220 parts, one puzzle, two partners

There’ll soon be a Boeing 777F watch for you to wear – and a particularly special one on eBay

When Stefan Frettlöh looks at what has resulted from his work, he is familiar with every little detail, every micrometer of the product. He has laboured over its production for a whole week, personally assembling every one of the some 220 tiny individual parts, and ensured that no harm came to his “baby”.

It’s fitting that his work of art should be encased in a classy valuable cargo box. Frettlöh is a master watchmaker and account manager at Sinn, a Frankfurt-based watch-making company. He has brought many of these “babies” into the world, but this time his dexterity has resulted in something particularly special – a strictly limited edition Boeing 777F watch produced by the longstanding watch-making company Sinn in cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo.

The valuable cargo box as packaging, like the watch itself, sprang from the creativity of a Lufthansa Cargo employee – Harald Zielinski, Chief of Security and Environmental Management at Lufthansa Cargo. As a genuine “Frankfurt lad”, Zielinski is a particular admirer of Sinn watches. He came up with the idea of producing a watch with a B777F design in just two glances – one through the office window to the AeroLogic B777F and the second to his wrist, where he has been wearing a Boeing 747 watch for years. “It suddenly became clear to me that there had to be a ‘Triple Seven’ watch with a Lufthansa Cargo design!” explained Zielinski.

Both the Lufthansa Cargo board and Sinn were enthusiastic about the suggestion. “Our watches are produced by people with devotion and passion for people with devotion and passion”, explained Sinn representative Arno Gabel. The Frankfurt manufacturer is known for patented, technologically unique pilot chronographs, so cooperating with an airline was an easy leap to make. Zielinski believes that Lufthansa Cargo and Sinn make great partners: “Both companies are very similar and have related values – passion, fascination and precision.”

Every detail of a Sinn watch proclaims its precision. Highly efficienttechnologies are lovingly integrated. It’s obvious that Sinn employees identify with the product – whether in production, sales or customer service, everyone wears one of the company’s watches. “It doesn’t matter whether I have built a watch myself or am working in customer service on the maintenance or repair of an older watch, all of our watches are unique and something special”, enthused Frettlöh.

The B777F watch with a limited edition of 777 units has now gone into production. The watch with production number 777 is particularly sought-after, but has already been reserved. Sinn is giving it to Lufthansa Cargo free of charge so that it can be sold to the highest bidder to raise money for a good cause by the time the first “Triple Seven” arrives. All of the proceeds will go to our “Cargo Human Care” aid project. Interested bidders will find the valuable one-off item on eBay towards the end of October under the heading “Sinn 857 Lufthansa Cargo 777 Uhr”.