The new “planet” has arrived

Clearly in focus!” is the title of the current issue of the customer magazine taking a closer look at the air Japanese air freight market..

Automotive, consumer electronics, machinery construction, aviation and aerospace, and the fast-growing sector of “life sciences” – Lufthansa Cargo has many close links to Japan. The freight airline has had 20-year presence there. Reason enough to take a closer look at the Land of the Rising Sun in the latest issue of “planet” magazine:

Being an important end customer, three managers of Fujitsu will explain why in this corporation there is no alternative to “Made in Japan” for this company.
Professor Franz Waldenberger from the Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien (German Institute for Japanese Studies) will take the readers on a tour of Tokyo and three Japanese colleagues based in Europe whose job involves supporting Lufthansa Cargo customers from the Japan will tell from their daily business.
Illustrated in the example of the smooth collaboration taking place in Düsseldorf “planet” presents the joint venture with All Nippon Airways (ANA). In addition to that, experts will explain what makes the Japanese economy tick.

And of course a broader view will be taken beyond the Japanese horizon: Accompany the Lufthansa Cargo expert team in Chicago during their night shift and follow along as futures researcher Christian Schulz delves into the opportunities that Facebook offers to freight forwarders. In addition to that, Dr Alexis von Hoensbroech, Executive Board Member Product & Sales since December, will talk in his debut interview about his first months in office.

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Here you will find the current issue.