Lufthansa Cargo offers real-time tracking

Customers of the freight airline to be kept fully informed of the location of their shipment 

Customers of Lufthansa Cargo will be kept even better informed from now on. Through the use of GSM transponders, they will now be able to check online where their consignment is at all times. With this service, Lufthansa Cargo is offering its customers maximum transparency and precise, real-time consignment tracking.

GSM mobile technology will be used to transmit the data. The tracking devices have been specifically designed for use on board aircraft and are the first officially certified consignment trackers. The transmitters will switch off automatically during flight. Customers will find it very simple to use the trackers. Lufthansa Cargo will provide the required number of devices, which weigh just 50 grams. The shipper can place a tracker in any consignment and simply return the device by post after the goods have been transported.

“By using GSM technology, we are offering our customers genuine added value and increased transparency throughout the entire transport chain”, emphasised Thilo Schäfer, Vice President Global Handling Management at Lufthansa Cargo. “With its ease of application, the new offering will appeal to all air freight customers, big and small.”

The service includes delivery of the device to the requested address, simple return after use and consignment tracking of the freight via a tracking portal. The offering is now available to all customers of the freight airline and in Lufthansa Cargo’s global network. “Our customers will only pay for the service if they actually use it. It also means they won’t have to invest in their own IT, so they can be fully flexible about how and when they use the new technology”, added Thilo Schäfer.

The device has been tested in cooperation with Swiss WorldCargo, the cargo division of Swiss International Air Lines, and is currently being put through its paces by some of Swiss WorldCargo’s top customers as well. Swiss WorldCargo is expected to introduce the service in the first quarter of 2014.