Fu Bao says Ni Hao

This month the two year old panda Fu Bao from Schönbrunn zoo travelled with Lufthansa Cargo, Austrian Airlines and colleagues at KLM to China.

In November, Fu Bao flew from Vienna Schwechat airport in an Austrian Airlines aircraft to Amsterdam.  The final destination was the Du Jiangyan panda habitat in Chengdu, where he is to live together with fellow pandas of the same age.  Because the capital city of Sichuan province is not within the Lufthansa network, Fu Bao was flown by colleagues at KLM from Amsterdam to his new home.  

He had been prepared by the zoo well in advance for being transported in a crate.  "The crate has become a familiar place for him.  He has slept and eaten in there", explains zoo director Dagmar Schratter.  And Lufthansa Cargo colleagues have also prepared themselves well for their animal passenger.  "At the request of transport in September through our local AVI client Animals First a much larger type of aircraft was scheduled following very close cooperation with handling and Austrian Airlines in order to be able to transport the panda to Amsterdam", reports Roger Schimpf, Manager Operations Airside, Transit and Warehouse at Lufthansa Cargo.   Of course he is not embarking on this long journey alone.  Fu Bao was accompanied by a veterinarian, a zoologist and one of his caretakers.   "In order to make sure that the transport was as stress-free as possible for the panda, he was initially loaded onto an air freight pallet directly on the tarmac", reports Florian Aigenberger, Key Account Manager at Austrian Airlines.  "The challenges presented by this special transport are enormous, but everything worked out perfectly and the client is very satisfied."