Swipe, click, and enjoy: Lufthansa Cargo’s corporate app

Lufthansa Cargo offers access to company information, facts and figures in its new app launched on 15 April. With stunning images the presentation sets digital standards worldwide.

A brightly lit runway shines against a pitch-black night sky outside the cockpit window. A swipe, and information about Lufthansa Cargo’s network appears over this fascinating view.With open arms and a laughing face a handling staff member welcomes the viewer at the freight door of the vacant hold.

Just one click and the video on our Cargo 2020 future programme starts playing. With its new corporate app Lufthansa Cargo is setting digital standards – not only in the logistics industry. “There is no company presentation like this worldwide”, says Bettina Petzold, Head of Marketing (FRA F/CI). “Our app is a vibrant world that is growing and constantly evolving. It offers customers and staff members insight into our company. Not in the schoolmasterly manner of traditional presentations but with an intuitive, playful approach.” In brief: The Lufthansa Cargo app is simply fun.

The topics are divided into seven areas: “Fascination Air Cargo”, “Fleet and Network”, “Products”, “Infrastructure”, “Quality”,“Digitalisation”,and “Responsibility”. The images on the slim tablet speak for themselves, and with a swipe you can access facts and figures on the same topic, where necessary. The information on the app is pared down to the essentials. Orange icons lead you to videos, with info graphics for more details and image galleries for deeper insight.“I am very proud that we are launching our app today, which is unique for the entire Lufthansa Group”, says a happy Bettina Petzold.

Project manager Carolin Biebrach of the F/CI marketing team spent a good six months working with the agency PR Hamburg on the ambitious pilot project. The efforts were worthwhile, the presentation is both insightful and user-friendly: Videos can be downloaded for later offline access, weblinks take you to special areas of the Lufthansa Cargo homepage such as the online business report “Loading future”, the latest news in the press area and the network overview. 

The digital presentation will also be used in sales, e.g. for customer presentations. A streamlined presentation on a slim device – a complete corporate world that fits into your pocket. Providing customers and staff members with a convenient and interactive experience of the fascinating world of air cargo.