Lufthansa Cargo with freighters in Natal, Brazil.

Located just a few degrees south of the equator, Natal is excellently positioned at the northeast tip of Brazil. With an average annual temperature of 31°C, the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Norte is also ideally suited to successful fruit cultivation. Whether papaya, melon, banana, mango or pineapple, there is a wide variety of fruit. The region is already Brazil’s largest producer when it comes to exporting melons.

The number one rule for the transport of perishable goods is freshness. The goods need to arrive at the points of sale all across the world as quickly as possible.  

That is why Lufthansa Cargo connects the attractive perishable goods market with Europe every Sunday.

In terms of imports, Lufthansa Cargo is using its new freighter service to also support the growing local automotive sector with required replacement parts from Europe. We offer the express options td.Flash and Courier.Solutions on this route, in addition to our standard product td.Pro. Find out more about our product portfolio, such as our Fresh/td product, at your local Lufthansa Cargo office or here on our website.





Lufthansa Cargo freighter connections to Natal.

Departure Arrival Flight No. Days Aircraft STD STA
FRA DKR LH 8258 6 M1F 19:30 01:35 +1
DKR VCP LH 8258 6 M1F 02:35 +1 09:20 +1
VCP* NAT LH 8258 6 M1F 11:50 +1 15:05 +1
NAT DKR LH 8259 7 M1F 14:05 21:10
DKR FRA LH 8259 7 M1F 22:30 05:30 +1

*VCP-NAT: no sale on this route.