Hot tip for cool freight: the Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center

When it comes to transporting sensitive freight, whether it be medicines, vaccines, plasma or temperature-sensitive dangerous goods, time and handling are not the only imperative requirements. In this case, a crucial element in the transport process is ensuring the right temperature at all times.

 The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center in Frankfurt exactly meets this requirement as each temperature-sensitive consignment is kept under the individual climatic condition it requires ranging between
-20° to +20° Celsius.

You can take a tour through the Cool Center under

  • move freely around the 4,500 m2 Cool Center.

  • learn about the details of what goes on in the various areas in personal video statements by our colleagues.

  • keep track of the temperature-sensitive consignment in the Cool Center as it moves through the handling process from delivery to transfer on the apron.