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Lufthansa Cargo: All eyes on Brazil

Latest B777 freighter to be christened “Olá Brazil” in time for the sport event of the year


The eyes of the whole world are eagerly focused on Brazil at the moment. Excitement is high at Lufthansa Cargo as well, with Europe’s leading cargo airline christening its fourth Boeing 777F (registration D-ALFD) “Olá Brazil”. The brand-new aircraft safely landed at the carrier’s home base Frankfurt on Thursday morning for the very first time.

Lufthansa Cargo is emphasising its commitment to the South American country with this greeting. The cargo airline offers a high number of freighter flights to Brazil and also uses the capacities in the bellies of passenger flights.

By investing in five brand new Boeing 777Fs as part of the “Lufthansa Cargo 2020” future programme, the cargo airline is concentrating on modernisation and innovation. Each of the “Triple Seven” freighters can carry up to 103 tonnes of cargo for more than 9,000 km, equivalent to a non-stop flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai.

 “We are delighted with the superb reliability and efficiency of the new 'Triple Seven’ aircraft”, said Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, Board Member Operations of Lufthansa Cargo. “The B777F fleet is a world-champion when it comes to punctuality and has been a significant factor in quality enhancements achieved for our customers in recent months.”

The idea to give the aircraft the greeting “Olá Brazil” originated from the winning idea in a creative public competition held by Lufthansa Cargo to find a naming convention for its entire fleet in advance of the arrival of the first B777F in November 2013. From the more than 40,000 potential aircraft names, a jury with the involvement of the full Cargo Board opted for the central theme: “Say hello around the world”. The MD-11 freighters will also be christened with greetings in many country-specific languages over the months ahead.