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Product, Speed and Add-on Service offer

Your cargo – our expertise for every commodity

Whether blueberries or aircraft turbines. Insulin or fine arts, roses or racing cars. Get any kind of cargo to its destination on time and according to its specific requirements – with our know-how and years of experience in handling and transporting your commodities.

Reliable logistics for your standard cargo – for a smooth transport chain.

Temperature-controlled transport for your air freight in heated and refrigerated containers.

Temperature support for sensitive cargo – with state-of-the-art packaging solutions.

Premium transport solution for COVID-19 vaccines that includes utmost attention and immediate capacity access.

The greatest care for your dangerous goods.

The best protection, the highest discretion and a seamless safety concept for valuable cargo.

The highest security level for goods at risk of theft – incl. separate storage and camera surveillance.

A long shelf-life – thanks to fast transport and the highly-specialized Perishable Center Frankfurt.

Species-appropriate transportation and individual, 24/7 care at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.

Reliable logistics for your standard cargo – for a smooth transport chain.

The fastest transport for emergencies: We make the impossible possible for you.

Predictable, reliable, global: Get your important mail deliveries to their destination quickly.

From here to there – at the speed that fits your needs

Choose the speed that suits your shipping schedule and budget best. Whether your commodities are textiles or computer parts within the clearly defined period on our Speed td.Pro or dangerous goods shipped at short notice on our Speed td.Flash.

In the right place at the right time, regardless of size and weight: our economic and reliable solution for almost all your commodities.

For high priority shipments: whether they contain temperature-sensitive goods, dangerous goods or important spare parts.

Customized logistics solutions for you

For all special requirements, we offer practical Add-on Services you can use to adapt our logistics solutions even better to your needs. So that your air freight arrives at its destination the way you want it to.

Fly more sustainably with Lufthansa Cargo.

Our add-on service for direct delivery to your warehouse saves time, effort and money.

Always completely secure – from door to door with our air freight insurance.

Your own tracking device on our flights - for even more precise tracking.