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“Be bold for logistic innovation.”

Lufthansa Cargo is bringing together opinion leaders from the logistics sector.

Wanting to make a difference – and not just move freight from A to B. That’s what companies in the logistics sector have in common, which will be meeting on 8 March 2018 at the first ‘Cargovention’ in Frankfurt. Lufthansa Cargo extended the invitation to attend. Due to its leading role in the digital transformation of the logistics world, the cargo airline is regarded as a pioneer in shaping the future. At the ‘Cargovention’, the company is bringing together important innovators, industry leaders and start-ups to work together and drive change with new solutions and ways forward.

Around 250 participants will be able to attend when speakers such as Gisbert Rühl (CEO Klöckner) and Peter Gerber (CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo) talk about cultural change in a company with a long tradition. When Alexander Schlaubitz (Vice President of Marketing at Lufthansa) allows provenance to meet the future with #Explore the new or Markus Kückelhaus (Head of Research & Development at DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation) presents the supply chain of the future. “We made sure to create an exciting mix, especially in the selection of the speakers: CEOs of leading companies will be speaking alongside young start-ups. For example, WARR Hyperloop is building prototypes for a futuristic means of transport as part of the international SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Young people will be inviting participants to completely rethink our business. The event offers us the ideal setting for breaking out of old ways of thinking and looking at logistics from a different angle – an opportunity that often falls by the wayside in everyday life’, says Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo.

‘Cargovention’ also offers new opportunities for small and medium-sized companies wishing to advance their business: In a Hessen-wide pitch competition entitled ‘HessenGoesGlobal’, Lufthansa Cargo, together with selected partners, is providing free access to the world market – for an entire year. After the initial application rounds, the finalists have now been determined. ‘Actually, only the top three were supposed to compete against each other during the “Cargovention”. However, there was an exciting neck-and-neck race at the end, so that five companies will now be presenting themselves to the jury’, explains Alexis von Hoensbroech, Executive Board Member Product and Sales at Lufthansa Cargo.

Those applying for the comprehensive package of freight and logistics services include Frankfurter Brett with the first ‘workbench’ for the kitchen, Schönwetterfront with good-mood streetwear made in Germany, Bizzi-Ice with a lot of love for organic ice cream with no additives, Nik Huber Guitars with handmade high-class electric guitars and OneSoap with vegan soap for frequent-flyer globetrotters.

‘We are pleased that the competition has been so well received and that we will be able to present five great companies. As a freight carrier with worldwide connections, we want to promote smaller companies in particular and support them on their way to the global market’, adds Alexis von Hoensbroech. With the combination of event and pitch competition as well as the deliberately diverse selection of speakers, Lufthansa Cargo aims to inspire the industry and provide targeted impetus in the direction of ‘future logistics’.