An unbelievable story with a happy ending

Michael was 10 years old when he came to us at the Mothers’ Mercy Home (MMH) on 19 September 2012. State authorities had picked him up when he was disoriented in Kiambu and nobody knew who he is, where he comes from or knew his family. The authorities classified him as an abandoned child and placed him in the MMH.

Michael is mentally handicapped but at least knew his name and could also speak a few words of Kisuaheli when he came to us. He was diagnosed with epilepsy but this was controlled with the mediation he was prescribed at the Medical Centre. Since he has been in the MMH he has learnt a lot and is continually making progress in his development. He attends the special class in a primary school. The child is vulnerable and needs a lot of love and care. He has become used to life in the Mothers' Mercy Home and appears to be happy.

In May 2014 a group of young fans from the Chelsea Football Club of Kenya (CFCK) came to the Mothers' Mercy Home from Nairobi as volunteer supporters. One of the visitors was Michael‘s aunt, who immediately recognised the boy and the boy also remembered her. The boy’s mother was informed and came immediately with other family members in order to see the boy. It was an extremely happy reunion. Michael had become lost on 10 April 2012 in Huruma. He was there on holiday with his mother and obviously could not cope with the unfamiliar new surroundings and got lost.

In order to make sure that it really was the boy’s family and we could return him to his mother without any worries, as the Senior Social Worker of the MMH I visited the home and the family. I also went to Michael‘s old school and talked to teachers and the headmaster. All recognised Michael on the photos I brought with me and confirmed that he had attended the school before his disappearance. His grandmother also recognised Michael and told me about her life with the boy. In the Mothers’ Mercy Home we were put at ease and had no objections to returning her only child to Michael‘s mother. On 29 May 2014 I accompanied Michael to the authorities where the boy was officially handed over to his mother. It was a very tearful, happy reunion.

In 3 months’ time I will make a house visit to Michael and his old / new family in order to see how he is getting on. The Mothers' Mercy Home must be thanked profusely as it saved Michael and offers so many children protection and care.

By Charles Muigai

Charles Muigai is the Chief Social Worker at the Mother's Mercy Home, the orphanage near Nairobi that is operated by the relief organisation Cargo Human Care. More Information:

Source: Cargo Human Care Newsletter June 2014