Special photos of a special day

Park bench, flower meadow, beach backdrop – there are many romantic places to take wedding photos. But let’s be honest: it can be even more spectacular. Where? On the apron at Lufthansa Cargo!

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in September. The Fraport bus honks its horn on its tour of the airport. Visitors wave excitedly, pressing their noses and camera lenses against the windows. Technicians and security staff stand still in amazement. A Fraport employee rides past on his cargo trolley with a broad grin on his face. “All the best!”, he calls out. 

Alexander and Nadja Laue are the subject of curiosity and congratulations. He’s a pilot. She’s a flight attendant. He’s in a suit and tie. She’s in a lace dress and veil. Admittedly this sight on the apron between sweaty faces and fluorescent yellow reflective vests has a scarcity value – if ever there was one. “Is this an April fool’s joke?”, asked colleagues with disbelief when Lufthansa Cargo announced the wedding photo-shoot. Not at all. A special day needs special photos. 

Before the ceremony at Schloss Alsheim, the bridal couple wanted to record the event with unforgettable wedding photos on the apron. The couple are already married. “The register office wedding took place at a vineyard a year ago. A friend was our registrar” says Alexander Laue. Now we are getting married again in white and having a big celebration. 

Got to know each other in the air 

There is a very good reason why the couple are starting their wedding day at the airport. The First Officer and the flight attendant got to know each other on a trip on the A320 to Yekaterinburg.  Alexander Laue has been the First Officer on the A340 for two and a half years. Nadja, who completed an apprenticeship as a management assistant in hotels and hospitality in one of Berlin’s five-star hotels, is now a flight attendant in First Class.

“Nadja was the only female flight attendant in the crew”, grins Alexander Laue. In other words: the couple fit every stereotype. However, they both accept the unavoidable innuendos with humor.   Arrogant, narcisstic and unfaithful – the things said about pilots, just make Nadja smile wearily: “I don’t take any notice of what other people say and think. I’m guided by my own experiences and they haven’t been the worst …”.

Love storm on Facebook

The couple’s greatest wish was to take their wedding photos at a location with personal significance. Lufthansa Cargo helped to satisfy this and quickly made the couple “elves” called Charlie Bravo and Charlie November for the backdrop to the photos: in the cargo room, in the cockpit, in the engine – within two hours hundreds of pictures have been taken. 

Photographer Janin Stötzner is enthusiastic about the subjects: “This is by far the most unusual location, where I have taken wedding pictures so far”. With an expert eye she drapes the train over the end of the engine, places the bouquet of flowers so that they set the scene and shows her commitment by lying on her stomach on the tarmac to take the perfect picture.

Beautiful planes, beautiful bridal couple – the combination is well received. Not only by the bridal couple, the photographer or the many spectators that morning, but also by thousands of Lufthansa Cargo Facebook fans. It triggers a real “Love storm” on the social network: “Wow....awesome...!!”, “Best... Wedding....Photo...Ever” – these are only two of over 140 comments on the Lufthansa Cargo Facebook page. So far the post achieved more than 3,000 “likes” and was shared nearly 800 times.

This is how the photos have found their way not only into the family photo album, but also into the wide virtual world.