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Lufthansa Cargo opens new center for temperature-controlled freight in Frankfurt

Cargo carrier steps up investment in business with temperature-sensitive freight


Lufthansa Cargo began operations today at its new facility for temperature-sensitive freight in Frankfurt. The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center was built in the space of just six months. It is equipped with four cool storage rooms for four different temperature ranges as well as a deep-freezer cell on an area of 4,500 square metres. From now on, all temperature-controlled shipments carried by the airline in Frankfurt will pass through the new facility.

At the inauguration of the Cool Centre, Board Member Product and Sales Dr. Andreas Otto underlined the status of temperature-sensitive freight. He told around 200 
invited guests at the opening ceremony: “Our Cool/td product is assuming ever-increasing importance for Lufthansa Cargo thanks to growth rates of 15 per cent.  The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center will enable us to ship temperature-controlled freight faster, more reliably and more efficiently at our Frankfurt hub, and further expand our position as a leading provider of cool transports.“

Lufthansa Cargo earmarked substantial capital expenditure last year in the Cool/td product.  Besides investing in the development of the Opticooler, the industry’s state-of-the-art and most efficient cooling container, the cargo carrier commenced operations at its first international pharma hub at Hyderabad in India.

Reliable cool transports are imperative in the pharmaceuticals industry. Medicines, vaccines or insulin must frequently be transported within narrow temperature margins, which need to be rigorously maintained from start-to-finish of the transport chain.