Follow your dream, little man!

13-year-old orphan James posts on Facebook about his big dream of flying – and Lufthansa Cargo pilots encourage him to pursue his future plans

James Gititiu Kamonye is 13 years old. The little Kenyan with the engaging smile lives at the “Mothers' Mercy Home” for orphans on the outskirts of Nairobi. Lufthansa Cargo's project Cargo Human Care has been supporting the orphanage since 2004 – when James was just three years old – and helping the children as they grow into adults. James has a good bit of schooling left but he already has big plans: “When I‘m grown up I would like to be a pilot at Lufthansa Cargo and be one of their best pilots.”

The 13-year-old shared his future dream with the whole world on the Lufthansa Cargo Facebook page and received lots of encouragement in return: “Follow your dream, little man!”, “You'll become one, good luck!” and “May your dream come true, my friend!” were some of the initial comments.

This story shows how James Gititiu Kamonye has touched people’s hearts, becoming a personable and authentic ambassador for the Cargo Human Care project overnight. However, it also shows how Lufthansa Cargo has spread its brand claim of "Networking the World" into the Internet, becoming one of the most interactive Facebook portals in all of Germany. With its “Fascination Airfreight” programme, Lufthansa Cargo is now reaching tens of thousands of people via Facebook every week.

Lufthansa Cargo pilots have been responding to the Facebook post from the 13-year old Kenyan as well:

Senior First Officer Tim Holderer spoke about also having dreamt of later becoming a pilot when he was a young boy. He advised: “Hold on to it and live for your dream.”

Director of Flight Operations Wolfgang Raebiger also encouraged the little Kenyan with the big plan, writing: “Your dream is the best you can have. Make it come true.”

Social media is keeping James’ moving story alive. The world is crossing its fingers for him that he will one day don the pilot’s hat and take his seat up front in the cockpit. After all, as the French writer Victor Hugo said: “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”