New, starting October 28: Tunis at the winter timetable of Lufthansa Cargo.

A spirit of optimism, change and opening up to the West – Tunis is considered to be a key center in North Africa. The Tunisian capital is becoming increasingly important from an economic perspective for global companies and investors – and for international air freight. A good reason to include this attractive destination in the Lufthansa Cargo winter flight schedule in addition to the existing capacities on passenger aircraft: 

Starting October 28, our MD-11 Freighters will fly from Frankfurt to Tunis and back every Tuesday.

With a total of six destination airports on the African continent, we now offer you even better access to an air freight market with high potential for growth. The flight from Tunis back to Frankfurt operates via Cairo. 

The new freighter connection allows us to transport larger volumes of freight directly to the Tunisian capital without any problems. We offer the express options td.Flash and Courier.Solutions on this route in addition to our standard product td.Pro. Find out more about our product portfolio at your local Lufthansa Cargo office or here on our website.





Suitable equipment for the complete Lufthansa Cargo product portfolio:

Handling agent

Mediterranean Air Service (MAS)

Office hours Import Services & 
Customs Clearance
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 - 18:00
Friday: 8:00 - 13:00
Saturday : 8:00 - 14:00

Office hours Export Services &
Customs Clearance

Wednesday – Monday: 8:00 – 21:00
Tuesday: 8:00 – 18:00
Contact (Handling) Import: +216 21 704 065
Export: +216 71 799 831
Tracing: +216 71 842 729
Cooler (+2 to +8Co) Import area: 70m³ / Export area: 70m³
Freezer (-18 to -22 Co) Import area: 30m³
Strong room for VAL Import area: 30m³ / Export: 10m³
VUN storage area Import area: 30m³  / Export : 15m³
DG storage area Import area: 50m³
X-Ray inspection system; CCTV

Max size: 150x165 cm (w,h)
Max load conveyor: 3000 kg

Lufthansa Cargo Express Services td.Pro & td.Flash, Emergency.Solutions, Courier.Solutions
Special Products Fresh/td, Cool/td active & passive, Cool/td passive & DG, Live/td,
Care/td, Safe/td1 & Safe/td2



GSSA Contact details

Lufthansa Cargo Office No. 12, 2035 Aerogare fret TUN Carthage
Tel: +216 71783373
Fax: +216 717 50520