Automobile treasures on board

Lufthansa Cargo transports "Holy-Land Rally" car

On 29 April the cargo airline transported a rally car, an old Alfa Romeo Spider, on board MD-11 with flight number LH8343 from Tel Aviv Airport (TLV) to Frankfurt and onto Los Angeles (LAX) on board LH8048 on 1 May in coordination with agent Orian Customs Services (1985) Ltd. and special handling provided by Swissport staff at the ware house.
The car was returned to Los Angeles after participating in the special "Holy-Land Rally" car event. 
The 2015 Holy land 1000 tour is a charity event designed for pre 1965 sports and race cars of distinction. This unique event took place between 22 – 27 March 2015.

Special handling for the special guest

Upon arrival at the Swissport Cargo Terminal, the car was built up on a lower deck pallet with a chargeable weight of 1,650kg.
Due to the car dimensions which required side extensions to a lower deck pallet, there was a need to uplift the base pallet in order to fit the lower deck interior. 
Precautionary measures were taken in order not to harm the special historic guest.

5 days, 60 cars and 1,000 miles through 3,000 years of history

Approximately 60 vintage cars drove through the land of Israel in five days, allowing participants to experience the remarkably diverse culture, climate and topography of Israel, enjoying the beautiful desert terrain of the Negev desert, the snow caps of the Golan Heights, the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee and the must-see cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Acre and Tel-Aviv.