Kinderkanal goes Cargo

"What is Germany?" The German children's channel KiKa gets to the bottom of things during a themed week focusing on the 25th anniversary of German reunification. To this end, they came to film at Lufthansa Cargo.

Recent German history, the current focus on refugees, geography, art and culture are just some of the topics that the broadcasters will report on. The spotlight is also set on the fields of economy, innovation and export. And this is where Lufthansa Cargo comes into play. The biggest German airline, at Germany's largest airport, is to showcase Germany as an export champion and provide the viewers, aged between eight and 13, with a great deal of vivid information: both about Germany as an economic powerhouse as well as its leading industries.
At the start of the week, KiKa presenter Ben Bl├╝mel, together with author, camera and sound team, took up the invite to the cargo arm and watched the loading process at Frankfurt airport. In doing so, the team witnessed the entire process, from the Lufthansa Cargo Center right to departure of the LH8370 to Mumbai.

Seven hours of shooting resulted in some five minutes of programme time, following editing. Watch the programme on 1 October, at 8 pm, on KiKa.