Soaked to the skin

Mark Zuckerberg has done it, so has Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake anyway. The Cargo Crane now joined the growing list of participants daring to dump a bucket of icy cold water on their head on Facebook. Lufthansa Cargo was nominated for and accepted the ”Ice Bucket Challenge“ on Facebook.

No challenge could be simpler: It comes with the option of either showering with a bucket of ice or donating to the ALS Association research into a cure for the motor neurone disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ”That's gotta be a big bucket... or the airport fire fighters“, speculated one of Lufthansa Cargo’s 45,000 Facebook Fans. But no, the shower was not destined for a plane…

Whoever had to stand in and shower cold for Lufthansa Cargo was decided purely by chance: Flight Operations Chief Wolfgang Raebiger or First Officer Benjamin Kedziora?

After a round of rock-paper-scissors („Schnick Schnack Schnuck“), Wolfgang Raebiger had to accept his fate: He left the tarmac ”soaked to the skin“.

The Opticooler with the icy water bucket was in place. First Officer, “You have control” Benjamin Kedziora, bucket in hand, grinning with Schadenfreude, took up position atop his colleague on the aircraft stairway. Wolfgang Raebiger doffed his pilot’s cap, his eyes narrowed, and he heroically shivered as the icy water cascaded down over his head and uniform.

But the challenge does not end there. Wolfgang Raebiger has nominated all Lufthansa Cargo Fans to shower cold or donate to a good cause. It could be you?