Regional Premier of Hesse underscores the competitive importance of airfreight in Frankfurt

Volker Bouffier at Lufthansa Cargo: “Production lines would halt without fast air transport“

On a visit to Lufthansa Cargo in Frankfurt, Volker Bouffier underlined the importance of air-freight to Germany as an exporting nation. Frankfurt Airport is not only the biggest employer in the state of Hesse and the gateway to the world, said the Regional Premier: “Germany’s major airport is also eminently important as an air cargo hub for global trade. Were it not for fast and reliable transport of goods, the retail trade would be left with empty shelves and as-sembly lines in industry would grind to a standstill. Fast air transport gives a key competitive edge to the economy in Hesse and the Federal Republic of Germany.” 

On a tour of the Lufthansa Cargo Center with company representatives, Volker Bouffier ob-tained a close-up of Germany’s biggest cargo carrier at work. “We are delighted at the ap-preciation that Prime Minister of Hesse has shown for the importance of an efficient air cargo base for the economy and prosperity,” said Lufthansa Cargo Chairman and CEO Karl Ulrich Garnadt.

Germany‘s leading cargo carrier will invest heavily to strengthen this base as an economic factor in Hesse in the years to come, Garnadt emphasised. Lufthansa Cargo is currently in-vesting in a new and highly modern cargo center as well as in brand-new Boeing 777F’s, the most fuel-efficient and quietest freighters of their class in the world. The first of the type will enter service with the Lufthansa Cargo fleet later this year.

Prime Minister Bouffier emphasised that the regional government in Hesse will in cooperation with the aviation industry seek a fair balance between development prospects for the Airport and living conditions for nearby residents. “The Noise Abatement Alliance“ between the state government and institutions and companies involved in air transportation is implementing a package of 19 active noise protection measures. Included in the package is a 335 million-euro programme, which is unique in Europe, for passive noise abatement, said Volker Bouffier. “Our Airport drives the economy in Hesse and is essential for our prosperity. That’s why the Airport needs perspectives for its future development,” said Bouffier.