Birthday on the apron

To mark the 50th anniversary of our long-standing logistics partner EMO Trans an exclusive birthday container stood waiting on the apron for a shipment to New York.

Despite cloudy skies - Bernhard Stock, Manager Airfreight and Global Network, and his colleague Bastian Trapp, Gateway Manager, had sunny smiles on their faces when they entered the apron only to find a very special container beside the Boeing 777F. To mark the company’s 50th anniversary a unique sight awaited them: a birthday container decorated with anniversary stickers from Lufthansa Cargo congratulating EMO Trans on its half a century in the business.
“When Klaus Kunkel told me about the idea with the birthday container, I was absolutely thrilled”, says Bernhard Stock, adding: “I have been working on our anniversary celebrations for a year now, and I am all the more delighted about this special sign of appreciation from Lufthansa Cargo.”
So that others can share the fun Bernhard Stock and Bastian Trapp had with the container, photographs were taken during the loading process. Snapshots here, selfies there, plus a couple of “beauty shots” beside the freighter for presenting at the official anniversary celebration in September. The picture shows Bernhard Stock (left) with Klaus Kunkel (right).

EMO Trans
EMO Trans GmbH was founded by Eckart Moltmann in Stuttgart in 1965. The name of the transport and logistics service provider is based on his initials. The company employs a staff of about 7,000 in 80 different countries. Focusing mainly on international air and ocean freight, EMO Trans operates through a global network of company-owned branches and exclusive partners.