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Your freight – our expertise for every commodity.

Whether it is blueberries or airplane turbines. Insulin or paintings. Roses or racing cars. Bring any type of freight to its destination according to your specific requirements – with our know-how and our many years of experience in handling and transporting your commodities.


Our Products Gefahrengut

Greatest care for dangerous goods.

To ensure the smooth arrival of freight that requires special care: We take care of compliance with all regulations and make the transportation of dangerous goods a straightforward process with



Our Products cool

Temperature-stable transport for temperature-sensitive goods.

Getting there at the perfect temperature: Rely on the latest solutions for active and passive temperature management, optimized handling processes and the Cool Center in Frankfurt – Europe’s largest hub for temperature-sensitive freight. 



Our Products Fresh

Long shelf-life for perishables.

We ensure that your perishable goods, such as fruit and vegetables, flowers, or fish arrive fresh at their destination thanks to swift transportation, customized handling and the unique Perishable Center Frankfurt.



Our Products Safe1

Best protection for valuables.

Leave your valuable freight in the safe hands of our comprehensive security concept. Including storage in closed secured areas, transportation in specially designed security containers, trained personnel and absolute discretion (naturally).



Our Products Safe 2

Top-level security for desirable goods.

Always be on the safe side with goods at risk of theft – through separate storage in a secured area, physical shipment inspection, sealed containers and camera surveillance worldwide.



Our Products Live

Individual care for animals.

Animals travel in stress-free comfort – thanks to species-appropriate care throughout the journey, fast transit times and 24-hour care provided by trained animal keepers in the Frankfurt Animal Lounge.



Our Products Pro

Reliable logistics for standard freight.

Whether it is the latest shoe collection for stores around the world or machinery parts for a smooth supply chain: Even if your freight does not have any special requirements, we pay particular attention to ensure every shipment goes smoothly.