipments in the eTracking-System.


Lufthansa Cargo repositions sales

By year end, numerous new management positions will be filled

Frankfurt, 18 November 2016

Lufthansa Cargo is reorganising their sales structure. In the future, the company will be divided into eight business units, instead of the previous four. By doing so, the company removes one management level. "We want to be as close to our customers as possible", says Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product and Sales. "Our new organisational structure creates shorter communication paths, even more direct customer contact and greater flexibility."
The previous business areas, namely Europe, Africa, America and Asia/Pacific will be redefined. Sales in Germany remain broadly unchanged and will be headed up by Florian Pfaff as before. In the future, there will also be the new regions of West Europe (headed by Thomas Egenolf), North and East Europe (by Annette Kreuziger), Middle East and Africa (Frank Beilner), USA and Canada (Bernhard Kindelbacher), Latin America and Caribbean (Gunnar Löhr), North and North East Asia (Frank Naeve) as well as South and South East Asia (also Frank Naeve; who is to fill both roles). The eight regional managers will report directly to Board Member Product & Sales von Hoensbroech.
Other areas of the company will be restructured, too. "Commercial & Quality Management" will go under the leadership of Heide Hoffmann, "Production Control" will be managed by Dr Christian Lehr, "Global Handling Development & Solutions" is to be under the control of Byung-Hee Glugla, "Global Handling Customer Service" will be run by Tanja Eibich, "Industry Development & Product Management" will be headed up by Alexander Kohnen and "Product Development" will be under the management of Stefan Frankenhauser.
The restructuring of sales will take place as part of the Cargo Evolution company strategy, which aims to position Lufthansa Cargo as the firsts choice for customers and partners in the air cargo sector.

Lufthansa Cargo continues cooperation with startups

Contract signed with RocketSpace for participation in next round of Logistics Tech Accelerator programme

Lufthansa Cargo is continuing its cooperation with RocketSpace on the Logistics Tech Accelerator programme. In 2015, Lufthansa’s logistics subsidiary was the world’s first cargo airline to take part in the new programme. US company RocketSpace is helping selected young technology companies and innovation drivers bring their ideas and visions of the future to life.

“Digitisation will have a decisive impact on the future of the logistics industry. Lufthansa Cargo is driving this change. We are pleased to take part in this promising programme again as part of our innovation process and are thereby taking advantage of this opportunity to further expand our network with innovative market players in the digital field”, said Boris Hueske, Vice President Digitization at Lufthansa Cargo.

Under this programme, Lufthansa Cargo is offering developers of digital logistics solutions an insight into the industry so that they can quickly bring their ideas to life. “We are expecting shared innovative solutions which we can ideally make ready for the market”, said Hueske.

Interested startups from the logistics sector can read about the conditions of participation and requirements and apply by 16 November at http://info.rocketspace.com/logistics-tech-accelerator.

Lufthansa Cargo to fly Beaujolais Nouveau to Japan

700 tonnes of the young French wine set to fly with Lufthansa’s cargo arm / First shipment to Japan on 28 October

Frankfurt, 27 Oct 2016

Japanese wine lovers have circled 17 November on their calendars in red: on the third Thursday of each November, that year’s Beaujolais Nouveau traditionally goes on sale. And not just in France, its country of origin. The young wine is an export hit, with almost half of the wine produced having left the country in 2015.
Lufthansa Cargo is set to transport around 700 tonnes of “Bojo” to Japan by mid-November – both in the lower decks of Lufthansa passenger aircraft and in the storage compartments of its freighters. The bottles will first be conveyed via Road Feeder Service from Lyon or Paris to Frankfurt, before being loaded onto aircraft for the journey to Tokyo (NRT), Osaka (KIX) and Nagoya (NGO).
The first shipment will travel to the Land of the Rising Sun on 28 October on board Lufthansa flight LH740. The wine is officially allowed to be exported to other countries from 8 a.m. that day. The Boeing 747-400 with the first two lower deck pallets is scheduled to land in Osaka at 7:20 a.m. the following day. And then it’s a matter of waiting – until 17 November.

Environmental partnership on track to save 20,000 tonnes of CO2

DB Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo look back on five successful years for the environment

Frankfurt, 18 October 2016

After five years of a strategic partnership between transportation and logistics company DB Schenker and air freight specialist Lufthansa Cargo, both companies have already saved 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Another 10,000 tonnes should follow by 2020. This intention has been endorsed by the Carbon Reduction Agreement entered into by the partners last year.
“As a logistics service provider, we bear a particular responsibility when it comes to planning and implementing our emissions-intensive transports. Some 40 per cent of all direct and indirect CO2 emissions at DB Schenker result from air cargo. Therefore, it was and is important to us that we engage in environmental protection together with Lufthansa Cargo and achieve our climate protection goals”, said Andrea Dorothea Schön, who is responsible for climate protection and CO2 controlling at DB Schenker.

According to Bettina Jansen, Lufthansa Cargo’s Head of Environmental Management, Lufthansa Cargo’s mixed freighter fleet only needs 1.89 litres of fuel on average to transport 100 kilograms a distance of 100 kilometres. “We are putting in an enormous effort to continuously reduce our fleet’s fuel consumption. Our five new Boeing 777Fs are the most efficient freighters in their class. In addition to this, we are using particularly lightweight containers, polishing even our engine blades for maximum efficiency and driving the digitisation of air cargo documents together with our partners. We are a forerunner in many areas and innovations will facilitate even further reductions in weight and consumption.”

 “Leading air freight companies such as Lufthansa Cargo are playing a pivotal role in our improved environmental performance. Transparent emissions reporting is one key aspect. A sustainable, long-term business relationship is based on mutual trust and working in a spirit of partnership to achieve quality and environmental goals. The agreements are milestones as they allow us to incorporate sustainability aspects into business relationships”, said Andrea Dorothea Schön.


Lufthansa Cargo freighter named “Marhaba Egypt”

MD-11F freighter becomes a flying ambassador

Frankfurt, 16 Oct 2016

A Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F freighter now bears the name “Marhaba Egypt” and will carry this message with it around the world. The aircraft with registration D-ALCF received its name at Cairo International Airport from the Egyptian Director of Civil Aviation, Hani Al-Adawy, the German Ambassador to Egypt, Mr Julius Georg Luy and Mr Sören Stark, Lufthansa Cargo board member Operations. The eventful ceremony featured a classic Water Salute from the Cairo International Airport fire brigade.

The aircraft’s name – “Marhaba, Egypt” – underscores Egypt’s role as an important market in airfreight transport. In a statement Sören Stark said: “The greeting ‘Marhaba, Egypt’ stands for the close connection between Lufthansa Cargo and Egypt. We are proud of being so well positioned in this key market with more than a dozen passenger and three freighter flights per week.”

The “Marhaba, Egypt” is already the eleventh Lufthansa Cargo aircraft to be renamed. The names of the freighters are based on the winning concept of an open creative competition that Lufthansa Cargo organized in 2013 to choose names for the aircraft in its entire fleet. From the more than 40,000 potential aircraft names submitted to Lufthansa Cargo within six weeks, a jury selected the main concept “Say hello around the world.”

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Lufthansa Cargo and Cathay Pacific Cargo now under one roof for Hong Kong ground handling

Europe’s largest air cargo carrier moves its local freight handling into the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal in Hong Kong as part of the carriers’ joint business agreement

Frankfurt, 07 Oct 2016

As a key milestone step of the joint business agreement (JBA) between Lufthansa Cargo and Cathay Pacific Cargo, which was announced in May, Europe’s largest air cargo carrier has moved its local freight handling into the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT) in Hong Kong. The move, which took effect on 1 October, benefits customers of both carriers, with one single location for export drop-off and import delivery arrangements.

As part of the JBA, both cargo carriers are working closely together on network planning, as well as sales, IT and service enhancements, and plan to transport the first shipment under the cooperation framework from 1 February 2017 – initially from Hong Kong to Europe. The ability to also book eastbound shipments from Europe to Hong Kong will then follow in 2018.

“We are very pleased to share a handling location in Hong Kong. There will be many advantages for our customers and it represents an important milestone for the start of our partnership at the beginning of the year,” said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “The teams of both airlines can now work on the optimal coordination of their handling processes.”

Simon Large, Director Cargo at Cathay Pacific, said: “Bringing Hong Kong, the world’s busiest international air cargo hub closer to Europe, and thereby strengthening one of the world’s great trade lanes is what our cooperation is all about. Lufthansa Cargo’s move into the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal is an important first step. Thanks to the strengths of our respective networks, our customers will soon benefit from more direct connections, greater flexibility and time savings.”

The joint activities will be carried out in full compliance with all applicable laws, including the competition rules of the European Union and Hong Kong.

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Jacqueline Casini to take charge of Corporate Communications at Lufthansa Cargo

Jacqueline Casini (44) will become Head of Corporate Communications at Lufthansa Cargo effective November 2016.

Frankfurt, 23 September 2016

The trained economist is currently responsible for Corporate Communications at the Erwin Hymer Group. At Lufthansa Cargo, Casini succeeds Michael Göntgens, who is leaving the company after more than six years on 30 September to become Group Manager Corporate Communications at Adam Opel AG. Besides PR, internal communications and marketing communications, the environmental management of Europe’s leading cargo airline will also fall within the Corporate Communications remit in the future.


“I am very much looking forward to working with Jacqueline Casini”, said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “With her extensive experience, she is sure to further develop communication at Lufthansa Cargo.”


Jacqueline Casini has been responsible for internal and external communications at the Erwin Hymer Group, Europe’s largest motor home and caravan manufacturer, since 2014. Prior to that, she supported market launches of various international companies in Germany as a senior marketing and communications specialist. Between 2007 and 2011, Casini was Head of Marketing at Spanish DEKRA subsidiary AT4 wireless.

Lufthansa Cargo greets Canada with “Hello, Bonjour Canada”.

MD-11F freighter becomes a flying ambassador.

A Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F freighter now bears the name “Hello, Bonjour Canada” and will carry this message with it around the world. The aircraft with registration D-ALCI received its name at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada, from Bernhard Kindelbacher, Vice President for the Americas at Lufthansa Cargo, as well as Consul General Peter Fahrenholtz, the German Consul in Canada. This eventful ceremony featured a classic Water Salute from Toronto Pearson Fire and Emergency Services and the traditional Champagne Baptism. Also, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – also known as the Mounties – took part in the naming ceremony.

The aircraft’s name – “Hello, Bonjour Canada” – underscores Canada’s role as an important market in airfreight transport. In a statement Bernhard Kindelbacher said: “The greeting ‘Hello, Bonjour Canada’ stands for the close connection between Lufthansa Cargo and Canada. Both countries − Germany and Canada − look back on a long shared history. Since the earliest days of the discovery of the ‘New World’ up through today, trade between both countries has stood for efficiency and speed. We are proud of being so well positioned in this key and highly competitive market with more than 30 passenger and two freighter flights per week.”

Lufthansa has been serving customers in Canada since as early as 1956. Just one year after Lufthansa’s first North Atlantic flight to New York, the company began flying to Montreal. Since then, it has continuously expanded its flight offerings. In 1973, Toronto was added to the flight plan, followed by Vancouver ten years later. Lufthansa Cargo has served the country’s air cargo needs by flying freighters there since 2008.

The “Hello, Bonjour Canada” is already the tenth Lufthansa Cargo aircraft to be renamed. The names of the freighters are based on the winning concept of an open creative competition that Lufthansa Cargo organized in 2013 to choose names for the aircraft in its entire fleet. From the more than 40,000 potential aircraft names submitted to Lufthansa Cargo within six weeks, a jury selected the main concept “Say hello around the world.” In keeping with the concept, all Lufthansa Cargo freighters will be christened from now on with greetings in some 20 languages.

Lufthansa Cargo awarded CEIV certification for pharmaceuticals transport.

IATA honours the cargo airline – pharmaceutical sector to be further developed.

Lufthansa Cargo has been awarded the CEIV seal by airline association IATA. Over recent months, as part of a complex procedure, independent specialists have reviewed the airline's processes when transporting pharmaceuticals using the Cool/td Active and Cool/td Passive products and have assessed Lufthansa Cargo as exhibiting superior reliability and expertise. As such, Lufthansa Cargo is now one of only six airlines worldwide to have received this certification for processes throughout the global route network. The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center in Frankfurt was also successfully certified. With the 4500 sq. metre-building, Lufthansa Cargo ensures that pharmaceutical shipments are handled reliably and quickly at its home airport.

“Pharmaceutical shipments are extremely challenging and demand maximum reliability from airlines. Adhering to the required temperature is crucial to ensure medication can be used as planned following shipping”, comments Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo. “Being one of the first airlines worldwide to receive IATA's new international certificate is the fruit of the work we have done on our Cool/td product over the last few years”.

With CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics), the IATA airline association has developed a global standard for pharmaceuticals transport for the very first time. “In achieving IATA CEIV Pharma certification across its global network, Lufthansa Cargo joins an elite group of six airlines whose customers can have even more confidence that their pharmaceuticals will be delivered in impeccable condition”, said Glyn Hughes, IATA Global Head of Cargo. “IATA has created CEIV Pharma to help airlines, handlers and forwarders to be compliant with international regulations and to create one global standard for transporting pharmaceuticals.” 

Temperature-controlled shipments are becoming an ever more important segment of the air cargo market for special products. But the demands placed on airlines are high. The temperatures required must be adhered to and documented throughout the entire transport chain. Because of this, Lufthansa Cargo has invested heavily in technology, infrastructure and processes over the last few years. Together with Dokasch, the company even developed the Opticooler – a refrigerated container, which functions exceptionally reliably due to compressor technology (with no need for dry ice). The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center, which opened in 2011 offering direct access onto the apron, is one of the most innovative hubs for handling temperature-sensitive cargo across the world. Four cold-storage rooms kept at different temperatures as well as a deep-freeze room ensure that the required temperature is guaranteed for each and every piece of cargo.

“We continue to see good growth opportunities in pharmaceutical shipping”, Alexis von Hoensbroech clarifies. “CEIV certification by IATA – combined with further innovations and product improvements – will help make us an even more attractive proposition to our customers from the pharmaceutical industry. That's why we will continue to invest in our infrastructure and processes.”

Lufthansa Cargo: Supervisory Board extends Peter Gerber’s contract

Cargo airline’s CEO confirmed for another five years

Peter Gerber will lead Lufthansa Cargo as CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board for another five years. The company’s Supervisory Board has unanimously agreed an early extension of his contract to 30 April 2022. Lufthansa Cargo has initiated a comprehensive restructuring process in recent months aimed at achieving a sustainable increase in the airline’s profitability once again. Peter Gerber has been CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG since May 2014. Before that, the 52-year-old was on the Executive Board of Lufthansa Passenger Airlines, where he headed up the Human Resources, IT & Services division. Gerber was Board Member for Finance and Human Resources at Lufthansa Cargo between 2009 and 2012.

Lufthansa Cargo takes over time:matters

Financial investor Aheim Capital and management sell their shares in the express logistics company

Frankfurt, 09 August 2016

Lufthansa Cargo took over complete ownership of the time:matters Group, experts in global sameday delivery and time-critical international spare part logistics. The cargo airline, which spun off time:matters as a subsidiary in 2002, had already held a 49 per cent share. The majority 51 per cent shareholding had been held by financial investor Aheim Capital and time:matters management. Lufthansa Cargo and time:matters had already been cooperating successfully on express products. The takeover is in line with the Lufthansa Group’s “7 to 1: new concepts for growth” strategy.

“time:matters has established itself in recent years as the leading specialist for sameday delivery and emergency logistics in Europe”, said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “With time:matters, we are aiming to grow our business in the special segment as well. Our focus is all about maximum reliability, exceptional service and customised solutions", said Gerber.  time:matters is to be maintained as an independent company.

The CEO of time:matters, Franz-Joseph Miller, added: “With its technology and service platform, hardly any other logistics company can match time:matters in terms of service and flexibility. Since 2006, we have more than tripled our revenue to over 65 million euros.” He also believes there is enormous potential for further growth in the segment.

Peter Blumenwitz from Aheim Capital added: “After around ten years of intensive cooperation with the time:matters management team, we are pleased to be in a position to hand over to Lufthansa Cargo a company which, with its employees, is among the most innovative and creative in its industry and therefore represents an excellent platform for future air freight logistics concepts for the Lufthansa Group.”

Brand new air cargo service for private customers

Thanks to “myAirCargo”, private clients can book with Lufthansa Cargo too

Frankfurt, 08 August 2016

Whether it’s an urgent move, exotic antique or a larger-than-usual sports accessory, Lufthansa Cargo now makes it possible for private customers to send bulky goods internationally by air.

This means that Lufthansa’s logistics subsidiary organises complete transport from door to door – taking care of customs formalities on the way. As such, large objects can be sent halfway around the world with minimum effort – for example, now you can send home sizeable souvenirs from your exotic holiday.

The new offer is only available via internet and can be booked online in just five steps. As part of this process, the price for shipment as well as the expected customs fees are displayed directly and can be easily settled by credit card.

“We are excited that private clients can now benefit directly from our many years of air cargo experience. By doing so, we are occupying an innovative niche in the market between postal services and forwarders. Book air cargo quickly and easily online, at first hand – only we can do that”, said Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.

The new “myAirCargo” service is available immediately, between almost all European countries and the USA. In coming months, Lufthansa Cargo is to extend the offer to countless other countries.


Horses in seventh heaven

Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa First Class are becoming an official Premium Partner of the German Equestrian Federation (FN)

Frankfurt, 05 August 2016

Lufthansa Cargo can look back on more than 30 years of experience in the transportation of jumpers, dressage horses and racehorses. With this offer, the freight subsidiary of Lufthansa will, in the future, be a Premium Partner of the German Equestrian Federation, the umbrella organisation of all breeders, riders, drivers and vaulters in Germany.
“For us, the new partnership with the Equestrian Federation is also a way of honouring our many years of expertise in horse transportation. After all, the FN is the biggest equestrian sport association in the world. We are pleased to be bringing our extensive experience to the cooperation project and also providing a first-class service,” explains Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo.
Lufthansa Cargo can be relied on as the leading logistics partner for transporting horses.
The partnership between the German Equestrian Federation, Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa First Class strengthens the partners’ position in the high-end lifestyle segment, thus expanding the airline group’s premium offer. The Lufthansa First Class offer is one of the best products in the travel industry. For example, the Lufthansa First Class Terminal is certified with a 5-Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Lufthansa First Class offers additional possibilities for individual travel and is a reliable partner for a sophisticated lifestyle. In Europe and North America, passengers travelling with Lufthansa Private Jet benefit from a seamless connection to Lufthansa or Swiss First Class intercontinental flights.
The highest standards in top-class travel apply for people and also for animals. As an addition to the Lufthansa First Class offer, all animal passengers travelling with Lufthansa Cargo are now also given a perfect full service. This begins with appropriate housing in the many stables at the
Frankfurt Airport gateway, and continues with transportation in special horse boxes developed together with breeders and vets on to intensive supervision by trained staff in the air and on the ground. This ensures that the animals are given the best possible attention at all times. With the “Frankfurt Animal Lounge”, Lufthansa Cargo also provides one of the most state-of-the-art animal care facilities at an airport anywhere in the world – a kind of “First Class Lounge” for animal passengers.
“Lufthansa has always been a top-class airline company which, whenever necessary, takes us safely and comfortably to anywhere imaginable in the world,” said FN Secretary General Soenke Lauterbach. “For top-class sport, Lufthansa has been an important partner for many years. We are all the more pleased that the German Equestrian Federation can now also benefit from an individual partnership with Lufthansa.”
The partnership is for a longer-term cooperation and, from now onwards, will cover joint marketing activities, projects and synergies connected with equestrian sport.
Lufthansa Cargo operates a route network with around 300 destinations worldwide. The international name is Fédération Équestre Nationale, or FN for short. With a total of 689,941 members, the FN is the biggest equestrian sport association in the world.

New online offering for standard shipments

td.Basic offers Lufthansa quality for particularly price-sensitive cargo

Frankfurt, 19 July 2016

Lufthansa Cargo is going on the offensive in the highly competitive air cargo market. td.Basic, a new online offering for standard air cargo, will be available from September 2016. It offers the high Lufthansa quality at extremely attractive prices. This will be made possible by simpler background processes, booking via the cargo airline’s online channels only and a somewhat longer duration. As a result, the Lufthansa subsidiary’s new basic product will be suited to any shipments where the customer is happy to accept a transit time of three days more on average than with the familiar td.Pro standard product, which will still be offered.
“We are now adding a price offensive to our long-standing quality offensive. Our customers will be able to benefit from Lufthansa quality with particularly price-sensitive cargo as well from September. With this innovative basic offering, we are enhancing our product range and charting a path for growth in the standard cargo segment”, said Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo. “Our new online offering underscores that Lufthansa Cargo remains a forerunner when it comes to developing innovative products.”
The new td.Basic online product will complement the td.Pro standard offering and td.Flash express offering at Lufthansa’s cargo arm in the future. “This means we will be giving our customers even greater influence over the speed and price of our transport services”, said von Hoensbroech. The new product is part of the company’s new Cargo Evolution strategy, with which Lufthansa Cargo is hoping to advance digitisation and become the number one in the world for air cargo services, amongst other things.
The new td.Basic product will be available for booking via all of Lufthansa Cargo’s online channels from September 2016 onwards.

Lufthansa Cargo greets Italy with “Buongiorno”

MD-11 freighter becomes flying ambassador

Frankfurt, 01 July 2016

A Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 freighter will carry the name “Buongiorno Italy” (“Good day, Italy”) around the world in the future. The aircraft with the official registration D-ALCM was named by Thomas Egenolf, Director Italy, Malta, UK and Ireland at Lufthansa Cargo during a special ceremony held at Milan Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy. In keeping with tradition, the plane was welcomed by the airport fire brigade and with Italy’s typical spumante sparkling wine.
The name chosen for the aircraft, “Buongiorno Italy”, symbolises Italy's importance as one of the key markets in Europe’s air cargo industry. Thomas Egenolf said: “The greeting ‘Buongiorno Italy’ underlines the close link between Lufthansa Cargo and Italy. We are proud of being so well positioned in this important and highly competitive market with over 250 passenger and two freighter flights per week. With our active participation in the newly founded “Cluster Aereo” consisting of representatives from associations of forwarders, handing agents and airlines, we actively drive improvements in infrastructure, processes and recognition for the airfreight industry of Italy.”
Lufthansa Cargo has been providing services to customers in Italy ever since Lufthansa Cargo began operating, and the country has been served by two weekly freighter connections between Milan and Frankfurt since 2014.
The “Buongiorno Italy” is already the ninth Lufthansa Cargo aircraft to be renamed. The names of the aircraft are based on the winning idea of an open creative competition organised by Lufthansa Cargo to rename its entire fleet in 2013. More than 40,000 potential aeroplane names were received by Lufthansa Cargo within six weeks, and the jury decided on the idea of “Say hello around the world”. Accordingly, all freighters in the Lufthansa Cargo fleet will henceforth be named with greetings in around 20 languages.

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Lufthansa Cargo and ANA extend joint venture

Greater flexibility and speed for customers throughout all of Europe

Frankfurt, 28 June 2016

Lufthansa Cargo and All Nippon Airways (ANA) will extend their successful cooperation on 12 July. As of that date, Lufthansa’s entire European feeder network will be combined with the direct flights of both partners. As a result, customers from all European countries will benefit from access to the joint venture’s strong network. This has only been possible for customers in Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and Belgium to date.
“We are now offering our customers throughout all of Europe even greater flexibility and speed. This is another important step with ANA”, said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “Our customers also gain time through joint handling at numerous stations.”
The joint network includes more than 90 weekly direct connections between Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Brussels and Vienna in Europe and Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan. Shipments can also be sent via Haneda to the industrial hub in Fukuoka in the south of Japan. The feeder and direct flights can be booked via the usual booking channels of both partners.

Freight business at PAD continues to grow

Lufthansa Cargo opens station at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport

Frankfurt, 7 June, 2016

Lufthansa Cargo is due to open a new station at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport on 15 June. The logistics subsidiary of Lufthansa is working closely with the airport. In the initial stage, consignments in the standard freight, express freight and hazardous materials categories will be professionally handled, safely sealed and transported in regularly scheduled trucks under an LH flight number to the Frankfurt hub.

“We are delighted to be drawing closer to the strong, medium-sized corporate structure of the region. Our new service in Paderborn contributes to the further acceleration of imports and exports at the business location of Eastern Westphalia. The environment also benefits from the new freight handling options at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport because bundled consignments can now be transported to our hub,” says Ulla Kuntze, Regional Director of Sales and Freight Handling at Lufthansa Cargo.

“We see great development potential for air cargo at the airport. In Lufthansa Cargo, we have gained a first-class partner and are delighted to be part of the branch network of the world's leading cargo airline,” says Dr. Marc Cezanne, CEO of Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport.

In Germany, Lufthansa Cargo maintains the hubs at Frankfurt and Munich, giving access to some 300 destinations worldwide. The Lufthansa Cargo station at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport will initially operate Wednesday to Friday from 06:00 to 22:00.


Lufthansa Cargo calls for uniform security standards

Europe’s leading cargo airline gathered more than 120 safety experts at Frankfurt’s seventh Security Conference

Frankfurt, 19 May 2016

At its seventh Air Cargo Security Conference, Lufthansa Cargo spoke in favour of further harmonisation of security standards in Europe. “When it comes to security, Lufthansa Cargo makes no compromises. But there are more efficient methods that we are not yet allowed to use at our Frankfurt hub”, said the Security Head of Lufthansa Cargo, Harald Zielinski. For example, in the Netherlands and other European countries, certain canine patrols are allowed for many applications, but this is not yet possible in Germany. “We need to finally achieve uniform standards for air cargo security, at least within Europe”, affirmed Zielinski.

CDU MP Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of the Interior Committee of the German Bundestag, spoke on the changing nature of threats in recent decades. The threat situation is not less dramatic as in the 70s and 80s, however the challenges have changed. If the state reclaims the monopoly on the legitimate use of force for itself, he accepts the obligation to guarantee safety, Bosbach said. The safety authorities should be successful every day in preventing terrorists from being successful even once. However, freedom and security are two sides of the same coin and should not be pitted against each other.

Further momentum was provided by Birgit Loga, Head of Aviation Security at the German Federal Aviation Authority, and Erich Keil, Head of Airport Security Management, Fraport AG, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bock, Study Referent for Constitutional and International Law at the Federal Academy for Security Policy, and Hauke Blohm, Referent for Aviation Security of the Federal Police Headquarters, and Lothar Möhle, Schenker AG, Director of Air Security Standardisation & Governance.


Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo enter joint business agreement

Numerous benefits to customers from joint network between Hong Kong and Europe

Frankfurt, 12 May 2016

More direct connections, greater flexibility and time savings combined with service enhancements – these are just some of the benefits customers will enjoy thanks to the cooperation between the cargo division of Cathay Pacific Airways, the leading air cargo carrier in Asia, and Lufthansa Cargo, Europe's largest air cargo carrier. Simon Large, Director Cargo at Cathay Pacific, and Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo, signed an agreement for a highly integrated bilateral cooperation in Frankfurt. With respect to the cooperation routes between Hong Kong and Europe, both airlines will, in the future, work closely together on network planning, as well as sales, IT and ground handling. This will bring Hong Kong, the world’s busiest air cargo hub, closer to Europe, strengthening one of the world’s great trade lanes.
“Our joint network will cover more than 140 direct flights per week between Hong Kong and 13 European destinations”, says Simon Large. “Cathay Pacific’s large number of direct connections to multiple European destinations fits perfectly with Lufthansa’s strength in Frankfurt, the most important European air freight hub, and in Europe through its dense feeder-network.”
“By joining forces, customers gain access to unique flexibility with more flights to choose from and a combination of feeder and direct flights. In this way their cargo can reach its destination hours earlier”, explained Peter Gerber. “We will also have more options for shipments which have to be transported by freighter due to their size or properties.”
The cooperation will also focus on service enhancements. For example, customers will be able to access the entire joint network via the booking systems of both partners. Joint handling, initially at the Hong Kong and Frankfurt hubs, will also make things easier for customers since there is just one point for export drop off and import delivery.
Both partners plan to transport the first shipments under the framework of the cooperation from early next year – initially from Hong Kong to Europe. The ability to also book eastbound shipments from Europe to Hong Kong will then follow in the course of the year.
The joint activities will be carried out in full compliance with all applicable laws, including the competition rules of the European Union and Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo today signed an agreement for a cooperation to provide customers with a larger and faster joint network offer on routes between Hong Kong and Europe.

From left to right: Mark Sutch (General Manager Cargo Sales & Marketing Cathay Pacific), Simon Large (Director Cargo, Cathay Pacific), Peter Gerber (CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo) and Bernhard Kindelbacher (Senior Vice President Strategy, Subsidiaries & Business Development Lufthansa Cargo)

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Lufthansa Cargo distinguishes DACHSER

Logistics group receives coveted “Planet Award of Excellence” for first time

Success for DACHSER at the Global Partner Council, the annual summit meeting of Lufthansa Cargo’s largest customers and the senior management of Europe’s leading cargo airline. The Kempten-based logistics company has won the “Planet Award of Excellence” for the first time. The presentation of the award by Lufthansa Cargo acknowledges DACHSER’s outstanding performance in their global cooperation.

DACHSER flew the highest market share of all Global Partners with Lufthansa Cargo last year. The company was also praised for the stability and sustainability of the close business relations over the past years. DACHSER impressed last year with growth in all Lufthansa Cargo special products: temperature-sensitive freight and perishables, living animals, express shipments, dangerous goods and valuable freight.

Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board Member for Products & Sales also commended the great innovative strength of DACHSER: “Together we have succeeded in optimizing our interfaces and processes very successfully and we are highly pleased that DACHSER belongs to our most active e-channel users. In addition, DACHSER was one of the first Global Partners to join the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, thus consolidating the position of Frankfurt as a major air cargo hub. All of these things result in the very highest quality standards for our mutual customers and earns them the Planet Award of Excellence.”

The award was presented in Hamburg and accepted on behalf of DACHSER by Thomas Reuter, Chief Operations Officer Air & Sea Logistics, and Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight. “We are very proud that our outstanding cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo has earned us this award and highly pleased to be distinguished by one of the leading cargo airlines worldwide. We provide an extremely high standard of quality together, that can be experienced by our customers every single day, and the Planet Award of Excellence not only acknowledges this, but also serves as motivation for the continuation and perfection of our successful cooperation in blue and yellow,” stated Reuter.

The Lufthansa Cargo Global Partnership Programme is an important platform for sustainable growth at Lufthansa Cargo and its largest customers. The 12 Global Partners, which besides DACHSER, also include Agility, CEVA, DB Schenker, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DSV/UTi, Expeditors, Hellmann, Kühne+Nagel, Panalpina and UPS account for about half of the revenue at Lufthansa Cargo.

Lufthansa Cargo focuses on startups

Together with Silicon Valley-based RocketSpace, Lufthansa Cargo is pushing forward digital innovation

Lufthansa Cargo is going to closely collaborate with promising technology startups. Lufthansa’s logistic division is the first freight airline globally to participate in the new “Logistics Tech Accelerator” program in cooperation with US-American company RocketSpace – who has been helping tech startups and corporate innovation professionals bring the future to market since 2011. Acorresponding agreement has now been signed.

“We are not only fully supporting innovation and digitisation in our own company, we want to drive our industry forward as a whole. We are already offering our customers worldwide innovative eServices. Nonetheless, we see great potential for increased digitisation and services in the entire air cargo supply chain. We are keen to explore new ways together with young, highly-qualified experts from the start-up scene.”, commented Monika Wiederhold, Vice President Product Management & Innovation at Lufthansa Cargo.

“Global corporations like Lufthansa Cargo working hand-in-hand with disruptive startups is a prime example of how an industry can come together to fuel open innovation.”, said Duncan Logan, Founder and CEO of RocketSpace. “The Logistics Tech Accelerator will not only create cross-industry collaboration, but also create a center of innovation excellence to empower participants to accelerate with purpose and achieve measurable results.”

As a part of the program, Lufthansa Cargo is going to educate startups on the business objectives of the industry, will closely co-operate with selected companies and incubate ideas for a pilot program, resulting in a go-to-market solution. In addition to startups, the Logistics Tech Accelerator will use the unique model of drawing from the diverse expertise of multiple corporate participants, alongside Lufthansa Cargo, including founding corporate member Kaleido. 

RocketSpace has already been working with Lufthansa’s Berlin based Innovation Hub. “We are proud of extending the cooperation to the logistics sector now.”, Wiederhold says. 

Logistics-focused startups can apply to the program now through May 12. To learn more about the program, visit: http://info.rocketspace.com/logistics-tech-accelerator.

ver.di trade union strike.

The ver.di trade union has called for warning strikes on Wednesday 27 April.

The ver.di trade union has called for warning strikes on Wednesday 27 April in ground handling, passenger screening and some airport fire services, at the Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund and Hanover-Langenhagen airports. These strikes in the public service sector will result in huge numbers of flight cancellations, particularly at the Lufthansa home hubs, Frankfurt and Munich. Eurowings long-haul connections departing from Cologne are expected to be able to operate as scheduled. The Austrian Airlines hub in Vienna is not affected by the strikes.

Lufthansa Cargo is envisaged to be able to operate all planned cargo connections on 27 April. However, the strikes will result in some flight times being pushed back by several hours. Flight LH8170 from Frankfurt to Atlanta is worst affected and is likely to be delayed by 24 hours.
The ver.di strikes also have a significant impact on the belly capacities available on passenger aircraft. No flights will be available throughout the entire day from and to Munich. The following connections are offered for cargo bookings departing from Frankfurt, from start of operations until 3 p.m.: LH622 to Riad, LH442 to Detroit, LH426 to Philadelphia, LH740 to Kansai, LH534 to Caracas. On 27 April, flights of Lufthansa Passage with a scheduled arrival in Frankfurt until 4 p.m. local time, are unfortunately not available for cargo bookings. In Cologne, Eurowings flight EW106 to Bangkok will be available for cargo bookings. Where possible, continental cargo bookings will be transferred to our Road Feeder Services.

On our website, we provide our customers with up-to-date information on the status of their shipments in the TrackIT system. We deeply regret that the ver.di public service sector strikes are resulting in unavoidable service reductions for our customers. All Lufthansa Cargo staff are working very hard to keep the effects to a minimum. Your regional Lufthansa Cargo team will be happy to assist you in finding the best possible solution for your consignments.


Lufthansa Cargo awards quality prizes

ITG in top two places | DACHSER, DB Schenker, Expeditors and UPS also rewarded

Frankfurt, 29 Mar 2016

For what is now the sixth time, Lufthansa Cargo awarded its “Quality Award for the German Market” in six different categories. This year, forwarder ITG came out on top twice: The international full-service logistics service provider based at Munich Airport was awarded best delivery quality among the top 40 customers for the second time in a row. First place also went to ITG in the combined category of “Quality and eCargo”. “We are very proud to have won this prize for the third time in four years. Our thanks go above all to the teams in the stations whose conscientious work every day makes a valuable contribution not only to satisfying the customers but also allowing optimum cooperation with the airlines. This interaction in the transport chain results in outstanding performance”, explained Holger Funk, Director Forwarding at ITG, during the prize-giving ceremony.

The award for best quality among forwarders handling more than 10,000 air waybills per year went to DACHSER. Among the top 40 customers, the “eCargo award” went to Expeditors, while UPS received the prize among forwarders with more than 10,000 air waybills. The combined prize for “Quality and eCargo” went to DB Schenker among forwarders with more than 10,000 air waybills.

“For Lufthansa Cargo, quality is the very top priority. Our quality prizes reward the efforts of our partners and also provide incentive for further improvements. The closer we match our efforts together, the more we can improve quality overall”, said J. Florian Pfaff, Lufthansa Cargo Vice President Area Management Germany, Europe and Africa.

Lufthansa Cargo awards prizes in three categories for the two customer groups “Top 40” and “Forwarders with more than 10,000 air waybills”. In the “Quality” category, different quality parameters relating to compliance with scope of service and delivery punctuality are assessed. The “e-Cargo Award”, launched in 2014, aims to support the rapid expansion of digital processes between forwarder and airline. The best combined performance is decisive for the “Quality and eCargo” award.

Lufthansa Cargo sets course for future growth

Product innovations and ambitious savings programme to provide tailwind for Lufthansa’s cargo arm

Frankfurt, 18 Mar 2016

Lufthansa Cargo is implementing a comprehensive range of measures to counter the decline in the 2015 annual results. Besides an ambitious cost-cutting programme, the airline has announced further product innovations. The company is also pressing ahead with initiatives from the Lufthansa Cargo 2020 future programme, including close partnerships with other airlines.

“We will still be operating in an extremely challenging market environment in the years ahead”, commented Lufthansa Cargo Chairman and CEO Peter Gerber at the presentation of the 2015 annual results. “But we have a clear strategy that has been set up to facilitate sustainable and profitable growth again. With innovative products, superb service and competitive cost structures, we will make the most of the advantages offered by our Frankfurt base.”

In 2015, Lufthansa Cargo achieved an adjusted EBIT of 74 million euros (down 40 per cent on the previous year). After a strong first quarter, demand on the global air cargo markets weakened steadily. On top of this, there was turbulence in the Chinese market and a very strong US dollar, which affected export-driven industries in the US in particular. The numerous strikes of the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) pilots’ union and Unabhängige Flugbegleiterorganisation (UFO) cabin attendants’ union led to further reductions in transported cargo volumes and revenues. With an impairment for the LCCneo project (with the construction of a new logistics centre in Frankfurt having been postponed in spring 2015 for two years initially), the EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) fell even more considerably to 3 million euros (2014: 123 million euros).
Chairman and CEO Peter Gerber stressed that the company would stick with the Lufthansa Cargo 2020 future strategy in spite of the decline in profits: “We have set the right course, and the first plants of Lufthansa Cargo 2020 are starting to bear fruit”, said Mr Gerber. “With our new Boeing 777Fs, we are flying more efficiently and saving more fuel than ever before in our company’s history. The cooperation with ANA has gotten off to a superb start and we will be working very closely with another strong airline, United Airlines, in the future. We are also marketing the cargo capacities of Eurowings long-haul flights, which makes our network even more appealing.”

The Chairman and CEO also emphasised the successful, global renewal of the IT landscape: “This has been an important requirement to getting us working efficiently and successfully. This step has also been a milestone in our efforts towards achieving a fully digitised air cargo business.”

In order to open up new growth areas, Lufthansa Cargo is also focusing on offering an innovative product range. Besides enhancing the product portfolio (including in the hotly contested standard freight market), the company will also address a completely new market segment and consider the transport needs of private travellers, especially Lufthansa passengers. Through the myAirCargo product, passengers and private individuals will now be able to send any kind of personal item via air freight, quickly, simply and cost-effectively. “Lufthansa Cargo has often been a pioneer in the past when it comes to developing and launching new products and services”, said Mr Gerber. “We want to live up to this again with myAirCargo.”

As the basis for further success, unit costs will be adjusted in keeping with the challenging market environment. In order to remain competitive, the Lufthansa Cargo Board already initiated the C40 cost-cutting programme in the autumn of last year. It shall reduce annual costs by at least 40 million euros by 2018 through this. The focus is on staff and service provider costs. “We clearly have to further strengthen our competitiveness on the cost side as well if we are to be in a position to grow profitably again in our core business”, said Dr. Martin Schmitt, Board Member Finance and Human Resources. “This is how we will generate the profits we need to fund investment in the future of our company.”

Cargo Board Members Mr Gerber and Mr Schmitt are confident of strengthening the Lufthansa Cargo market position for the long term with this comprehensive range of measures. In spite of challenging competition, including a number of state-subsidised airlines from e.g. the Gulf, the preconditions are very good for Lufthansa Cargo. “We have a superb base in Frankfurt Airport. Nowhere else on our continent are air cargo volumes higher than here in the heart of Europe”, said Chairman and CEO Mr Gerber. “This is an opportunity we aim to and will exploit.” The Lufthansa Cargo Board is expecting this year's earnings (adjusted EBIT) to slightly exceed those of last year.

Please find here the Annual report 2015.

Lufthansa Cargo announces key management appointments

New responsibilities for Achim Martinka, Bernhard Kindelbacher and Dr Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt

Frankfurt, 18 Mar 2016

Lufthansa Cargo has appointed new area managers for the regions Europe & Africa and The Americas as well a new Head of Global Handling Management.

As of 1 June 2016, Achim Martinka will be in charge of sales and handling in the region Europe & Africa. He succeeds Carsten Wirths, who had started his new position as Managing Director of Lufthansa CityLine GmbH early this month. Since October 2010 Martinka has been in charge of Lufthansa Cargo’s activities in North and South America as Vice President Area Management The Americas. Previously, the holder of a degree in business administration had been responsible for the markets France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries as Regional Director Sales & Handling.

Another seasoned Lufthansa Cargo manager, Bernhard Kindelbacher, will move to Atlanta to take over as Head of Area Management The Americas as of 1 June 2016. Since 2010 Kindelbacher has been in charge of Strategy, Subsidiaries & Business Development at Lufthansa Cargo. In that position, he is responsible for strategy development and equity investment management as well as cooperation agreements and the cargo airline’s long-term fleet strategy. From 2000 to 2004 he had already worked for Lufthansa Cargo in the USA as Director of Sales USA Northeast & Midwest and Canada, based in New York.

As of 1 April 2016, Dr Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt will be the cargo airline’s new Director of Global Handling Management. The holder of a doctorate in engineering has been with Lufthansa Cargo since July 2010 and is currently in charge of Global Handling Development & Solutions. Breithaupt had previously served as Director Global Passenger Processes with responsibility for the digitalisation of world-wide check-in and gate processes for Lufthansa Passage. Breithaupt succeeds Thilo Schäfer, who had left Lufthansa Cargo at his own request in late February.

“We are very happy to be able to fill these key positions with highly experienced and successful managers from our own company”, said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo. “They are reliable partners for our customers and will continue to drive our company forward despite a very challenging market environment.“

Lufthansa Cargo honours service partners

“Supplier Awards” for excellent cooperation presented in Berlin

Frankfurt, 18 Mar 2016

On Thursday evening Lufthansa Cargo held its first “Supplier Awards” ceremony for service partners in Berlin. With these awards the cargo airline wants to thank the winners for their outstanding achievements in the quest for quality. Awards were presented in the two categories: “Best Customer Solution” and “Best Performance”. And there were further awards for best cooperation in Lufthansa Cargo’s four business regions: Germany, Europe & Africa, America and Asia-Pacific as well as at its hubs in Munich and Frankfurt. There was also a special award for Best Software Implementation.

“At Lufthansa Cargo every effort goes into offering our customers the very finest quality. This is only possible thanks to a close and trustful cooperation with our many service partners. They see themselves as part of the Lufthansa family and we have a common understanding of quality and performance. We are extremely proud of our powerful network and expressly wish to thank all of our suppliers. But even among the best some are simply outstanding and deserve the Supplier Award in its different categories”, said Thomas Sonntag, Lufthansa Cargo Vice President Procurement & Infrastructure.


Lufthansa Cargo route network grows

Countless new destinations | Frequencies increased | Eurowings long-haul routes integrated

Frankfurt, 11 March 2016

Lufthansa Cargo is adding countless new destinations when the summer schedule begins on
27 March. A weekly freighter service to Moscow is one new addition to the schedule. An MD-11F has already been flying every Monday since March from Frankfurt to Domodedovo Airport, before connecting the Russian capital with Ashgabat and Baku. Lufthansa’s cargo arm will also fly an MD-11F to Doha every Friday. Furthermore, there will now be a direct flight from Frankfurt to Seattle, which will be served every Friday as well with an AeroLogic Boeing 777F. The jet will then fly on to Los Angeles before returning to Frankfurt.

Lufthansa Cargo will bring in a larger aircraft for future freighter flights from Frankfurt to Tokyo and Seoul (six times a week) and Beijing (four times a week). A Boeing 777F will operate on these rotations from the end of March. Lufthansa Cargo will link Frankfurt and Hong Kong daily in the future: in addition to the Saturday connection with an AeroLogic Boeing 777F, Lufthansa’s cargo arm will also fly an MD-11F to the south coast of China six times a week, instead of four. The frequency to Ho Chi Minh City doubles from one to two weekly services.

However, countless new destinations will also be available via the belly fleet. For example, Lufthansa has been flying an Airbus A340 to Panama City five times a week since 2 March and will serve San José, California from July. With immediate effect, the cargo capacities of the Eurowings long-haul fleet will only be available for booking via Lufthansa Cargo. An Airbus A330 already serves Varadero, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata from Cologne. Phuket and Bangkok will be added from the end of March, along with Cancun and Mauritius from May, Boston from June and Miami from September. Frequencies to Shanghai will also increase, with Austrian Airlines serving the Chinese metropolis from Vienna five times a week initially from April and then daily with a Boeing 777 from May.


Lufthansa Cargo brings Eurowings’ belly capacities to market

Network will be expanded to include attractive long-haul flights from Cologne/Bonn (CGN)

Beginning with the summer timetable (27 March), Lufthansa Cargo will market the belly capacities of Eurowings’ long-haul flights. This will allow Europe's leading cargo carrier to expand their network to include more destinations for their customers directly from Cologne/Bonn (CGN). This expansion will include routes to the Caribbean (Varadero, Cancun, Dominican Republic) and Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok).

With Eurowings, Lufthansa is establishing a secondary brand which will also offer intercontinental flights from Europe. Eurowings is already the leading point-to-point airline in its home markets Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Eurowings is the third passenger airline whose belly capacities are marketed by Lufthansa Cargo. The other two services previously available to customers were the Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines cargo holds. In addition, Lufthansa Cargo operates 17 freighters.

“By integrating Eurowings’ belly capacities, the services we provide our customers become all the more attractive”, says Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Board Member of Lufthansa Cargo with responsibility for Product & Sales. “Eurowings’ growing network is an ideal complement to our previous connections.”

And Oliver Wagner, CEO of Eurowings, extols the benefits of the partnership: “Lufthansa Cargo is the leading cargo airline in Europe and has extensive experience in marketing the belly capacities of passenger airlines. This collaboration will help us make optimum use of the cargo holds on our long-haul jets.”


1,500 Tonnes of Roses on Board

Lufthansa Cargo flying 40 million roses for Valentine’s Day

On Sunday, people all over the world will be offering flowers to their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Lufthansa Cargo is currently flying entire freighters filled with beautiful roses to ensure that the millions of declarations of love will not have to go without the scent of fresh roses. The Lufthansa Group’s cargo airline will be transporting over 1,500 tonnes of the sensitive product this year. That is equivalent to about 40 million roses or the capacity of 16 flights with the MD-11 freighter.

Lufthansa Cargo always adds special charter flights to its regular flight schedule in February – this year with flights from Quito and Nairobi to Frankfurt – to meet the high demand on Valentine's Day. Europe’s leading cargo airline developed its special Fresh/td product especially for the shipment of perishable products, such as flowers and food, and has all the very latest equipment and facilities

The roses’ journey usually starts in Kenya and South America. These countries offer the best conditions for growing roses, with an ideal climate all year around. Sophisticated logistics ensures that the roses are quickly and carefully transported from the countries where they are cultivated to their final destinations: The roses are harvested at the flower farms several times a day and then immediately placed in water and cooled. After being sorted and packaged, the flowers are sent straight to the airport and the perfectly cooled cargo holds of the freighters. The roses’ stay at Frankfurt Airport is but a short one and they usually find themselves in the hands of romantics all over Europe within a few hours of landing at the city on the Main.


Lufthansa Cargo carries 1.6 million tonnes of freight in 2015

Slight year-on-year decline in volumes / Customer satisfaction levels remain high

MD-11F in front of an ascending planeFrankfurt, 12 January 2016

Lufthansa Cargo again maintained its leading position in Europe last year, with a total of 1.6 million tonnes of freight and mail flown. The total volume declined slightly in a challenging market environment. The company had carried around two percent more freight the previous year.

Lufthansa Cargo increased the capacity offered by two percent over the last twelve months. However, with sales falling slightly, capacity utilisation was also down. The full-year load factor amounted to 66.3 per cent (-3.4 percentage points).

“Last year was not an easy one for the air freight industry”, emphasised Lufthansa Cargo CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board Peter Gerber. “Turbulence in the Chinese market and the strong US Dollar, that affected a lot of industries, stretched us all to our limits. Strikes called by the Vereinigung Cockpit pilots’ union and the cabin crew union UFO also weighed heavily on us at Lufthansa Cargo.”
Nevertheless, Lufthansa Cargo continued to invest further in its own product and network last year, adding new destinations in places such as Turkmenistan, Vietnam and Brazil to its flight schedule. The high customer satisfaction level of the previous year was maintained.

Peter Gerber emphasised that Lufthansa Cargo will remain flexible and operate close to the market in 2016 as well. The Lufthansa subsidiary is withdrawing two MD-11 freighters from its fleet to further increase capacity utilisation on the freighter routes. The airline is therefore offering its customers flights of its five new Boeing 777 freighters as well as twelve MD-11Fs. On top of this, there are capacities via its AeroLogic subsidiary, which has a total of eight Boeing 777Fs. Lufthansa Cargo customers can also make use of the belly capacities of passenger aircraft operated by Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, giving them access to a network of some 300 destinations in around 100 countries.

Worldwide recognition of environmental management system

Lufthansa Cargo awarded international ISO14001 environmental standard certification

Boeing 777F mirroring in water drop on grassFrankfurt, 11 January 2016

The sustainable environmental strategy of Lufthansa Cargo is a success. This has now been recognised. The company has received the worldwide acknowledged ISO14001 certification. Certification began in 2008 in Frankfurt and was then gradually rolled out. Lufthansa Cargo has already been ISO certified at all German stations since 2010, and has now achieved worldwide certification.

“As an airline, we have a special responsibility to our environment. We live up to this responsibility through our ambitious environmental targets. For example, we want to reduce our specific CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2020. Global certification of our environmental management system is another milestone in this. We are on the right track and won’t let up in our efforts”, said Dr Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, Board Member Operations.

Sören Stark to be Board Member Operations at Lufthansa Cargo

After 28 years in Lufthansa Management, Dr Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht is retiring

Effective 1 April 2016, Sören Stark will be appointed to the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo with responsibility for Operations. The 48-year-old industrial engineer is currently in charge of aircraft maintenance at Lufthansa Technik. In this post, he is responsible for all the maintenance events and cabin modifications that are carried out worldwide by Lufthansa Technik.

Stark succeeds Dr Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, who has been in charge of Operations since April 2011, and who will go into retirement at the end of March. The mechanical engineer has held various management positions within the Lufthansa Group in the past 28 years.

"Dr Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht has significantly contributed to positioning Lufthansa Cargo as a recognised leader when it comes to quality", said Harry Hohmeister, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lufthansa Cargo. "Under his direction, punctuality, reliability and quality have reached record values for Lufthansa Cargo customers. Sören Stark is inheriting the field of Operations in excellent shape."

Hohmeister continued: "I am very pleased that we have been able to engage Sören Stark as Board Member Operations, an experienced member of the Lufthansa team. Thanks to his comprehensive experience in logistics and in managing large operational areas, he will continue to further guide our Operations into the future and strengthen the role of Lufthansa Cargo in the face of strong competition."

In the future, as Board Member Operations, Sören Stark will be responsible for handling in Frankfurt, Munich and the Lufthansa Cargo Service Center, as well as the areas of Global Handling Management, Flight Operations & Transport Management and Security & Environmental Management.

Before his current position as Senior Vice President Aircraft Base Maintenance, Stark spent around six years as Managing Director of Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH. The company is active worldwide as a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG and provides logistics services for the aviation industry. Sören Stark already succeeded Dr Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht in this role. Dr KarlRudolf Rupprecht led Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH as Managing Director between 2000 and 2004, before he was put in charge of the Frankfurt hub for Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Sören Stark joined the Lufthansa Group in 2001 and took over the management of the LSG Sky Chefs facility in Frankfurt. Following his studies, he was initially employed as a management consultant before he held various internal leadership roles in logistics for Schott Glaswerke in Mainz. 

Mobile consignment tracking with the new "Lufthansa Cargo eServices" App

As of now, the new App can be obtained free of charge for mobile phones and tablets Lufthansa Cargo has released its new App, "Lufthansa Cargo eServices".

Frankfurt, 10 December 2015

The App is offering comprehensive shipment tracking as well as direct feedback opportunities for mobile phones and tablets, including innovative image uploading.
Users constantly receive updated information on their shipments, on request via push notification.

The App also offers a clear overview of all current bookings and furthermore enables access to consignments with higher security requirements via an optional log in process.
Preliminary claims, complaints and feedback, including photos, can be conveyed quickly and
specifically to Lufthansa Cargo – for example, immediately after delivery. This integrated
functionality serves to emphasize the cargo airline's quality promise.

"After the launch of the ePortal in the summer, the start of the new, integrated eServices App is a
further step towards the digitization of our cargo process", according to Boris Hueske, Program
Manager eCargo at Lufthansa Cargo.
The „Lufthansa Cargo eServices“ can be obtained free of charge in Google Play Store, Windows
Phone Store and Apple App Store, as well as on the website www.lufthansa-cargo.de

United and Lufthansa plan enhanced cargo cooperation between US and Europe

Customers to benefit from increased network and service options

Chicago/Frankfurt, 09 December 2015
Logos of United Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo

United Airlines and Lufthansa plan to enhance their current cooperation to include cargo cooperation by United Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo on routes between the US and Europe. The parties are discussing a wide variety of possible elements of the planned cooperation to create a seamless network for the shipping industry, including, among others, an alignment of information technology services and warehouse facilities.

The planned cooperation of United Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo will create a more efficient and comprehensive transatlantic cargo network and increase the choices and benefits available to cargo customers.

Implementation of this enhanced cargo cooperation between United and Lufthansa is subject to finalization of the commercial arrangement and compliance with existing EU and US regulations and necessary government approvals.


Lufthansa Cargo and ANA Cargo expand joint network in Japan

Industrial metropolis Fukuoka is leading the way starting from 1 December

Frankfurt, 01 December 2015

Contemporaneously with the first anniversary of their cooperation, Lufthansa Cargo and All Nippon Airways (ANA) are kicking-off the expansion of their joint network between Europe and Japan by adding connected destinations in Japan: First Fukuoka on the main island Kyushu in south Japan, later to be followed by Sapporo on the north island.
Starting from December, ANA flights from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka Airport (FUK) can be booked via both partners' booking systems. “Thanks to the Joint Venture we can connect the wide European network of Lufthansa Cargo, with the direct connections of both partners to Japan and the continental de-feeder flights of ANA”, says Carsten Wirths, Area Manager Europe and Africa, Lufthansa Cargo. „Customers of both partners in Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Austria will benefit.“
"Fukuoka and its region are important centres for the steel and automotive industries, as well as for semiconductor technology, electronics, environmental and biotechnology", explains Yutaka Terao, Project Manager Cooperations, ANA Cargo. "These are sectors which substantially profit from air freight."

Children's feet decorate freighter

Lufthansa Cargo presents flying ambassador for the aid organisation Cargo Human Care

Frankfurt, 27 November 2015

A Lufthansa Cargo freighter is from now on flying around the world with the footprints of 24 children on its fuselage. The carrier has turned the MD-11F registered "D-ALCH" into a flying ambassador for the aid organisation Cargo Human Care. The colourful design was presented on Thursday at Nairobi (Kenya) airport. It symbolises the motto "Step by step. Giving children a future". The footprints on the 61 metre-long fuselage are from girls and boys who are currently being looked after by Cargo Human Care.

The association runs an orphanage for around 120 children nearby the Kenyan capital and also supports a medical centre. German doctors are regularly flown on board the Lufthansa Cargo freighters to Nairobi, where they provide free treatment for those in need.

In order to also offer a stable and safe environment for the orphans after they reached the age of majority, Cargo Human Care just this week opened a new residence for 18 to 24 year olds. More than 20 young women and men will live in the John Kaheni Residence, which is named after a resident of the Cargo Human Care institution who died of a heart condition at just 20 years old. They have recently successfully completed school and are currently undertaking vocational training. The John Kaheni Residence is financed to a large part by the fund-raising campaign "F.A.Z. readers help" by the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

Fokko Doyen, Founder of Cargo Human Care, Flight Captain and Fleet Chief with Lufthansa Cargo, said at the opening: "We would like to thank the F.A.Z readers, all the members of Cargo Human Care and also Lufthansa Cargo for their amazing support. We are taking a massive step forwards. Thanks to the John Kaheni Residence we are now able to more sustainably care for the youngsters. The vocational training is financed through sponsorships and provides them with a secure future."

In Nairobi Dr Martin Schmitt, Board Member Finance and Human Resources at Lufthansa Cargo, emphasised the following: "Lufthansa Cargo and Cargo Human Care have been connected since by a very close partnership for many years. We are proud to be able to contribute even a small part to what Cargo Human Care constitutes and achieves. Our new and colourfully designed freighter not only symbolises this close partnership. The cheerful design is also intended to instil courage and pass on the positive energy which Cargo Human Care generates."  


Further information about Cargo Human Care


Vietnam to become a permanent fixture of the Lufthansa Cargo network

Freighter service to and from Ho Chi Minh City has been successfully started

Vietnam is to become a permanent fixture of the Lufthansa Cargo route network as part of the new winter schedule. Following a successful test phase over the summer months, the cargo airline will be flying a Boeing 777F weekly to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN).

The freighter will be departing every Thursday from Frankfurt (FRA), heading for Ho Chi Minh City via Mumbai (BOM), and will finally terminate at Hong Kong (HKG). Frank Naeve, Vice President Asia-Pacific at Lufthansa Cargo since 1 August, is pleased about the stable demand coming from Vietnam: "We are proud to have built up excellent relationships with our clients in Vietnam, which we will now be further cultivating with the fixed freighter connection. Using our flexible network management we will be able to effectively meet demand. We are constantly working on making our network in the Asia-Pacific region even more attractive for our customers."

Lufthansa Cargo and ANA Cargo Joint venture starts in Belgium

Daily direct flights with ANA from Brussels to Tokyo, as of 25 October

Once the winter flight schedule launches, customers in Belgium can send their cargo directly from Brussels to Japan for the first time. As of 25 October, All Nippon Airways (ANA) is offering a daily connection between Brussels and Tokyo Narita with a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. A 8.50 pm takeoff from the Belgium capital enables arrival in Narita at 4.10 pm the following day. The return flight takes off at 11.15 am from Narita, landing in Brussels the same day at 3.15 pm (all local times).

As such, customers in Belgium will also benefit from the collaboration between ANA Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo on routes between Europe and Japan in the form of more and faster connections, more capacity, flexibility and time savings. In total, customers in Germany, France, Austria, Great Britain and Belgium have over 90 weekly direct flights between Europe and Japan to choose from, as well as selected feeder and de-feeder flights. The direct flights connect eleven airports such as Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Vienna and Brussels, as well as Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Nagoya and Osaka. At eight stations the partners have co-located their handling or work together with the same groundhandler.

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