Our Road Feeder Service: Airfreight on the ground.

To make sure that your cargo arrives at its destination with a high-quality service on the ground as well, our Road Feeder Service covers a substantial part of the Lufthansa Cargo transport process chain in Europe and North America. We can also offer selected routes in Asia, the Middle East, South America and South Africa. Our RFS schedules are integrated with our regular flight schedule.


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Our global RFS network:

  • 530,000 tons of cargo per year worldwide
  • Particularly dense network in Europe and North America
  • Approx. 1,600 trips to 115 stations in Europe each week
  • FRA, MUC and VIE as hubs


The best connections and services in Europe:

  • Scheduled trips to around 115 stations
  • High-frequency service to all industrial centers in Europe
  • The best service to destinations in eastern Europe
  • Central RFS hub in FRA, supplemented by MUC and VIE
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and allocation of RFS trips
  • Defined services from airport to factory (toDoor)
  • Special equipment available (e.g. Temperature-control equipment, extra width, and much more)
  • Use of trucks with roller beds
  • Use of air waybill and manifest
  • Publication in LH reservation system
  • Use of LH flight number
  • Includes punctuality measurement
  • We are happy to provide additional, unscheduled services on request