Individual solutions for the arts and culture industry.

Your benefits at a glance.


Decades of experience in working with the arts and culture industry.


The fastest connection to over 300 destinations.

Direct transfers.


Highly precise load planning.

Specially trained employees for handling particularly valuable cargo.

Security across the entire transport chain.

Separate storage in a secured area.

Comprehensive shipment monitoring.


Network-on-demand as an additional service for rerouting or charter solutions.

Flexible flight planning thanks to a strong freighter fleet.

Transport of oversized cargo in the Boeing 777F (cargo door: 314.96 x 372.11 cm).


Compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards.


Possible to track shipments in real time and with password protection.


Make reservations and receive individual advice.

At your nearest Lufthansa Cargo Service Center.

Around the clock from Lufthansa Cargo Call Centers

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    Air freight: a factor in quality assurance.

    Your industry is unlike any other. And our transport solutions need to be as unique as many of the pieces that we transport for you. At Lufthansa Cargo, we know the special requirements that your shipments entail. That is why we are proud to make our broad portfolio available to customers from the world of arts and culture, ranging from standardized to customized processes. The utmost attention is given to the protection and safety of the objects that we transport, especially when booked with our special Safe/td2 product. Tailored load planning and comprehensive monitoring either by video or by a cargo attendant ensures that your valuable cargo arrives safe and sound and undamaged.
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    The right logistics solution for every need.

    You are always on the safe side with Safe/td2. This product delivers first-rate reliable protection for the cargo that we transport, from works of art for galleries and museums to the top-quality musical equipment of a touring rock band or a valuable violoncello. Specially trained employees with the necessary security clearance monitor your precious freight while we ensure it arrives swiftly, safely and reliably at its destination. In combination with cd.Solutions, our special product for direct deliveries, we also offer the convenience of delivering your shipment right to your customs warehouse. Your shipment is fully documented and password protected, allowing you to safely track it in real time. That way you know where your valuable cargo is at all times.
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    Include td.Flash for maximum speed.

    If your shipment is especially urgent, you can include td.Flash for maximum speed. It provides you with guaranteed access to capacity at short notice, regardless of the size or weight of your cargo, as well as top speed and priority − on the ground and in the air. When you partner with Lufthansa Cargo for your air freight needs, you benefit from our global network. More than 300 destinations in some 100 countries are available to choose from. Even oversized pieces of freight arrive safely where they need to be thanks to our fleet, consisting of the tried-and-tested MD-11F and the new Boeing 777F aircraft with large cargo doors. And if our network happens not to stretch to some especially remote destination for your shipment, we offer Network-on-demand, which gives you the opportunity to charter flights or to reroute one of our freighter’s scheduled flights. We act flexibly according to your needs.