Swapping a school desk for an executive seat

Lufthansa Cargo invites young business people to the educational day, "Students as Bosses".

"Wow, I've never seen anything like that before!", exclaims A-Level student Mira Beyer, looking out over the pallets full of boxes of roses, waiting to be loaded in the Lufthansa Cargo Perishable Center.

The 17-year old applied to the "Students as Bosses" project for young business people, during politics lessons at her school. Following her successful application, Mira Beyer spent a day shadowing a manager at Lufthansa Cargo. Here is where Karin Klatt comes into play, Head of Staff Development, Sourcing and Executive Personnel. Last Tuesday, the manager gave the A-Level student a change to experience the daily reality of working at Lufthansa Cargo.

In addition to everyday tasks in HR, the student was also able to experience the logistics sector up close and personal. The highlight was the visit to the Perishable Center. Excited, Mira followed Oliver Blum, Head of Operations Fresh, and listened to his explanations about the perishable goods, ranging from lobsters through to roses.

But it was not only a great learning experience for the student herself. Karin Klatt takes part in the project for the first time and is extremely enthused by the idea of making it possible to give young people their first glimpse into the world of work. "It's always a different matter when you learn something from a book or in person and can experience and grasp things for yourself", explains Klatt. Lufthansa Cargo benefits from participating in projects like this, too. "By doing so, we give out the signal, that as a company we are interested in young talent and that we are an attractive employer in the region", she adds. But to answer the critical question, whether the student will stay in touch with the manager, Mira Beyer smiles and responds: "I really enjoyed it – and yes, I can definitely already picture myself doing an internship at the Lufthansa Group!“