Proud patrons

Lufthansa Cargo and handling counts sponsor Sarus cranes at Opel-Zoo

On behalf of Lufthansa Cargo and the Cargo subsidiary "handling counts", Axel Heitmann, Director Competence Center Animals and Perishables, and Frank Luding, Head of Special Services at handling counts, accepted the sponsorship deeds for two Sarus cranes at the Opel-Zoo in Kronberg. One is a 15 year-old male, the other, a much younger five-year old female. The sponsorship deeds were handed over by Zoo Director Dr. Thomas Kauffels in the cage housing the tame female crane. With their sponsorship, Lufthansa Cargo and handling counts are supporting the work of the Opel-Zoo in the area of nature conservation and animal and species protection.

The idea of a sponsorship is an offshoot of years of cooperation between the Frankfurt Animal Lounge, handling counts and the Kronberg Opel-Zoo. Handling counts has been in charge of handling with 13 animal keepers and five cargo handling specialists at the Animal Lounge since its opening five years ago.

The ties between Lufthansa Cargo and the Opel-Zoo are not new – the two have cooperated closely for years. Dr. Thomas Kauffels and his team are dependable partners, ever ready with expert advice when we have to organise special animal transports, says Axel Heitmann. It works both ways: Lufthansa Cargo frequently transports animals for the Opel-Zoo – a prominent example is a cheetah at the Zoo, which Lufthansa Cargo flew from Dublin to Frankfurt in 2010. On a human scale, too, the partnership has its benefits: In the past, handling counts has added animal keepers to its staff after their training at the Opel-Zoo and profits from the experience and expertise they bring with them, not least when it comes to transporting exotic species.

The sponsorship taken on by Lufthansa Cargo will strengthen the partnership. That the choice fell on a crane as the sponsored bird was really quite obvious, seeing that the encircled stylised crane has graced Lufthansa aircraft for more than 80 years. The original idea and design of the “flying crane“ logo was created by the architect and graphic artist Otto Firle in 1918. It has since become the airline’s distinctive brand, denoting flying and technical expertise, speed and movement.