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ITG wins Quality Award from Lufthansa Cargo

Airline’s first competition to incentivise usage of electronic channels


The ITG logistics services provider has landed by a large margin the Quality Award from Lufthansa Cargo. The Munich-based company achieved the highest booking quality and lowest no-show rate of all the forwarders participating in the competition. Lufthansa Cargo Vice President Area Management Germany J. Florian Pfaff presented the award at the cargo carrier’s annual conference for the Association of German Fowarders and Logistics Operators (DSLV).

ITG branch managers in Frankfurt and Munich, Luigi Petrelli und Ralph Biller, accepted the award at the presentation. “The Quality Award is a mark of distinction for all the staff of ITG,“ emphasised Ralph Biller. “Together with our partners, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, daily. This accolade shows that we are on the right track.” Luigi Petrelli added: “It will spur us to continue working hard in this direction and firmly pursuing our objectives."

The quality initiative of Lufthansa Cargo is ostensibly bearing fruit. The quality level of the front runners in the competition and the general level was unprecedently high in 2012.  "Peak quality is only possible in the interaction between forwarder, shipper and airline,“ observed J. Florian Pfaff. “Quality throughout the logistics chain profits from that,“ he emphasised.

Lufthansa Cargo conferred the Quality Award for the third time in the German market. Performance is judged on the basis of diverse quality parameters, such as compliance to delivery specifications and punctual delivery. 

Runner-up to ITG was Quick Cargo Service (QCS), followed by the logistics services provider Steck. Among the forwarders with “more than 10,.000 AWBs“ Streck took the honours, followed by Geis/SDV and Dachser. 

At the meeting, J. Florian Pfaff announced that Lufthansa Cargo is conferring a further award this year alongside its quality prize: The winner will come from among Lufthansa Cargo’s 40 biggest customers in the German market. The aim of the new award is to encourage greater utilization of digital processes in transactions between forwarders and the airline. Among the criteria for the award is a company’s electronic bookings rate as a percentage of the total and its use of eFreight. 

The background to this initiative: Paperless processes not only save costs, they also improve process quality by avoiding the errors from manual input.  They are also beneficial to the environment, since they significantly reduce paperwork among all partners in the logistics chain.