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Lufthansa Cargo calls for uniform security standards

Europe’s leading cargo airline gathered more than 120 safety experts at Frankfurt’s seventh Security Conference

Frankfurt, 19 May 2016

At its seventh Air Cargo Security Conference, Lufthansa Cargo spoke in favour of further harmonisation of security standards in Europe. “When it comes to security, Lufthansa Cargo makes no compromises. But there are more efficient methods that we are not yet allowed to use at our Frankfurt hub”, said the Security Head of Lufthansa Cargo, Harald Zielinski. For example, in the Netherlands and other European countries, certain canine patrols are allowed for many applications, but this is not yet possible in Germany. “We need to finally achieve uniform standards for air cargo security, at least within Europe”, affirmed Zielinski.

CDU MP Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of the Interior Committee of the German Bundestag, spoke on the changing nature of threats in recent decades. The threat situation is not less dramatic as in the 70s and 80s, however the challenges have changed. If the state reclaims the monopoly on the legitimate use of force for itself, he accepts the obligation to guarantee safety, Bosbach said. The safety authorities should be successful every day in preventing terrorists from being successful even once. However, freedom and security are two sides of the same coin and should not be pitted against each other.

Further momentum was provided by Birgit Loga, Head of Aviation Security at the German Federal Aviation Authority, and Erich Keil, Head of Airport Security Management, Fraport AG, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bock, Study Referent for Constitutional and International Law at the Federal Academy for Security Policy, and Hauke Blohm, Referent for Aviation Security of the Federal Police Headquarters, and Lothar Möhle, Schenker AG, Director of Air Security Standardisation & Governance.