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The image campaign #sofastsogood is over.

For five weeks it motivated people to send in the most varied images concerning street food. Time has come to choose the winners.
An improvised waffle stand from Saigon or the classic currywurst from Berlin: With over 420 uploaded pictures, various blogger posts, as well as more than 500 shares and 100,000 likes on Facebook, #sofastsogood was hugely popular.  It is now time for the participants in #sofastsogood to cross their fingers, because in the coming days the winners will be picked.  The best pictures will be published as part of a book on "streetfood". The main prize beckons one of the participants: a Lufthansa Business Class flight for two with free choice of destination! Until then, be inspired by the successful submissions and maybe try out one or the other streetfood creation in your neighbourhood. All pictures that have been sent in can be found on the website: https://www.sofastsogood.com.