The new “planet” has arrived!

 “Africa up close” is the title of the current edition and it offers two premieres…

The first is a completely new and more modern layout that will allow hasty readers to quickly find what they are looking for and also offer them a greater variety of articles and photographs. While the second is the cover story on Africa, which is the first time an edition has focused on an entire continent in the 15-year history of the magazine.

Experts have been talking about the major growth potential of this comparably small airfreight market for years and the figures have indeed been soaring, even if one must admit that they started at a fairly low level. The latest edition of “planet” tells the success stories of freight forwarders and loaders from Cairo, Nairobi, Lagos and Cape Town. In addition, recognized African experts analyse the distribution of the current opportunities and risks on the continent.

The current edition of “planet” will of course again be available as an app, with all the highlights of the print edition, as well as additional videos and photos. Download the magazine onto your tablet for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play.