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Your cargo – our global network.

Your cargo, your speed, your destination: Our global network is the fastest and safest route to the world’s markets.





#EnablingGlobalBusiness – well on the way to the whole world.

With a transport volume of around 1.6 million tonnes of cargo and postage deliveries and 8.9 billion freight tonne kilometers sold in 2017, Lufthansa Cargo is not just one of the world’s leading airfreight transport companies. It is first and foremost your partner for comprehensive logistics solutions.

Flight overview

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The right destination for every piece of cargo.

With 361 stations around the world, Lufthansa Cargo can bring your cargo to just about anywhere.

Stations & Hubs

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Ready for your cargo with the perfect set-up.

To make sure that the capacities you need are available at all times, we not only offer our own freighters – we also offer the belly capacities of passenger aircraft belonging to our partners as well as a comprehensive Road Feeder Service. And, of course, suitable containers are included in the service.

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