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Special products – The best treatment for your freight.

Whether your freight needs to be temperature controlled or specially protected, our special products ensure that your freight arrives in its best condition. Download our overall product brochure here and our brochure for high speed products here.

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For sensitive goods.

Cool is called for when an exact and constant temperature is required.

For perishables.

Fresh is our solution for safely flying perishable cargo.

For valuable goods.

Safe1 ensures that, in the transport of diamonds or banknotes, nothing gets lost in transit.

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For desirable goods.

Safe2 gets everything you hold dear safely to its destination.

For dangerous goods.

Care is our product for hazardous goods that have to be treated with utmost caution.

For animals.

Live gets your live cargo to their destination by the fastest route.

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For urgent mail.

Airmail/eCommerce your airmail needs to be on its way as early as possible.